6. Taco Bell

*4 weeks later

I woke up to see the sweet smell of Taco Bell. I hopped out if my unicorn blacker and ran downstairs.

"Morning darling", he said while kissing my forehead

"I smelled Taco Bell! Where is it?", I ask like a baby

"We gonna get it right now", he said

"Yay! Let me get changed first though!", I say while running upstairs. I hopped into http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/f1/e4/49/f1e449bb846307a3eb45252eac4b03b3.jpg.i ran downstairs and grabbed the keys to the car then ran and got in the drivers seat.

"You know you can't drive", calum said

"Why?", I ask him

"No license", calum said while I scoot over to passenger and he gets in the car

"Why can't I just say I'm 18?", I ask him as we stop at a red light

"It's illegal. Your 16 and I'm 18 so you just need to wait until you get your license", calum said

"Whatever", i said rolling my eyes

A|N: short chapter guys, sorry😕

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