Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


2. The Misunderstanding ( Zayn and Lacey )

.....after that movie night lacey text her bestfriend to say about who she see in the mall and watch a movie with her.her friend didn't know if she believe to lacey.but lacey text her said that she has a proof.she has take some pictyure with zayn and niall.while zayn is thinking about lacey.he can't erase lacey's face with his memory.zayn get niall to his home while he is going home.zayn want to see lacey again.


Lacey's POV

....i can't believe i watch a movie with zayn and niall.i text my bestfriend alexa to tell what happen to me."hey alexa good morning" i text."morning bestie" alexa reply."you don't believe me what happen to me last night?" i text again."what happen?" alexa ask."i watch movie with zayn and niall" i said."what?no it's not true?" alexa don't believe me."yeah it's true, if you want i have some picture of me, zayn and niall" i said.i can't believe my bestfriend didn't trust saying that i see zayn and niall."i come into your house" alexa text back."okay i wait for you" i reply.alexa's houseit's not far away from our house.i hear someone knock on the door."hey bestie come in" i said."so where's your evidence?" alexa ask."here" i said and show my picture with zayn and niall."oh my gosh it's true, i'm sorry for not believing you bestie" alexa said."yeah i'm hurt when you said that you don't believe me" i said."so what happen bestie, and how?" alexa ask so many question."hey on what i just bump to zayn and he talk to me and introduce to niall" i said."oh friend i want to go with to you sometime" alexa said."yeah you should do that" i said.then i prepare our snacks.alexa seat in the couch and check my phone and go to my music and played the song of our favorite band.of course it's one direction band.


Zayn's POV

....i'm on the studio and rehearsing my line to a song and our up coming tour.but all i wanna think is lacey.maybe i go to the mall i go last night and see her there.i tell my mates to go to somewhere and need to clear my mind because if i didn't do that i'm going crazy."where are you going mate?" liam ask."somewhere out there mate" i said."promise i make it up to you tomorrow" i said."okay just be here in the morning" liam said."thanks mate" i said."hey mate can i join you?" niall ask."no i need to go alone" i said."okay" niall said."maybe some other time" i said.zayn go to his car and get inside and start the engine and drove.zayn wish that he see lacey on the mall and talk to her and get her number.zayn get his disguise and go down and go inside the mall.wishing he see what his looking for but apparently lacey is not there.zayn just wait more minutes until it's became an hour.please lacey come here i been here for about one hour and half.then zayn look at the door just open there is lacey and she with someone.i call for her name and she stop."hey bestie who is this?" alexa said."maybe that's zayn" lacey said."lacey thanks god you came back" i said."zayn is that you?" lacey as but whisper to me." yes" i said."where's niall?" lacey ask."why are you looking for my mate?" i ask too."nothing i just thought his with you" lacey said.i think lacey is attracted to my mate (niall).don't conclude into something zayn."by the way zayn this is my bestfriend alexa" lacey introduce me to the girl that she with her."nice meeting you alexa" i said"same here zayn" alexa said."so anything in your mind girls you wanna do?" i ask."yes" alexa answer."and what is that?" i ask."no zayn it's nothing don't listen to my besatfriend" lacey said."no it's okay with me" i said."lacey come on don't be such a kill joy" alexa said."but alexa we need to go somewhere right?' lacey ask and glare to alexa."please lacey can you stay for a while?" ia sk."okay zayn" lacey said."now where we going?" alexa said."do you wanna go to our band rehearsal?" i ask again."yes zayn we will" lacey said."okay then lets go" i said.i see lacey's happiness when i said we were going in our band rehearsal.we go to my car and get inside and i drove.


...the whole trip alexa make some jokes, zayn and lacey just laugh all the time.zayn just focus on the road.when they almost in the place where  zayn mate's is rehearsing zayn stop the car.they all go down.lacey is so nervous.zayn is first to walk through the studio and the two ladies.


Lacey's POV

....i'm nervous because seeing niall on the second time oh my knees are like jellies."hey guys i need you to meet my new friends" zayn said."this lacey and alexa" zayn introduce us to his mates."nice meeting you alexa and lacey" louis said."same here" alexa said."so i know now why your not in the mood earlier mate" liam said."no stop that mate" zayn said."don't mind my mate (liam)" zayn add."okay" lacey said."hi i'm niall horan" niall introduce his self to my bestfriend alexa."hi i'm alexa tisdale" alexa said and make handshake to niall.i see niall's eyes it's glowing and the way he look at my bestfriend i know his interested to her.i'm jealous to think that niall is having a crush on my bestfriend.this a bad at all i said in the back of my mind.i walk away and i see zayn following me.the tears suddenly falling in my cheeks."hey lacey wait up" zayn said."what?" i said and shout at him."what the problem?" zayn ask too."you know what just go back there i don't want to talk to you" i said."hey did i do something wrong why are you yelling at me?" zayn ask again."nothing just leave me alone" i said while i'm's hurt this the first time i'm hurt."hey stop yelling at me" zayn said."if you don't want to be yell leave me alone" i said."okay i leave you alone" zayn said.when zayn is gone i cry out loud.what are you doing lacey it's just not confirm that niall is interested in your friend.your concluding into something."hey i know why you like that?" zayn said."i thought you leave me alone?" i ask."no because i know your having a crush on my mate (niall) right?" zayn ask too."and what if that's true?" i said."then why you should tell your friend and niall too" zayn said."no i don't tell them and you don't tell them too" i said."i think about that; zayn said."i will do anything to zip your mouth" i said."everything" zayn said."yes even if i don't want to deal with you to make my secret is safe" i said."okay from now on your mine" zayn said."what? no i don't want that deal" i said."okay then i tell alexa and niall your secret" zayn said."your impossible" i said."what is your answer?" zayn ask."okay i'm yours" i said."and i have one rule Talk Back and Your Dead" zayn said."okay mr.gangster" i said.then zayn and i go inside the studio.i see niall and alexa talking to each other.zayn put his arm around my waist.i want to protest but i don't have a choice for the sake of my secret i agree to what zayn's will be doing."zayn don't tell them that you and i are boyfriend and girlfriend okay, i'm not ready" i said and whisper to him."okay my princess" zayn said.we seat to the one couch and i look my friend alexa she is very happy.but me i'm hurt of what i'm seeing.


....after the band rehearsal niall get alexa home while lacey is with his new's getting late but lacey is still in zayn house.she want to go home maybe her parents is worried about her,she's mad at zayn.she can't believe it that she made a deal with this's her fault because of her stupid feelings to niall.she spill it out and tell it to zayn.zayn is very happy because lacey is her girlfriend now.he wants to show lacey that hes worth it to love.


....what will happen to zayn and lacey.what about niall and alexa.just continue to read my story....thanks for reading my story....godbless us all


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