Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


16. Chapter fifteen Shadows and Halima

We ran through the dark tunnel I could hear the screams of the other student’s as they tried to run in fear it was as if their screams painted a perfect picture in my head "Falen come on where almost there just a little further!" Alyaim said as she was trying to put her jacket back on and cover her wings at the same tame time I tripped on a small rock throwing me to the ground “augh! I looked down a sharp rock was stabbed in stomach “oww a rock” I gently pulled it out Felix knelt down “hey you ok?” I saw the blood “Falen your hurt!” I slowly got up “im fine don’t worry about it come on” Alyaim grabbed my hand “come on you too I can hear them still which means where not even half way lets go before the shadows realize where not there Felix and Alyaim kept pulling me as i held the stab wound in stomach it was healing but slowly suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my head as the same voice from earlier spoke in my head '"Falen if you run they all die!'" 'what am i doing sacrificing a whole school just so i can get' i let my hands go Felix and Alyaim stared at me "Falen what’s wrong?" i took a few steps back " im sorry this is all my fault i can't let them be hurt because of me im so sorry!" i ran back through the tunnel to the school the shadows were capturing everyone "STOP!!" the shadows looked over at me i screamed as loud as i could "I SURENDER!!!" the shadow man from before appeared in front of me " you surrender?" he asked with a devilish tone i softly nodded " yes i am only one person i can’t let you hurt these people because of me so i surrender do with me what you wish i won’t fight back all i ask is that you dont harm anyone else at this school" the shadow man laughed as chains appeared around my legs hands and neck they pulled me to the ground tearing my clothes the shadow man knelt down  infrount of me "im going to kill everyone you care about then everyone at this school and when im done with them im going to kill you painfully slowly in every way you fear and then just when you think it can’t hurt anymore im going to rip your still beating heart out and make you eat it!!..This is my deal you vile half breed!!!" the shadow man laughed as i struggled to break the chains “you wanted to save them haha you signed there death warrant the moment you came here!!" the shadows spread around attacking everyone “no please stop im who you want!" 'This is my fault all my fault i never should of existed im so alone...' {no Falen you are never alone} i ran through the tunnel as fast as possible "Falen!?" i saw Falen chained to the ground but her skin was changing into a soft tan as her hair became a dark sky blue and dark red “Halima!?" I saw her look at me her eyes were dark red and black she grinned as her back snapped up the shadow chains bended I could see they were going to snap I shouted to her “Falen!? ‘I could hear him but I couldn’t see him everything was dark I felt as if in a trance, there was a small light coming from two windows I looked through them but I was frozen. As if I had no will to move. I felt my flesh starting to sting. ‘My whole body feels... strange. My breaths deepened, my body started to burn. My skin stings and my veins feel as if fire were running rampant inside them I clench my teeth together, breathing in sharply as the burning grows worse. My fingers on my hands spread out as my knuckles snap and expand my fingers grow longer, wider. My fingernails crack and break in half, and long, sharp claws extend from my fingertips. My feet expand. They grow longer, and slightly wider. “What is this who are you!?” I tried to scream but my voice felt cold heard by no one {BE SILENT I AM HALIMA AND I AM IN CONTROL AND IF YOU WISH TO LIVE JUST STAY THERE AND BE QUIET!!} ‘Who was that in control no it’s my body what is this help me!’  My feet burst from the fronts of my shoes, and claws split the nails and escape on my toes, too. Thick pads, of somewhat dead flesh form on my hands and feet. My chest feels tight, and my body shakes. I let out small whimpers of pain as it takes place. I felt my abdomen pull in, and my chest stick out, tightening and reshaping. I’m screaming in pain as pain courses down my legs. My shinbones shorten. I start to get up, but fail, and fall on my hands and knees again. I scream at the ground, trying to find some verbal sanctuary from the pain. “What is this I can feel everything see everything but I can’t move?’ My back snaps, and my shoulders expand, making me lean forward at a curved angle. I grit my teeth again, and try to breathe, but the pain is forcing the air from my lungs. My skirt feels... tight at first... but continually growing tighter. The button snaps and flies off, and gives me a small breath as it does. Pain courses up my arms, into my shoulders, chest, back, up my neck, everywhere. I try to close my eyes, but I can’t. I looked down at my hands, and watch them. Slowly, the pores on my skin open, and from each one, a hair starts to sprout, then up my arms and shoulders. I breathe faster, and spit a taste out of my mouth. My mouth opens more as I try to breathe, but the pain is incredible. My gums in my mouth bleed. My teeth stretch and sharpen, filling my mouth uncomfortably. My lips close around my teeth, but now my entire face hurts. I groaned and grunted in pain as my face seems to... stretch. My nose and mouth become part of one stretched piece of my face a snout, or muzzle, almost. I can see it with my eyes. My ears stretch back, and curve. The sound of the wind grows louder. My breathing is shuddering, my mind on a track. My body feels as if my muscles are being inflated. All over my body, I grow stronger. The hair thickens into fur; my own hair on my head grows down past my eyes. My hands now looked like paws, but I still have my opposable thumbs. I turn my head to the side, and my neck pops. The pain starts to leave me, I think. But something new arises, and grows by the moment... I stare at the windows Again but I’m held in a trance. ‘I can’t fight it not anymore, whatever it is it’s growing too strong for me. I take a deep breath in, and with every bit of my will fighting it, with every bit of my body urging it, I howl, into the night.’ I stared in amazement there before me was a Falen’s true form she was huge bigger than six werewolves combined she had black slick giant bat wings and her tail seemed to be long and stretched but still a wolf tail she had dark sky blue armor on her arms tail muzzle and wings she had blood red claws and horns on the end of her wings tail and two long black horns on her head ‘this is Falen and Halima in the one form amazing!’ “Her true form” the shadow chains snapped like pieces of string as she roared violently thrashing around breaking free the shadows backed away as if something was blocking them from going any further “what’s this feeling no way it’s her monster energy it’s so strong” I saw the others run over to me Amisi screamed when she saw Falen Alyaim walked near her but stopped “gasp do you feel that?” i nodded “yeah it’s so powerful her monster energy I can see it!” a dark blood red and dark blue shadow surrounded Falen I felt something tugging at my neck I saw my stone was glowing and tugging as if it was trying to get to Falen Halima “oh no not again Falen get away from here if you can hear me get away from me!” Amisi screamed as shadow tentacles spread around us my necklace was ripped of my neck “no!” I tried to grab it but something went threw me I saw Felix as a black and gold scythe had stabbed threw him ‘wait that’s Alyaim’s weapon!?’ Alyaim’s eyes were black as she attacked Felix “Alyaim what are you doing!?” she looked over at me with a devilish smile as she lifted her now blood covered scythe from Felix’s body “Alyaim no please don’t Falen help!” I fell to the ground as she walked over to me softly laughing i covered my eyes the sound of blood filled my ear I opened my eyes and saw Falen’s monsters jaws ripping into Alyaim’s neck there was blood everywhere “Falen no please stop this!” Falen howled in pain as she covered her ears whelping like a hurt dog I saw the shadows man holding Felix’s neck lace it was glowing a bright purple it got brighter the closer it got to Falen ‘this sound augh its torturing please Halima make it stop I can’t take it anymore!’ Falen collapsed as her body was also glowing purple the shadows hissed and snarled as they covered her I whimpered watching the shadows attack everything I felt my clothes cover me I looked up I had shifted into my cat form “meow oh not again this is worse not im easy prey hmm maybe they won’t notice me” I quietly snuck over to Falen who was too weak to fight back the shadows had re-chained her “piss hey Falen can you hear me if you can hear me please don’t give up don’t shift back stay strong fight back Falen fight back!” ‘I can hear her but I can’t move I can’t fight oh please no don’t fall asleep don’t fall asleep…” I could feel the cold snow falling on my face “Falen honey come inside baby you’ll catch a cold!” ‘that voice I looked over at a small wooden cabin with a grass green room standing in the door way was tall young women with dark red hair and bright green eyes she softly smiled at me slightly showing her fangs “mum you’re here but where am i?” i looked around but I didn’t recognize anything ‘this is weird it looks real but it doesn’t feel real’ “this isn’t real let me out!” the snow got thinker as the winds picked up the land had become harsh and rough I couldn’t see the small house or my mum anymore I was trapped in a blizzard I could feel my skin freezing I saw the sky turn blood red I felt my body start to turn “augh where am I let me out!” my eyes snapped open as my  heart was raising I looked around frantically I was in a steel room attached to bunch of cables there was a huge screen above my head it was playing what I had just seen i tried to get up but my hands and legs were bound to the table I closed my eyes and concentrated growing my claws I cut the binds and got off the table I ripped out the cables “oww now where am i…that smell Felix Alyaim Amisi there here!” I checked for anyone before I got out of the room everything was white and it reeked of detergent “wait I know this place it’s the place from my dream subject Blood Wolf I have to know if it’s real” I rushed through the corridors avoiding the doctors you couldn’t see their faces everything thing was covered all you could see was a white coat “wait white coats oh god it’s all real my dream it wasn’t a memory” i heard footsteps coming closer I hid on the ceiling “make sure those undead brats don’t escape I want full lockdown be on guard she escaped once Lord Shadow will not forgive us if we lose her again now go!” ‘It can’t be she’s one of them?’ Alyaim walked right under me with a group of white coats she was wearing a black coat and seemed to be the leader of the group she stopped “hmm leave me!” the other white coats vanished ‘oh no does she know im here?’ Alyaim looked around then kept walking ‘phew that was close I looked around and saw small holes in the celling from the last time I was here’ I followed the holes till I was at the door again ‘hmm yep that’s same door S.B.L.C hmm subject Blood Wolf Clones there in there I remember what I saw last time can I handle that again’ “hey you get down from there!” a young girl was shouting at me she was wearing a black dress with a white shirt underneath and she seems to have B.W.2 burned on her arm her skin was lightly tanned her eyes were a deep dark red and her hair was a dark red with dark brown…wait she looks just like me?!’ “You look just like me what the hell I have a twin!!?” the girl glared at me as she grew out long silver claws “woe ah hey take it easy” I jumped down from the celling “look take it easy you look like me don’t you find that weird?” the girl smirked “no I don’t you’re a copy im the original!!” she lunged at me like a wild animal she was so strong “augh!” her claws stabbed into my chest I could feel them reaching for my heart “gasp stop please!” she snarled digging them deeper “im the original your nothing but a clone!” I could hear my heart beat slowing as everything was going dark I heard a loud explosion “Falen wake up!” ‘Felix....’.     


After being rescued from the order Falen and the others head to the backup school but are attacked by a girl who looks a lot like Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST    

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