3. the party

Maddy's outfit: http://cdnpix.com/show/imgs/3c5bd0de95ab3e117c471b7d12ec6525.jpg

I walked downstairs and I saw the guys waiting for me.

"Mikey are you sure you don't wanna come with us?", I ask walking over to mikey

"You know I will get drunk and then hook up with a girl", mikey said. That's true. Mikey got really drunk once and hooked up with Luke's ex girlfriend and when Luke heard about it he got mad and the girl cheated on mikey with Luke and when she told mikey she was having a baby it turns out it really is Luke's baby. It's really complicated

"I won't I promise", I say ink swearing him

"And don't you hook up with anyone", mikey warned me

"She can't even hook up with me?", calum asked while coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist and leaning his head on my shoulder.

"No", mikey said running upstairs to fetch Luke

"Aww. No fair", calum said while walking around

*At the party*

We finally arrived at the party. Kat was wearing http://fitflopssingapore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/cute-spring-outfits-tumblr-2014cute-outfits-tumblr---fashion-info---fashion-info-m5rh7jcr.jpg. We walked into the party. Calum was holding my hand and Ashton had his arm around Kat.

"Wants some beer?", Kat asked me and calum

"I'll take one. What about you?", calum asked me

"Sure", I say hesitant

While me and calum waited for Ashton and Kat to come back with the beer we decided to sit on the couch and talk. We both weren't really big dancers but I know Kat would dance all night with Ashton. I felt someone tap on my shoulder, I turned around and saw Luke

"Where's Kat?", he asked

"Hello to you too", I said

"Where is she?", Luke asked agian

"Getting some beer with Ashton why?", I asked him concerned

"Wanted to see if she wants to dance with me", Luke said blushing a bit

"Well she is getting tipsy a bit so of you want to get with her tonight is your night", I said. Luke walked to tipsy Kat and they talked a lot then they danced.

Most of the night it was of the guys freighting over tipsy Kat and me and calum talking. Everything was going fine until I felt calum's lips crash on mine. I instantly pulled away and ran outside. Ashton followed me cause I guess he saw that.

"What's wrong sis?", Ashton asks concerned

"Calum. He...h-he kissed me", I said studdering

"Listen it's okay. He must be drunk", Ashton said chuckling. I shook my head

"He never had a drink tonight", I explained to him

"Listen. It's okay", Ashton said until we got inturupted by tipsy Kat, Luke, and.......calum.

*at the house

"Listen I'm sorry. I don't know why I--",calum said I put my hand on his mouth

"Don't.... Just please don't", I begged him

"But madd--!"he pleaded

"just don't.........please?", I beg him agian before going back in my room.

I ran into my room and jumped on my bed. I dug my face in my pillow and cried. I tried to be quiet with my tears but that failed since Ashton walked in and sat me down on his lap like how my dad would when I was little.

"Shhhh", he whispered in my ear

"Why did he do that?", I said while crying

"Shhhhhh it's okay", he whispered in my ear. He rocked me in his arms like a baby. I eventually fell asleep and he walked away.

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