Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


6. Chapter five the pack

“Huh what is that?” I said as I touched my nose I looked at my fingers “blood” I said trembling Reece came closer and looked at my head he lifted up my hair were a deep gash on my forehead was hiding “auh Connor Carl get out of here go back to the pack!” he shouted Connor and Carl looked at Reece as they both said “why?” I felt Reece’s hand it was getting hotter it was slightly burning my head “just do it now auh!” he shouted as he stepped back from me and held his neck violently like he was trying to strangle his self-Carl and Connor looked at him then ran off in the opposite direction “auh” Reece crabbed his chest right were his heart was and I could hear his heart beat it was rising “Grrr auh!” Reece shouted as he fell to his knees “Reece what’s wrong?” I said as I tried to help him “get away from me Grrr auh!” he shouted I stepped back he looked at me his deep emerald eyes now looked like a neon green with cat like slits instead of pupils his canines had grown in size to become fangs his soft kind expression had melted away making him look violent and full of anger “Reece?” I whispered as I walked closer “Grrr” I could still hear his heart beat but it was slowing down “Reece?” I asked again “Falen please don’t come any closer I don’t want to hurt you” he sounded like he was in pain “ok I’ll stay back until you say it’s safe” I walked over and rested next to a tree I looked at Reece just sitting there I wonder what happened to him and did my blood have anything to do with it I kept watching him till my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer and I fell asleep “Falen hey Falen” I felt someone rocking me gently “huh” I moaned as I opened my eyes I saw Reece staring at me he looked like his old self his eyes were that deep soft emerald and his fangs looked normal “I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked with a deep caring tone I looked at him “no you didn’t hurt me but what happened to you?” I asked as I looked into his eyes waiting for an explanation “It’s complicated” he said as he grabbed my arm and lifted me up “don’t pick me up again” I said as I stood up straight “oww” I said as I lifted my foot off the ground and tried to balance “easy” Reece said as he lifted me up “hey what did I just say Reece!” shouted as I kicked again “stop it you can’t walk or even stand and it is a long walk to my place so we can get your leg and head looked at so quit fussing ok” he seemed so stern yet so soft at the same time “ok but if you drop me I will kill you” Reece looked at me then smiled  “I won’t drop you now hang on oh and close your eyes or you could faint” he said with a smile but something told me he was serious so I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes I felt wind wisp though my body all over it was hard but I kept my eyes closed I couldn’t see but I felt something that made me smile “having fun!?” Reece shouted the wind was so loud I could barely hear him “yeh this is great even though I can’t see anything!” I shouted the wind sounded like roars from some beast “you could open your eyes but it wouldn’t be a good idea!” Reece shouted “and anyway we are almost there!” I held tighter ‘where was he taking me I felt him stop “you can open your eyes now” I was still feeling the wind but I knew we had stopped I opened my eyes to see what looked like a village or a really small town “welcome to my home oh and before you enter we need to cover that cut” Reece walked over to a pile of t shirts and ripped one “wow your strong” I said as I watched him completely rip a straight piece of cloth he walked up and put it around my head exactly where the cut was “there now no one will the see the blood trust me that wouldn’t be good if they did now come on” he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a house with an orange roof and a stone path leading to the door “hey dad I need a little medical attention!” Reece shouted and just as he did a tall black haired man with orange-ish tanned skin wearing a red torn t shirt came out “what did you do this time?!” the man shouted “not me her!” Reece shouted as he pointed at me the man looked at me “so you bring an outsider to our secrete sanctuary and you want me to heal her how sweet you always have been too soft Reece get her out of here before I call Chase!” he shouted as he started walking away “hey don’t you go threatening him he was just trying to help me you asshole!” I shouted Reece looked at me like he was thinking ‘what the hell are doing? His dad looked at me to but he seemed more impressed then angry “see now why can’t you be like this young lady? And not be afraid to say what you feel” he said as he walked down the stone path till he was standing in front of me he grinned at me with a devilish expression “I guess I could take a look at your injury and see what I can do but we should be quick Chase doesn’t like outsiders oh by the way how did you get in the forest?” I looked at him he asked me the same question as Reece but why “I just ran then I fell down and hurt my head and foot so I fell asleep that’s when Reece Carl and Connor found me” he looked at me again with a smile but confused look “hmm well I guess if you can get in then you are one of us which means you will have to meet the alpha Chase” Carl mentioned the alpha he must be the leader of this place like a father in a family as I thought of a father I thought about Frank he wasn’t my biological father but he was the only father I knew were they all like abusive scary and mean no they all couldn’t possibly be like that but all I know from a father is pain “Falen hey Falen snap out it!” Reece shouted “huh” I saw Reece he was shouting at me as he lifted his father his dad looked like he had been punched in the face and clawed by a cat he had scratches on his face and his nose was bleeding  “oh my god what happened to him?!” I shouted as I ran up to help him “you happened to him!” Reece shouted “what I did this to him?!” I shouted as I looked at Reece “yes he was checking the cut on your forehead when suddenly you snapped you punched him in the face then slashed you nails across his face!” he shouted at “I couldn’t have done this Reece!” I shouted “Falen look at your nails” he said I looked at them and saw “gasp blood!” I shouted I closed my hands as quick as possible “I’m sorry but I don’t remember doing this Reece I’m sorry I’m so sorry” I said as I fell on my knees how could I have done that to Reece’s father he was just trying to help me “I’m sorry I said as I kept sobbing my tears turning into a little puddle on the ground I felt a hand on my shoulder but still kept sobbing “please don’t cry Falen I shouldn’t have yelled at you” I looked up at Reece he seemed to be crying too his Emerald eyes sparkled  in the light “please stop crying Falen” he said as he grabbed my hand and lifted me up beside him I saw his father he was awake I tried to run to him but ended up eating dirt Reece lifted me over to his father I looked at him his nose wasn’t bleeding anymore and his scratches went as bad as I before strange he must be a fast healer “I’m sorry for hurting you but I honestly don’t remember but still I’m sorry” he looked at me but he wasn’t angry “it’s perfectly alright Falen I’m guessing you were thinking about something that upsets you for future reference be careful who is around when you think about stuff like that ok” he said with a threatening yet caring smile as he rubbed his thumb across my cheek huh how did he know what I was thinking “I’ll try not to think about things that upset me when I’m around people I promise” he smiled at me again “good now let’s have a look at this foot he picked me up and carried me over to a chair why the hell dose every pick me up it’s annoying “hold still this might hurt oh and by the way my name is Roy Ronen and you have already met my son Reece Harper” Roy and Reece they must be a fan of the letter R “nice to meet you Roy oww” he just pressed something against my foot “yep as I thought It’s tissue bruising which means it could be fractured now I’m going to press really hard against your foot if I hear a pop it’s fractured if not then it’s just bruised ok ready on the count of three” is he serious oh this is going to hurt “1…2…3” I closed my eyes “ah oww!” I shouted “well it’s not fractured just bruised just stay of it and it will heal”                                                


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