Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


5. Chapter four the new student

“Huh who is this Miss Omen?” I asked as I looked at this skinny old lady with white hair and a grey dress she looked about 50 or 60 anyway she was old and who had just saved my life from this crazy chick “she is talking to you” Valery shouted to me “huh I’m not Miss Omen my name is Tomsan Falen Tomsan!” I shouted “not according to Miss grey oh and miss grey is never wrong” she said with a calm controlling tone “ok what the hell is this first I wake up in some strange room in a strange school then I’m threatened by this crazy chick who wants to drain me dry and now you’re telling me that my own name that I have had since I can remember isn’t my name who the hell are you people and how do I get out of here and back to Minnesota!” I shouted “hey don’t you talk like that to Miss Grey!” Valery shouted as she got ready to slap me “Miss Craven control yourself!” the old lady shouted as she waked her long twisted stick on the ground “Miss Omen you have woken up before your time you will be confused and your memories will return with time but for now I really need you to follow me so we can clean you up and get you a change of clothes and something to eat you must be famished so please follow me” the old lady said calmly as she walked off ‘ok should I follow her or should I run like a lunatic till I find the exit’ I looked at this lady as she smiled at me yeah run’ I ran straight past this lady and Valery and straight into this massive yard ‘ok where the hell do I go’ I looked around for a gate an exit anywhere but there was nothing but yard and a forest ok maybe that is the way I ran straight into the forest I kept running even though the branches tugged and pulled on my clothes tearing pieces of me if I kept running not looking back “have to get away have to get away” I mumbled as I ran deeper into the forest it was dark and hard to see suddenly I felt my foot hit something and I fell to the ground “ahh” I moaned as I lifted my hand to my head I felt something warm ‘oh no I must of cut my head I pulled my hand to chest I got up and tried to run “ahh” I moaned again as I looked at  my leg it was bruised right wear my ankle was I went to touch it but when I did it hurt “ahh” I said as I looked at it more it looked swollen with a mix of colors blue, purple , yellow and black I was used to seeing these but they were usually on my face or arms and sometimes my legs  frank had a terrible temper and he would always take it out on me my teachers would always ask me what happened and I would always lie I hit my head on a door knob or I fell down the stairs those are my usual lies Linda is the only one who knows the truth about my bruises and she is the only one who actually cares I thought about Linda for a while and all the things we had done together made fun of the popular student’s we hanged out whenever frank would let me there wasn’t much to do in a small town but still we had fun I closed my eyes and thought about home but when I did I saw Linda and me on the oval she was looking into my eyes and my mouth was right near her neck and my fangs were just by the tip toughing her neck I felt the urge to bite down but no Linda is my best friend I can’t do that I opened my eyes and I was back in the forest “what was I going to do to her?” I asked myself as I looked down at my foot again it was still bruised but no as much well I’m not going anywhere fast and it is still dark I would probably just crash into a tree or run of a cliff who knows I better stay here until morning then I’m out of here I rested my head on my hands it wasn’t the comfiest of places but I still managed to fall asleep I dreamed about the night my memories started the night I woke up in a room on a couch my arm and neck were wrapped in blood stained bandages I wore a blood stained white dress with red flowers I had no shoes  my hair was knotted with sticks and leaves and I was covered in dirt I looked up I saw a large man wearing a uniform outside the door then I saw another large man open the door and walk up to me  “hello?” he asked as he did I closed my eyes I felt something poking me “hello are you ok?” someone asked I opened my eyes slowly to see a light olive tanned man with two deep emerald eyes staring at me he had dark orange mixed with brown hair and under his hair was a green sports band he smiled at me “your awake are you ok” he asked I didn’t reply I felt groggy and my head hurt but most of all I was tired “you must be tired but what at are you doing here in wolf land woods?” he asked “wolf land woods” I replied he looked at me again “yeah that’s where you are I’m surprised you found this place or got in hey guys she’s awake come say hello!” he shouted I heard footsteps coming closer till two other guys were standing in front of me one of them had light tan skin and dark brown eyes his hair was light brown and it sort of covered his eyes he smiled at me and said “she's cute” to the other guy  he had dark tan skin and dark brown eyes his hair was dark brown and spiked a little at the front he looked at the other guy with a smile “not as cute as my Alyaim” the other guy looked at him “just call her Ally it’s easier to pronounce then ” he said with cheeky face “no her name is  Alyaim and that is what I call her ok” he said with annoyed time “guy’s not the time sorry about them here let me help you up” the man with emerald eyes said as he reached his hand down to mine I looked at his hand ‘should I trust him or try to run “you can’t keep running Falen take his hand”  someone said with a soft sweet voice I reached up to his hand he grabbed and pulled me up “oww” I said as I gently put my foot on the ground “here let me help” the man with the emerald eyes smiled as he picked me up bridal style “hey put me down!” I shouted as I kicked my feet till he let go and put me down “I’m sorry it’s just your foot you shouldn’t put any pressure on it I thought carrying you would be easier!” he shouted as he stared at me “what are you looking at!?” I shouted as I looked away “ha-ha hey Reece I don’t think she likes you!” the other guy with the light tan skins shouted as he laughed “Grrr shut up Connor!” the emerald eyed man shouted at Connor who was still laughing “ahh sorry about them they tend to fight now and then hi I’m Carl” the dark tanned man said as he came closer to me he put out his hand for a shake like you do when you meet someone new ‘I’m alone in a creepy forest with three guys I felt like I should run but that voice that women told me I can’t keep running and Carl seemed nice his smile it was like all the pain was taken away I took Carl’s hand and shook it “Falen nice to meet you Carl ah any idea how I get out of here?” I asked he looked at me smiling “ask Reece he knows this place better than anyone well except Chase the alpha no one is better than him” Carl looked over at Connor and Reece they were tackling each other on the ground “hey Reece come on man you’re the Beta quit acting like a Zeta and show some control!” he shouted as he pulled them apart Reece looked at me “ah sorry I have anger issues” he said as he helped Connor up “hey Reece this is Falen” Carl said “how do you know her name?” Reece asked as he looked at me “she told me it while you and Connor were fighting” Reece looked at me then put out his hand “ah hi I’m Reece nice to meet you” he said with a smile “Falen” I said back as I shook his hand he kept looking at me with those deep emerald eyes then I felt something warm drip onto my nose.


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