Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


8. The News ( about Zayn )

....lacey is worried so much about weeks become two weeks and now it's been one month since  zayn is not coming in her house and she has not heard anything form zayn.zayn is hospitalized because of not eating well and abusing his self.all of this because of lacey.


Lacey's POV

...i try to call alexa to ask about the boys but she's not answering her phone.then i heard my phone's unknown number.i read it and i'm shock when i read it and tears falling in my face."it's said zayn in the hospital he abuse his body and not eating for a couple of weeks now" it's from come liam know my number.maybe he get my number to zayn's phone.but that's not the problem.zayn is in the hospital oh poor zayn why he did this.then suddenly i start to cry and text back to liam."where are you now?" i text back and ask at the same time."were on he's house" liam reply."we don't want to see the paparazzi so we decide to confine him on his house" liam text again."okay i'm on my way" i reply.then i go to my car and drive at zayn's house.i'm sorry zayn i will make it up to you when i get there.then i go down in my car and knock on the door.liam open the door for me."how is he?" i ask."just see for yourself lacey" liam answer.then liam escorted me to zayn's room.i fall into my knees when i see him."hey stand up" liam said."i can't liam" i asnwer *crying*."the doctor said he will be fine if we take good care of him" liam explain."oh can i be his private nurse?" i ask."are you sure?" liam ask too."yes liam please" i answer."okay i need to go, i'll be back later" liam said."okay thanks liam" i said *sad face.then i look at zayn.what have you done zayn?.you did this to him lacey remember.oh good now my mind is battling with other side of my brain.


Zayn's POV

...i feel someone is sleeping beside me.lacey didn't know she fell asleep.i touch her and wake her up."hey what do you want?" lacey ask."are you okay?" lacey ask again."i'm really sorry this all my fault" lacey said again."i'm okay now that you're here" i answer."i want some water" i answer *smile*."oh okay i'll be back" lacey said *smile back*.when lacey is gone i fell so uneasy because it's just me and her.who call her.then i heard my phone rung.i check who it is and it's my mate (liam).i answer it quick maybe he knows the answer."hello mate" i said."oh you're awake" liam answer."yes and did you know who call lacey?" i ask."me mate and i'm sorry if i do that we're just worried about you" liam explain."oh okay and thanks by the way" i said."i go ahead i just call to check if your okay" liam said."okay bye" i said and hung my phone.that's when lacey is back."sorry if you wait i cook soup for you" lacey said."you don't have to do this lacey" i said."*sad face* i'm the reason why your laying on that bed and have a dextrose" lacey said."hey cheer up no one faults okay" i said."okay i feed you" lacey said."no i have do this on my own" i said *nervous*."no, i will do this please" lacey said."okay" i said.then she feed me and i like it.oh i hope after this will be okay everything about us i mean me and her.i love this the scene that we are now.



sorry for the late update guys...i'm busy in my school...thanks for continuing reading my you god be the glory

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