Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


15. Chapter fourteen torturing truths

‘I don’t remember how I ended up in the bath tub or why there was blood in it but still I honestly didn’t care I gently wrapped the towel around me and left the room I saw Felix sitting on the couch he had a book covering his eyes and was holding a glass cup filled with blood, B+ from the smell wow I could tell what type just by the smell my powers must be awaking just like principle grey said they would” Felix removed the book as he smiled “hey you’re out finally I was getting worried” ‘worried about what me drowning in the tub or something?’ “Hey Felix in the night class I learned that water is like a major weakness for us but I can drink it bath in and everything else so is it cause im a blood wolf?” Felix softly chuckled as he got up “no Falen all the water at this school that we use is purified with special herbs that neutralize the waters hazarders affect to us vampires so we can use it this school is special and caters to each of its monsters need’s to the best of its capability” ‘Felix spoke about the school as if it was a person like me and him I couldn’t help but laugh’ he smirked “what’s so funny?” I walked over to my clothes still confused about how I lost them in the first place “ah nothing hey Felix how did I end up in the tub I don’t remember?” I saw Felix flinch at my question he knew the answer but didn’t want me too? “ah Halima took over you again that’s the mean girl that put my sister threw a window she only shows up when she’s angered if you’re in danger or just when she wants to she’s actually the first blood wolf that been trapped in your soul that’s just waiting for you to die so she can take over the body and be reincarnated” ‘what the first blood wolf lives inside me and how dose Felix know so much about me?’ I changed in the next room “how does he know so much?” I walked out of the room “all right how do you know so much about me huh spill it!?” Felix looked up at me he sighed grabbing my hand “I wish I could tell you Falen but if I did then your memories would return and she won’t let that happen not yet im so sorry but I can’t tell you” ‘what how can he do this to me im begging for answers and he won’t give me them ah fine!’ “Fine ah be that way Felix!” I stormed out of the room slamming the door it broke off its hinges “wow ah I didn’t mean for that to happen…I mean suck it I broke your door!” I ran back to my room “ah I was so mean I didn’t mean to break it but serves him right for not telling me!” a soft foot step drew my eyes over to the corner of the room there a siluet figure hid in the darkness as a malicious voice filled the room “why what an angry little half breed aren’t you Hehe” I stood back that voice was cold like a blizzard it sent chills down my spine ‘I know I’ve heard that voice before but from where?’ “Who…who are you?!” I tried to sound brave but it came out soft, squeamish and weak’ the shadow laughed it wasn’t a nice laugh it was deep dark threatening laugh “your memories aren’t all back yet haha perfect killing you will be all the easier when you don’t know how to fight back!” the shadow figure lunged at me, pinning me to the ground ‘what is this it’s not a person it’s just a shadow but it’s hurting me ahh I can’t breathe!’ the shadow covered me like a dark fog trapping me I could feel my lungs they felt like they were caving in my breaths were sharp and labored “no help please augh!!?” I felt my lungs crush as blood spat out of my mouth “augh cough…” I heard violent knocking on my door a soft yet panicked male voice was yelling my name “Falen say I can come in please!” ‘ahh I can’t breathe is this really how I die no I won’t die like this’ “please come in!” the shadow hissed as the door blew open a tall muscular boy with bleach blond hair wearing a night class uniform stood in the door way he snarled like an angry beast attacking the shadow he clawed it off me “Get away from her!” the shadow snarled again “next time blood wolf that I promise you!” the shadow vanished into the cracks of the floor ‘ahh my lungs feel like they have been stepped on the boy ran over to me he softly smiled “you’re ok I wasn’t too late!” he grabbed me into a soft embracing hug he was a vampire but he felt warm like a blanket “can you breath just take small breaths at first” I followed his instructions till my breathing was back to normal “what…cough was that and who are you?” the boy softly sighed “that thing was a shadow puppet created by someone who wants you dead and im William im 308 even though I only look like 23 haha im in your class I sit three seats across from you I’ve been watching you since you came here im your protector hired by your mother before she was killed” ‘my mum he knew my mum just like Alyaim “Alyaim I still need to talk to her about my dream no memory im sure of it and she knows about it!” William stared at me confused “ah its nothing I just have to talk to a friend I’ll be ok” William smiled “you’re so much like her I…I miss her” ‘he must have been close to my mother?’ “William thank you for saving me” William smiled “any time Falen just say my name and I’ll be there the softest whisper I’ll hear it” I left the room and headed for the stone steps I slowly walked up those stone steps up to the tallest building in the whole school her room Alyaim’s room I knocked on the door “Alyaim are you here hello?!” the room fell silent all I could hear were my soft breaths as the door crept open the room had an aery feel to it Alyaim always seemed like a nice cheerful person but entering this room made me scared ‘it’s so dark there were bits of broken glass some were covered in blood and spread across the room there were black blood stained feathers everywhere the room was freezing I could see my breath every window had been shattered “Alyaim are you here please be here so I can stop feeling so freaked out?!” there was still no reply I could hear the hollow winds from the broken windows I walked deeper into the room there were pictures of other students all over the walls and the floor most of them were ether torn up, drawn on ,burnt or had pins and tacks stuck into their eyes all except one, there was one picture that was in perfect condition it was a picture of four girl students the one at the back was obviously Alyaim and the others well the red haired one looked very familiar “wait mum of course Alyaim said she was friends with my mother this must have been them before I was born” {SLAM!