Blood wolf is about a young girl called Falen she is the last know Blood wolf a hybrid between a royal vampire and alpha werewolf she spent most her life believing shes a human but when she accidental activates her power's things get hairy literally she awakens in a school for monster confused she try's to escape only to collapse in the city after nearly being burned alive she returns to the school to start her new life but its hard to start a new life when your being chased by the old one can she make it or will her nightmares catch up to her find out in Blood Wolf


9. Chapter eight Not the crazy chick again

“If its blood you want its blood you’ll get ok so get up I know it’s hard but you have to try so get up!” Gloria pulled me up then grabbed me and walked me over to the fridge “Gloria what are you doing you need to get away from me it’s not safe please I don’t want to hurt anyone auh” I could barely stand I would have collapsed if Gloria wasn’t holding me up she opened the fridge now’s not really a good time for a snack she was looking for something but what “ah ha found it!” shouted as she grabbed out a bad of red liquid she passed it to me “here Falen drink this you will feel better” what is this it’s cold and thick “Falen bite it I’m sure you will feel better if you” suddenly the door opened “if she drinks that her thirst will only intense you stupid ghost vampires don’t drink cold blood it has to be hot like it’s fresh otherwise we just want more you really don’t have a clue do you” I recognized that voice it was the crazy chick again she walked up to me and grabbed the bag then my hand from my throat she then replaced my hand with hers “your pathetic and weak I can smell the blood in this room but I’m not losing control it doesn’t even bother me you are a disgrace to my kind and must be punished you weakling she threw me to the floor I felt my skull crack from the pressure if the hit “Falen are you ok?” Amisi ran up to me “Valery that was uncalled for!” Gloria shouted “oh shut up ghost and go heat this and you weakling stay down while I fix your mess” Falen looked really hurt I hope she’s ok             “you’re the weak one” I looked over at Falen she looked different her brown and crimson red hair was now blue and crimson red hair her skin was darker like a light tan and her eyes were a light emerald green “what did you say to me?” oh no Valerie looks mad I hope Falen knows what she’s doing “I said you’re the weak one you pathetic excuse for a vampire” oh god Falen she’s going to kill you now “that’s it your dead I don’t care about you being new no one talks to me like that I’m going to tear you to shreds then drink up what left I’m going to make you regret the day you were born!” Falen just stood there smiling “quit blabbering and hit me already unless you can’t” Amisi ran up to me “hello your supposed to be heating that here let me also what’s with Falen the hair the skin the attitude does she want to die?” Valerie lunged at Falen but she was blocked “wow I have never seen anyone block Valery before “what how did you do that no one blocks me” Falen just smiled as she kept blocking “your two slow I can see you attacks before you even think about them now who’s the weakling” and with that final work Falen kicked Valery through a wall and then threw her out of the window “you’re the weakling you stupid vampire” Falen turned around at us her face was emotionless but threatening “your next you two” she began walking toward us till she stopped and grabbed her head “auh no I won’t go back auh I won’t” she fell to her hands and knees her dark skin seemed to melt away same with her hair till she looked just like the Falen we first met “no auh you can’t silence me forever  auh” she looked up at us still with those violent light emerald green eyes “you two are next auh” she closed her eyes then stopped moving “Falen are you ok?” I opened my eyes and looked up at Amisi and Gloria what a strange dream “ah my head” what happened and why do I hurt all over “hey Gloria should we tell her what she did?” I looked over the girls there were talking “no Amisi I think it’s best if she doesn’t know ok so keep quiet “hey guy’s mind telling me why I hurt all over and there’s a hole through the wall and a broken window?” they both looked at me “you got a little violent because of your thirst speaking of which drink this poor it in a cup if you have to just drink you will feel better it will also talk care of that cut on your head and bruised foot I noticed while I was holding you here drink” Gloria handed me a heavy bag of hot liquid  it felt like a bag of goo or Sunday topping from my old work “what is it?” I asked as I grabbed out a coffee cup from the top shelf “pain relief now drink” Gloria cut open the bag and instantly that smell again I watched her poor the red thick hot liquid into the cup “that’s blood!” I shouted as I stepped away “yep and that’s what you need to get that thirst under control so drink it I’m sure you’ll like it it’s B= I think I rippled the tag that said what it is when I opened it sorry about that now drink up while it’s hot” Gloria handed me the cup I couldn’t stop staring the crimson liquid the scent of the blood was intoxicating now I know how frank must have felt when he quit smoking the temptation every time he was around one I felt my throat start to burn I was used to it but it still hurt I placed my hand around my neck like last time “no Falen that won’t quench the thirst that blood will now drink before you become violent again if you don’t I will make you and it won’t be pretty I lifted the cup up to my lips and watched the blood slowly drip into my mouth till it reached my tongue I lifted the cup closer and began violent swallowing more and more I could feel the cup over flowing and blood dripping down my neck this taste was sweet but a little sour it felt so sticky as it coted my tongue and throat the burning stopped soothed by the hot liquid “that’s right Falen drink it all up every last drop” I did as she said the cup was empty but I looking for more ‘no stop no more this is sick this is blood that’s disgusting how can you drink this it’s vile it’s someone else’s blood not another drop will enter my mouth ever again I put the cup down then wiped the remaining blood of my face and neck “do you feel better Falen? They both asked with smiles “that was disgusting” I replied “what you’re a vampire and vampires drink blood it’s what you do it’s natural” Amisi said as she walked up to “its vile this is someone else’s blood!” I shouted I felt like I was going to throw up I sat down trying to calm my knotted stomach “Gloria I’m confused I thought vampires love to drink blood so why is Falen getting upset because she drank blood?” I could see them staring at me but I paid them no attention “maybe she isn’t a vampire maybe she’s something else but she did like the blood at first then she finished it and now feels sick strange I’m going to ask Alyaim  if there is anything that dose what Falen is doing she is the encyclopedia of all monsters it’s scary what that girl knows sometimes hey we should bring Falen” Amisi looked at me again “are you sure that’s a good idea what if she flips and turn into the blue haired girl again” Gloria laughed I’m sure that won’t happen again hopefully now come on” Amisi ran up to “come Falen where going to talk to  Alyaim and figure out what you are let’s go!” she shouted as she pulled me up wow she’s stronger then she looks I didn’t bother to argue even I would like to know what the hell I am I can’t be human if I drank human blood that’s just sick we walked through all the hall ways I came through before till we were outside again  I saw Alyaim and Carl over at the trees were we were hiding in what happened to her she looked bruised and she had what looked like claw marks on her neck she was talking so was Carl but I couldn’t hear maybe if I concentrate I closed my eyes  and listened  “I’m sorry  I was too rough I couldn’t stop and I hurt you I shouldn’t of come back this why chase forbids our relationship maybe he’s right maybe this wasn’t meant to be ‘poor Carl he sounds so sad “no Carl I don’t care that you hurt me a few bruises and few scratched believe me I’ve had worse  don’t let chase get in your head  don’t give up on us please you’re the only reason I stay here I’ve been here way longer then I planned because of you and if you go then there is no reason for me to stay I’m sorry this probably sounds like a threat but if you go I won’t be here next time do what you think Is right”

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