Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


12. Chapter eleven the witch’s spell

I watched the witch she started to laugh “what me give you the last Blood wolf on the entire planet haha no way do you have any idea the kind of power I’ll have with her at my side my spells will be unbreakable and destructive haha!” I shifted my hands into my claws again ready to strike “ah ahh bad little vampire Hehe im gonna have to punish you Hehe this will be fun” the witch grabbed a small bag out of her pocket and threw at me chanting “attacking me is your big mistake now feel your heart plunged by stakes!”  the bag glowed a dark pink I collapsed to the ground feeling hundreds of stakes ripping through my heart it felt excruciating “augh please stop you have no idea how much this hurts stop!” she smiled at me “shh you will wake the baby haha we wouldn’t want that so sip it!” my lips were sealed shut I couldn’t open them even if as I screamed in pain “haha this was fun let’s do it again sometime bye vampire haha” she started walking taking Falen I tried to go after her but I couldn’t every time I moved it got worse “ahh!!” I heard screaming the witch ran past me terrified the stabbing pains stopped and I opened my mouth “yes im free wait why are you running witch?!” she stopped out of breath “that’s why run!” she pointed over at a giant red and light brown werewolf looking beast two huge black bat wings shot out of its back alone with a set of large grey horns forming on the spine and top of its head its fangs were razor sharp and long its claws were huge and stretched out easily able to slice a man in half “what did you do witch?!” she ran up and hid behind me “nothing I just tried to wake up the blood wolf and she turned into that is that the blood wolfs true form?” i stared at Falen in her beast form “yep you woke up the beast not the girl great job she will destroy everything in her path unless hmm witch can use a sleeping spell or something to calm her down?” the witch shook her head “already tried it didn’t work do something vampire!” i looked at the witch she was shaking in fear “ hmm why should I you’re the one who wanted her and hurt me now you have her all parts of her so why should I help?” she stared at me “ you have to she will destroy everything remember please vampire calm her down so she changes back and you can have her you won’t hear from me again just stop her before she destroys everything!” I grabbed my necklace “ok I do this you vanish I never see you again or you die got it?!” she nodded still hiding behind me “deal” I ran heading for Falen she had grown huge “oh man Falen tone it down if the humans see you they will freak out!” she spotted me and roared thrashing her tail at me I moved just fast enough to dodge it “ oh man I don’t have a choice it always weakened her so it should work” I clutch my purple stone necklace “please don’t hurt her too much” I through the stone at Falen it bounced right of her and onto the ground she roared again this time louder I watched as the stone started glowing purple I covered my ear’s as a sonic shrieking sound shot out of the stone “ahh please let them work!” I watched Falen trying to cover her ears as she fell to the ground snarling in pain she was shrinking down to a normal sized were wolf “Grrr augh!!” her fur was melting away reviling her bare skin her claws and fangs had shrunk down into normal nails and teeth she collapse as the rest of her body shifted back into her human form I ran up and grabbed the stone and covered it the shrieking stopped and the glowing faded “witch where’s that blanket!” I turned around but that witch was gone I took of my jacket and placed it over Falen who was shaking with her eyes tightly shut “it’s ok Falen it’s over your back to normal don’t be scared open your eyes” she softly opened her eyes they were pitch black with bright red pupils I heard Felix’s voice and opened my eyes he was staring at me worried I looked around and saw bright red veins coming from people in their houses I could see them through the walls what is this?’ I looked over at Felix his veins were black and they flowed differently from the others “Felix what happened the last thing I remember is being in your room?” he softly smiled “there was a fire but don’t worry your safe now ok” I realized I was wearing his shirt and I was still naked “ahh im still nude!!?”  I quickly covered myself as best as I could “hey clam down Falen its ok I’ll go get you some clothes” he ran off and vanished I looked around again “hmm where am I some kind of city but which?” Felix ran back to me with a set of new clothes “black jeans grey boots red top wow you sure do know what I like?” have I met him before he seems so familiar? Felix smiled “well you were wearing clothes like this when I found you so I just assumed you liked this style” I grabbed the clothes “ah Felix is there anywhere that I can change?” Felix looked around “ah not anywhere close lucky for you I can run fast just hold on” Felix gently picked me up ‘this feels like Reece all over again’ “Felix put me down I don’t need you carrying me!” Falen stared at me she looked angry I didn’t mean to upset her I gently sat her down she got up and wrapped my dark blue shirt around her waist she tied the sleeves around her neck and flattened out the bumps till she looked like she was wearing a dark blue dress “there no need for you to dress me and hold me like a little baby I’m not a child so don’t treat me like one!” I glared at Felix he just smiled ‘why is he smiling im trying to make him go away or hate me and he’s smiling?’ “um why are you smiling im acting like a bitch to you?” he softly laughed “I know you don’t remember me Falen but I know you better than anyone I know how you act and I could never hate you or leave you when you’re scared”   I stepped back ‘how did he know that who is he why Felix why don’t I remember you’ “I’m not scared I’m never scared!” Felix walked over to me I looked up at him he wrapped his arms around my waist “w…what are you doing?” he smiled “you don’t have to admit your scared just please let me be there for you when you are Falen” I looked up at him I could feel my eyes getting watery “how do you know me?”  