Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


4. The Mystery Girl


.....after what happen to lacey and zayn, zayn wants to court lacey even do it's late for that because now lacey's parent's know that zayn is her boyfriend.he wants to prove to lacey that hes worth to love.but the big puzzle to zayn is the mystery girl who called lacey the other night.zayn know who it is?.it's him to find out.


Zayn'z POV

....i woke up in the morning still thinking the girl who called lacey.she call lacey (dialing the number of lacey and it's ringing)."hello who is this?" lacey answer."sorry to wake you up my princess" i said."zayn is this you?" lacey ask."yes can you give me the number who called you last night?" i ask too."yes but please let me sleep okay" lacey said."okay princess i'm sorry again" i said."okay bye" lacey said and hung up her phone.when i'm done talking to lacey i go down and make my breakfast.i cook egg and bacon.i eat and go to rehearsal.making my way to the studio i can't stop thinking about that girl.oh i will find out who you are i said in the back of my mind.but i need to focus on my rehearsal because yesterday i already been excuse to what i'm doing.then i reach our studio and see all my lads are there."hey mate how's your date?" liam ask."it's okay and it's not a date" i said."oh yes it's not a date" louis said."what are you talking about i ask?" "we just saw you last night at the beach with lacey right?" harry ask."yes but before that we eat lunch at her house" i answer."so that's why your not here last night to rehearse" niall said."yeah i'm sorry" i said."it's accepted and we know your happy with her" liam said."thanks mate" i said."last last night someone called lacey and said that i'm only using her" i said."do you know someone who's gonna do it?" i ask."no" they answer in chorus."okay lets go in our studio and rehearse" i said.then we go inside the studio.i wait for lacey's text or call.


Lacey's POV

....i'm still sleepy but i need to go get up.i promise zayn i'm gonna text him the girl who called me last night."good morning zayn this the number of the girl who called me +0017052155352" i text him.i wait for him to reply but he didn't i go the bathroom and make wash my face and toothbrush my teeth.i go down stairs and see my mom's doing."mom what's for breakfast?" i ask."i cook bacon" mom said."okay thanks" i said."your welcome baby" mom said.i eat and think what happened to zayn.why he didn't text me back.maybe hes busy doing something.i text alexa."good morning bestie" i text her."good morning too" alexa reply."doing something today?" i ask her."yes bestie" alexa answer."and may i know what it is?" i ask again."niall ask mo to go a date with him" alexa reply."oh bestie i'm happy for you" i text."thanks i will tell everything about you tomorrow but for now i need to relax and have my beauty rest for tonight" alexa reply."okay enjoy your day" i text her again."thanks again" alexa i'm the only one who go for a walk."mom i just go for a walk" i said."okay baby" mom said.then i go outside and walk.until i get tp the park.there are so many people who was in the park.i seat on the bench and watch for the children that been playing on the swing, monkey bar and slide.i smile because i remember when i was a kid i use to play those swing,monkey bar and slide of course with my one and only bestfriend alexa.then suddenly i look for my phone because i was about to take some picture of the children playing around.oh my god i forgot my phone.what if zayn reply my text?what if he called me?there are so many what if's in my mind.but i was so lazy to go back to our house and get it.maybe later.but i was seating in the bench suddenly there's a girl who seat right next to me."can i seat here?" she ask."yeah" i answer."thanks" she said."by the way my name is rebecca a good friend of zayn" she said."oh i'm lacey" i's seem she was observing me and looking at my whole body from head to toe."i see zayn have a good taste in a girl" she said."i beg your pardon" i said."oh nothing to mind what i said" she said."okay" i said."i go ahead say my regards to zayn" she said."i will" i said and wave my goodbye to her.


Rebecca's POV

....she's pretty but i bet perrie is prettiest.but i know zayn is serious about this girl.i know this time he was about to think who called that girl named lacey.i will ruin your life in this one zayn.i hope she be ready.i will never stop ruining your life for what you did for break my heart so your not deserve to be happy.then i hear my phone rung."hello who is this?" i ask.but the person in line didn't answer."hey i said who it is?" i ask again."if you don't know what will do in your life get lost" i said and hung up my phone.then i receive a text from unknown number."i know it's you rebecca" text from unknown number."who are you?" i ask."don't bother to know who i am" reply from unknown number."okay" i text back.i wait for reply but no one reply.i try to call but it's unattended.damn who was that?i will find out maybe she/he ruin my that i know where lacey's house and what she will be doing i her free time.zayn didn't know i was doing this for the whole time.i bet you get rid of me zayn.


Zayn's POV

....i was right it was rebecca who called lacey the other night.what her reason for doing this to me?.i will talk to her and beg her to stop what she's planning to do in my life and with lacey.i will watch her step and protect lacey from her.i love lacey and i will let rebecca ruin it again.i have an idea to stop rebecca.just wait and see who's win the game want to play i play to what your going to your games.i forgot to call lacey.then i dial her number it's ringing but lacey doesn't answer her phone.i have lots of missed call.maybe i try later.then i finish my rehearsal and say my goodbye to my mate.i want to go to lacey's house but i'm too shy to go.then i decide to go to park.i park my car where i can see it.i see all the children playing they all happy and contented.i wish i can go back to my childhood and play like them.i wonder where lacey is.but my answer is prayed i see lacey seating in the bench right next to me."lacey how long have you been here? i ask."just an hour" lacey answer."why did you answer my call?" i ask again."i'm sorry i forgot my phone" lacey answer."it's okay" i said."erase that number who called you the other night" i said."but why?" lacey ask."it's just a crazy girl,just do what i say" i answer."okay i already do it when i forward the number to you" lacey said."don't answer her call if she call again" i said."yes i will never zayn" lacey said."now lets go get you home it's getting late" i said."okay and thanks.then we go to my car and get inside and drove to lacey's house.i make sure nothing's gonna happen to lacey.i know rebecca she's been fooling around.i know she's somewhere out here.then we reach lacey's house.i open the door for her."thanks lets go outside and go for a cup of coffee" lacey said."no i need to go home early" i said."maybe next time say my hi to your mom" i add."okay take care" lacey said."thanks goodnight" i said.then i go home. that zayn who is the mystery girl he will definitely protect lacey from her.zayn know a lot about rebecca of course rebecca is her ex-girlfriend.he will not allow rebecca ruin his life now.he know that lacey's is the one.he will fight for it no matter what happen.


.....can zayn really protect lacey from rebecca?what will happen if rebecca and lacey's became friends?let see in my next chapter....thank you for reading my story...godbless us all


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