9. explaining it all

Calum's POV*

"Maddie it isn't what it looks like!", I tried to explain

"Really? Looks like you had a bet!", she yelled

"Listen! I didn't want to do it though!",

"You could have just not done it!", she yelled agian

"I told you already! I didn't want to do it!", I yelled back at her now.

"BOTH OF YOU STOP!", mikey yelled at us

"I made him do it, this was actally the reason why they are over here, because the bet", mikey confessed to Maddie. She started tearing up until she ran into her bedroom and slammed the door.

Fuck This isn't good.

*party (MaddiesPOV)

I ran into my bedroom. The party was gonna be happening in 30 mins so I might as well just start getting ready.

I grab my curler and let it heat up. I hop into my outfit(http://38.media.tumblr.com/759b87d8090c1f47072ae42059df07a7/tumblr_mhglw4kTdg1s4itx6o1_500.jpg) I go back in my bathroom and do my hair(http://galeriasaharaui.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/curly-hairstyles-tumblrcurly-hairstyles-for-long-hair-tumblr-fkar69lr.jpg) I finally finish and I slip on my shoes. I heard someone knock on my door. Calum......

"Ugh! What do you want?", I ask him as I walk to my bathroom to do my makeup,

"I--I'm sooooooo sorry", calum asks. I turn to him and smiled but frowned agian,

"I want to forgive you but I don't trust you calum. You said you loved me but that was a lie! And if I let u back in I wouldn't know what's true or is just another lie", I said while a sigh. Calum shook his head

"Can I have one last kiss goodbye?", he asked while looking at me with his deep brown eyes. I walked past him and shut my door. Nope I will never fall for his game AGIAN, never will I.

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