Felix stared at me just smiling as he wiped my eyes “it’s complicated just know im here for you Falen” ‘I couldn’t hold it any longer I fell to my knees the wait of everything was crushing me down “can you take me back to the school?” he smiled letting go of me and grabbed my hand “yes I can im going there now myself well my homes destroyed I don’t have a choice but it will be great to see you again Falen” ‘Felix walked me back to the school Miss Grey was upset I ran off but it was ok because im a blood wolf she has made it my school uniform is dark red and black instead of white for werewolves and black for vampires now I stick out even more still in the vampire class there’s Felix but there also that crazy vampire chick Valery and in the werewolf class there’s Reece but he hasn’t spoken to me this year is going to be hard im the new kid at a school full of monsters im dead’  “hey Falen which class do you have now!?” Amisi and I had become close over the weeks she was my roommate so was Gloria but being a ghost she doesn’t have any stuff so it’s just the two of us in our room “im going to the wolf woods for day class it’s time to let out my inner beast or something I don’t know you wanna come?” she nodded and ran over to me “yeah but I need a pass to enter the woods lets go get one” she smiled and headed for Miss Grey’s office “hey Alyaim’s in there and she’s shouting at miss grey she sounds mad?” I closed my eyes and could hear Alyaim “you can’t do this to her she’s only awaken a week ago she needs more time before you start the tests again i swore to her mother I would protect her I’m not going to let you hurt her again with your experiments!” ‘What was she talking about experiments on me?’ Amisi looked at me “Falen what is it you looked scared and your eyes went red for a few seconds?” ‘What were they talking about experiment’s on me is it possible I’ve been here before I woke up or did I already wake up and lose my memory Is that how I know Felix is he from my past?!’ “Sorry Amisi I have to get to class maybe next time ok bye!” I ran as fast as I could to the woods “sorry im late” ‘I hated having Roy as the teacher once he found out I was a blood wolf he acting even more mean and creepy around me they all did “alright class today you shall be branded into your official pack zone since all of you were here on time and already got there’s that leaves just you Falen you are the Omega the last now get over here to be branded” ‘branded like a cow on a farm burning something into your skin that never goes away I stood up shouting  “no way that’s barbaric im not being branded!” Roy smirked if you disobey you have to play wolf wars!” Reece got up and pulled me down “sit down Omega you have no right to challenge Roy so shut up and get your brand like the rest of us it doesn’t even hurt”’ god he’s so bossy and mean’ Roy pulled out a hot iron rod with the symbol Omega on it was glowing a bright orange and sizzling “all right blood wolf get over here and get your brand” I stared at my glove covering my right hand “no you can’t brand me as an Omega I already am branded as a Blood Wolf!!” I removed my black fingerless glove reviling the birthmark of a bloody wolf paw print Roy dropped the branding rod in shock all the others stared at my hand with interest and disgust “that’s my brand so you can’t touch me with yours!!” Roy smirked and grabbed my glove from of the ground “so that’s why you wear only one glove clever if the other monsters saw your mark they would flee and you would truly be alone very well since you already have your mark and brand you will fight Reece in a wolf war off you go” ‘oh great that’s not what I planned and i have to fight Reece but I can’t even control my wolf form I don’t even know how to change’ Reece grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the open field “nice going Falen now we have to fight why couldn’t you just take your brand like everyone else!?” I looked away I didn’t want to see that angry face again “I have my mark now are we going to fight or what!?” he softly smirked “fine but you asked for it!” the forest became quiet as I waited there were no birds or animals just me and him the others watched from afar Reece knelt on all fours as if ready to pounce his body cracked and shifted into a muscular wolf his hair color matched his body and formed all over his body even his clothes his nails grew longer and sharper along with his fangs and teeth a long bushy tail grew out from his spine he was now a large dark orange wolf with bright neon green eyes he stared at me viciously snarling and growling Roy watched us smiling “all right Falen now you transform and fight the first to shift back to normal is the looser!” ‘What I can’t transform I was meant to learn how to do that today’ “but I don’t even know how to shift Roy!” I could see Chase walking over to me I stepped back tripping over my own feet he gently grabbed my hand “you don’t have to do this Falen you have a mark already Reece shift back the fights off!” Reece shifted back to normal and walked back over to class Chase stared at me as if he knew me “um why are you staring at me?” he softly smiled “you remind me of someone your hair dark red just like hers could I please see this mark of yours?” ‘Chase was acting weird ever since we met I had been scared of him but he seemed so kind to me not like the others I wonder if he even knows im a blood wolf’ I removed my hand that was covering the mark Chase stared at in shock he stepped back tripping over his feet just like I did “it can’t be you’re her everyone leave now that’s an order!!” Chase got up and grabbed my hand staring at the mark “um Chase it’s just a birthmark nothing special” his eyes filled with tears ‘he’s crying why is he crying “Chase?” he smiled at me “you’re a blood wolf the daughter of Scarlet Mortem Omen!!?” ‘how did he know my mums name’ I softly nodded “ah yes I am ah Chase why are you crying?” he let go of my hand “because Scarlet was my wife and we had a beautiful baby girl with crystal blue eyes dark red and light brown hair and the mark of the Blood Wolf on her right hand…it’s you Falen your our daughter your my baby girl I lost I thought you were dead!?” ‘Was he telling the truth is Chase really my father my real father the only family I have left and im terrified of him?’ I pulled away “ no your lying my parents are dead I watched my mother be killed in front of my eyes and I never met my father so your lying im not your daughter im no body’s child im just a disgusting half breed hybrid that everyone hates and wants dead!!” I ran back to my dorm room and locked the door “it can’t be true it just can’t be im not his child im not I don’t have parents im an orphan!” I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes ‘I can’t be his kid and what about the experiments I heard ah I just need to sleep to clear my head I closed my eyes tighter this time and tried to fall asleep “experiment’s what experiments were they talking about hmm forget it just go to sleep Falen just go to sleep” 

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