7. the truth

I wake up to the sound of the guys rehearsing. They want to become the next band who get to your with one direction and have a chance to perform and 2014 VMA's. I walk downstairs while still in my pajamas and go in the kitchen to find the guys eating all my Taco Bell. Well to find Luke and Ashton. Miley knows I will kill him and so does calum.

"STEP AWAY FROM THE TACO BELL MR!", I yell to them while taking my Taco Bell away and snaking the side of there heads. Mikey and calum laughed, I turned to them and they stopped. I grabbed 2 monsters and chugged them down really fast. The guys were starring at me and thatade me uncomfortable.

"WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO CREEPY TODAY!", I yelled to them while walking to the couch. Calum plopped down next to me and put his arm and around me and pulled me into a hug.

"Someone is PMSing today", mikey joked

"Are you on your period?", Luke asked

"YES NOW CAN YOU GUYS STOP ASKING ME ALL THESE STUPID QUESTIONS?!", I yell as a run to my bedroom and slam the door. I really wasn't feeling good today and felt like I was being watched. I got on my phone and called my mum.

"Hey mum! How is the cruise?", I ask

"Great! How are the boys? Are they behaving?", she asked like any mother would about her son inviting his 3 older friends and then living in the same house as her daughter and as they are unsupervised.

"Good. And I think calum and I are kinda dating", I say informing her

"YAY! Teller the juicy deets girlfriend!", she said like a teenager would. After I explained everything she said she had to go and she said she sent me and the guys money for food and clothing. I might as well go shopping today while the guys get the grocrey's. I need some me time.

"Mum sent money for us to use for groceries and clothing. So can I go shopping for some new clothes while you guys get groceries?", I ask them sweetly

"It will cost ya though", the guys informed me. I gulped.

"What do I have to so!", I ask them nervously.

"Have to help us with are party tonight", Ashton said

"UGH! Fine!", I said while grabbing my bag and money. I kissed them all on the cheek and kissed calum on the lips. Calum was blushing. I giggled and got my phone out to text Kat.

M: shopping?

K: be there in 3 seconds

Kat pulled up in are driveway as I put my phone in the back pocket. Calum ran out the house and to the passenger seat to were I was at.

"What's up?", I ask him

"I forgot something", he said. He kissed me on the lips and then ran inside. I set back and Kat was laughing.

Calum's POV*

I run back inside as they drive off. The guys all hand me 20 bucks.

"Well you just need to get her in bed and then you win the bet!", like said while handing me 20 bucks.

"I don't wanna hurt her like this guys. You know I actually do like her!", I whine a little

"She will never find out!", Ashton said

"Just it feels wrong!", I exclaim

"All of her boyfriends were bets and she found out about all of them! It won't hurt her this time or any other time!", mikey said while handing me some red bull. I sigh and drink the can of red bull.

"I said I loved her.... And I meant it", I sighed. Luke spit out his drink as did mikey.

"WHAT?!", they yelled at me. Ashton stood there in silence

"I love her! And I meant so don't make me do this!", I whine

"You have to finish it! She won't hate you bruh!", Luke exclaimed to me

"Fine just I don't wanna hurt her", I say quietly

"And you won't. I will explain it was all us 3's fault! That we made you do it! Just you have to finish it!", Ashton exclaimed

"Fine fine", I say giving up.

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