5. the L word

I woke up to calum studdering in his sleep.

"Calum babe. Wake up", I said nudging him. He had his hands around my waist and his head on my stomach. I layed back down and thought about the the way he kissed me. Was it friend kiss or I like you kiss? Are those a thing? Maybe I don't know.

"You awake?", I whispered in calum's ear. Calum mumbled in his sleeping agian and turned around

I sighed and got on top of him and started bouncing on him. "MORNING SUNSHINE!", I screamed in his ear while jumping. He instantly woke up and say up and picking me up bridal style and throwing me back on my side of the bed.

"What was that for?", calum asked me while rubbing his one ear

"You wouldn't wake up", I said

"Couldn't you let me sleep for a bit more?", cal asked while laying back down. I layed next to him and put my head on his chest and we shared covers.

"Calum?", I ask him curiously and not thinking of what I was saying

"Yes darling?", he asked while stroking my long hair

"Do you like me? You seem more connected with me kinda this week", I said as I looked up at him

"Why do you think that?", he asks me

"So you don't like me?", I ask agian

"No.... I love you darling", he said while kissing me on the lips and getting out of bed and walking out. I squealed and layed back down and bites my lip.


A/N: sorry it was a short chapter but I'm working on some other books for wattpad and quotev.

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