4. later that night

I sat up screaming. I was breathing really hard but finally managed that. I saw I was in my makeup and outfit from earlier that day. I hoped into some sweatpants and a hollister tanktop. I walked downstairs.

CREAK!CROAK!CREAK!CROAK! I leaned over to see who it was but instead I fell out of the kitchen stool.

"Owwie!", I whined while rubbing my elbow. I stood up to see calum at me. That punny little butthole.

"I heard you scream and wanted to check to see if your okay", cal asked pulling me over to the couch and sitting me down on his lap.

"I just had a nightmare", I explained to him

"Well you wanna stay up a little or you wanna go back to bed?", calum asked while stroking my hair.

"Go back to bed", I said while standing up and walking upstairs with calum following. Calum hopped under my bed and snuggled under my covers

"CALUM!"", I whined while pulling some of the covers off him and onto me. I snuggled up right beside him. It felt SOOO right being next him but it felt like the worst mistake of my life.


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