2. The horror begins

Mary's POV*

My mom text me saying she was finally on the cruise and they were heading to Cuba. Great my mom would be drinking from a coconut and I would be here trying to live with 4 boys!

"Morning ugly", I hear the guys come downstairs

"Asshole", I mumble

"Your soooo cute", calum says while kissing my forehead

"What was that for?", I turn to look at him

"You look cute today", he answers my question

"Thanks. You look cute too I think?", I say wondering

"Okay can you 2 stop flirting!"

"Wanna do something today?"

"We need to rehearse", Ashton stated

"Wanna go to a party with me and Kat?"

"Let me get this right. You want to go to a senior party with Kat but they have alcohol and drugs there", Michael asks why crossing his arms,

"Please?", I begged

"No you ca--", Michael said before he got inturupted by calum

"I can watch them", calum said

"Me too", Ashton said agreeing to come along

"THANK YOU HUYS SOOOO MUCH! The party starts at 6 so we got 2 hours!", I say while hugging them tightly and kissed

calum on his cheeck and ran upstairs to get ready.

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