} the door slammed shut behind me I jumped turning around Alyaim was standing in the door way her face was hidden by her long hair a soft dripping sound echoed around the room till I saw the puddle next to Alyaim she looked up at me her face still hidden I heard the sounds of metal as Alyaim pulled out a black and gold scythe it was covered in blood I ran over to the light switch as it went on I saw Alyaim she was covered in blood ‘cuts and stab wounds her clothes were torn up and bloody “oh my god Alyaim what happened to you!?” the scythe fell to the ground with a clatter as Alyaim pulled the hair away from her face “Falen I broke my promise im sorry” ‘what was she talking about?’ “Forget that your hurt come on sit down!” I helped Alyaim to her bed trying my best to avoid the broken glass “Alyaim what happened?” Alyaim pointed to the window I slowly walked over to it there was shadow like creatures just like the ones that attacked me they were everywhere attacking everything and everyone I ran from the window “oh god what are those Alyaim there are shadow monsters attacking the school!?” Alyaim nodded “yeah I know I was out fighting them but more and more just kept coming were completely out numbered even i couldn’t stop them I was looking for you Falen I had to make sure you were ok” ‘she was looking for me even though I tried to kill her “Alyaim I tried to kill you why would you keep looking for me and taking care of me when I did such a horrible thing!?” Alyaim looked up at me softly laughing “your mother tried to kill me once she was so angry at me that she tried to strangle me and you well you had the right the hurt me after the way I hurt you” ‘what was she admitting to experimenting on me?’  My legs caved in and lost their balance as the room shook uncontrollable large rumbling sounds echoed around us “what was that!?” I looked back out the window monsters giant like shadow beasts were smashing into the school they were huge they looked like giant bats but there wings weren’t out they didn’t seem to be able to fly cause all they were doing was bashing at the school but they kept hitting a blue dome that was all around the school almost like a shield “they have almost broken threw we don’t have much time…!” Alyaim shouted as she tried to stand up but fell to her hands and knees “Alyaim no you’re too hurt to fight any more you have to stay here and rest!” Alyaim softly smiled “your bossy just like her cough im ok I just needed to catch my breath im already healing come on lets go kill some shadow’s hmm no doubt that dick order is behind this attack cause there after you again” ‘what is she talking about im so confused “what do you mean there after me again Alyaim I need to know the truth was I awake before this and did you experiment on me and why don’t I remember anything from before?” Alyaim sighed “yes, yes and I don’t know you should have regained all your memories by now but you haven’t look when you first awoke you got a little out of hand and we had to detain you the experiments we were trying to find a way to remove your powers permanently but we never succeeded” ‘hmm ok but what about subject blood wolf was that a dream or real?’ the room shook again Alyaim ran over to the window as giant pieces of glowing blue glass was shattering all around the school “oh god the shield they broke it there through we have to get out of here now you’re the one there after!” Alyaim grabbed my hand as she pulled me out of her room and down the stairs “Alyaim where are we going?!” Alyaim didn’t reply as she kept running till she was in the boys dormitory Felix ran out of his dorm room “Falen…Alyaim” Alyaim and Felix glared at each other as if to say back off “ah you two ok?” Alyaim and Felix looked over at me but didn’t say a word Alyaim’s grip tightened “you’re not needed vampire go back to your room I’ll escort Falen out of here” Felix appeared behind me and grabbed my other hand “like hell you are I know what you did last time Alyaim there’s no way im trusting you with her again!” ‘Hmm these two don’t like each other “look im not leaving without ether of you so you can both escort me!” they both didn’t like it but we all headed through the school Amisi and her boyfriend Tut ran out to us Carl followed behind them till he saw Alyaim I felt Alyaim let go of my hand “Alyaim you ok?” Carl walked over to us “there’s these monsters attacking the school I wanted to make sure you guys were ok” I nudged Alyaim trying to get a response “Alyaim hello are you in there?” Amisi ran over to me “Falen you’re ok thank Ra come on we have to get out of here there’s monsters everywhere!” Alyaim let go of my hand and pulled out her scythe her eyes had gone dark purple “Alyaim?” Carl ran over to me “Alyaim what’s wrong?” she didn’t reply she slowly unzipped her jacket Carl stepped back “Alyaim what are you doing!?” I was knocked to the ground with Carl by a set of beautiful charcoal black wings that were as long as my room maybe even bigger Amisi and the others stared at the wings “Alyaim wow what are you cause your wings are black not white so you can’t be a griffin?” Alyaim didn’t reply as she just looked over at me “go Falen!” she took off into the sky flapping her huge wings she was being followed by shadows these ones had wing there was blasts of purple light through the clouds Felix grabbed my hand and kept running we headed for a tunnel I stopped “no im not leaving without Alyaim!” there was a loud crash behind us “Alyaim!” I ran to Alyaim who’s wings had been damaged “come on let’s go!” she shouted as she grabbed my hand and ran back to the others “through this tunnel is the only way out of here come on we have to hurry!” ‘The lights seemed to vanish as soon as we entered it”  

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