Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


1. The encounter was an ordinary day for was saturday in the afternoon but she's still in bed.she didn't know what to do.her mom was calling her all day.but she didn't reply to her mom.she's listening to his favorite boy band one direction song when someone knock on her door.then she pretend that's she's still asleep.she see her mother going close to her and wake her up.her mother say if she didn't wake up she will not cook her favorite dish.then suddenly she open her eyes and rub it and she smile on her mother.


Lacey's POV

...."mom can i stay longer in my bed?" i ask. "Lacey Paige what time it is?" mom said."okay, okay i'm up" i said."why are you like that lacey?" mom said."what's wrong with me mom?" i ask too."look at your self in the mirror" mom said."that's why you don't have a boyfriend because of what your look like" mom add."well mom i'm not in a hurry for having a boyfriend" i said.then i go to the bathroom to walk away from my mother.everytime she see me she remind me of what i look like.i don't want to be hurt from anyone again.once is enough that's why i always wear this kind of looks."lacey get down now okay" i hear my mom said."yes mom" i said.i finish washing my face and go down.i smell something good in the kitchen."mom what is that?" i ask."your favorite pasta lacey" mom said."yes" i said."set the table and call your dad so we can eat" mom said."dad is here?" i ask."yes his been here for 20 minutes now" mom said."okay i set the table and call him" i said.i get some plates and put them in the table when i'm finish i call my dad who's been in the library."dad" i shout."coming baby" dad said."dad don't call me that" i said."i'm not a baby anymore" i add."okay lacey i will not call you that again" dad said."lets go dad the food is waiting" i said.then my dad hug me and go to the kitchen and we eat together.


Zayn's POV

....i'm bored in my house.i don't know what i'm going to do.i go to my kitchen and look for something to cook.i saw a bacon and i get the pan and pre-heat the pan.i put the bacon and fry it.when it's cook i put some rice and eat.when i finish eating i wash my plate and put it back on the place.then i go back in my room and turn on the t.v.i change the channel and find a channel to watch for.but i cannot find a channel that has a good to watch i turn off the t.v. and turn on the radio that beside's our song who played in the station.when our song is finish i turn off the radio and go to the bathroom i decide to go to the mall.i need to smell some fresh air and need to see my friends.i call my mate (niall).dialing his number, it's ringing "hello mate how are you?" niall ask."i'm okay mate can you go with me to the mall?" i ask too."sure mate" niall said."thanks i pick you up there in 20 minutes" i said."okay i will be waiting for you" niall said.then i hung my phone and get dress.i go where my car is, i start the engine and drive at my mates (niall) house.when i reach my mates (niall) house i see my him standing in front of his gate waiting for me.then we go to the mall. the mall lacey is busy watching all the people walking every corner.lacey just seat in the table of the coffee shop inside the mall.she is addicted by drinking coffee.she go everyday at the Starbucks to order her favorite coffee.but this she drink it along with a piece of cake.while zayn and niall just arrive at the mall of course with disguise.when zayn and niall is walking zayn eyes hit the girl who's been drinking a coffee and eating a piece of cake.zayn told to niall the girl he saw but apparently the girl is not there anymore.lacey is hurry because of the movie she's watching is about to start.when she's about to turn she bump into something hard.she look up and see who it is/it's just some guy.


Lacey's POV

...."i'm sorry it's my fault" i said."it's okay did i hurt you?" he ask."no i'm okay" i said."why you in a hurry?" he ask."the movie i'm watching is about to start" i answer."oh what movie?" he ask again."sorry it's a boring movie" i said."wait i talk to you but i didn't know your name" i ask."oh yes by the way my nae is Zayn Malik" he said."no way are you kidding me?" i ask."no it's true wait i show you" he said.then i'm shock because it's really zayn malik one of the member of one direction."i'm with my mate Niall Horan" he said."hi" niall said."what's your name?" zayn ask."oh yeah what silly of me, by the way it's Lacey Paige" i said."nice meeting you lacey" zayn said."same here" i said."so can we join you?" zayn ask."what?like i said it's a boring movie" i said."i don't care we want to join and accompanied you" zayn said."okay but i warn you" i said."what kind of movie is that? niall ask."it's harry potter" i said."oh i love harry potter" niall said."oh were the same niall" i said."but you need to buy tickets" i add."okay were?' niall said.then i see niall buying a tickets."lets go mate" niall said."after you lacey" zayn said.then we go inside the cinema and seat in the vacant chairs.are seating arrangement is like this zayn, me and niall.i'm in the middle of the two boys.i can't believe that i meet the two third of the one direction member.wait maybe i'm dreaming.i pinch my skin and i said ouch in a low's true that zayn and niall is here beside me watching a movie with me.i will write it on my diary least this day have a sense for me.


Zayn's POV

....damn lacey perfume smell good.this the girl i saw in the coffee shop earlier.destiny cross our path.zayn you didn't know if she have a boyfriend."hey mate can you buy popcorn until the movie is not starting?" i ask."okay mate, what drinks would you like lacey?" niall ask."anything but not soda niall" lacey said."okay" niall that lacey is here alone with me i can ask her."hey lacey what are you doing in your free time?" i ask."nothing just listening to your music" lacey said."that's great" i said.just ask him zayn."lacey if you don't mind do you have a boyfriend?" i ask."i don't have a boyfriend, i'm just been in a heartbreak" lacey said in a sad tone."oh i'm sorry for bringing that topic" i said."it's okay you didn't know it" lacey said.what my mate (niall) taking so long.the movie is strating."sorry there are so many people buying a popcorn and drinks" niall said."it's okay niall the movie just started" lacey said.then we watch the movie silent and the three of us is so serious.then the movie is finish and we go out in the cinema."can you join us for dinner?" i ask."maybe next time zayn but thanks for your offer" lacey said."i need to go home my parents our waiting for me" lacey add."can i get you home?" i ask."yes but i have my car sorry again" lacey said."okay then i get to your car" i said."okay and thanks" lacey said.then we go to the parking area where lacey's car is park.lacey get to her car and wave her hand and goodbye to us.oh no i forget to get her number."mate we need to go to the studio" niall said."okay lets go" i said.then we get to my car and drove in the studio.


.....what will happen next to zayn and lacey?it's lacey attracted to zayn or niall?just find out guys.....sorry it's a shorts......thanks for reading my story.....your my inspiration...godbless us all

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