Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


3. The Call

....lacey had the worst day ever of her life.she can't believe she has a can she tell her parents.while zayn is happy because lacey is hes gilfriend now.good thing he didn't leave i can use that little secret of lacey to make her love me and stay with me.i get her number but she didn't want to give to zayn but she has no choice but to give it.lacey think zayn is the worst and bad person she ever known.


Lacey's POV
...i hear my phone rung and i'm still in bed.i get it and answer.i wake up when i hear the voice of zayn."good morning princess" zayn said."what good in the morning if you wake me up?" i ask."oh i'm sorry my dear princess i just want you to know that i'm coming into your house" zayn said."what?" i ask again."yes you heard me right" zayn said."okay what time?" i ask."by lunch time" zayn said."okay i need to get up and cook for you" i said."thanks my princess can't wait to see you" zayn said.then i hung my phone and make a shower.i'm nervous because i don't know how to tell my mother.i practice what i say."mom to get panic but my boyfriend is coming into our house today" i said in myself.yes that's what i'm gonna tell my mom.i decide to go down and see where my mother is.when i go down i see my mom busy cooking for our breakfast."mom i have something to say" i said."what is that lacey?" mom ask."my boyfriend is coming here at lunch" i said."don't panic" i add."okay, i cook something special" mom said."you don't anger at me?" i ask."no i'm waiting for this day to come" mom said."now go and make yourself beautiful" mom said."okay mom" i said.i go back in my room and stay there and wait for the time to come.i'm nervous when the time is getting closer.then i hear a car who park at the front of our house.i rush down and go outside."hey that was fast" zayn said."wait flowers for my princess" zayn said and give the flowers."oh zayn i love flower, thank you" i said."i'm glad you like them" zayn said."come inside my mom is waiting for you" i said."okay" then we go inside our house."mom zayn is here" i said."i'm coming" mom said.then i see my mom going close to us."mom this Zayn Malik" i said."nice meeting you Mrs.Paige" zayn said."same here zayn" mom said."lets eat the food is ready" mom add."okay" i said.then we go to the table and seat suddenly mom asking zayn about us."zayn are you serious about my daughter?" mom ask."mom what was that?" i ask too."it's okay baby" zayn said."first time i saw your daughter i'm in love with her and i'm serious about her" zayn explain."that's good now i know i can trust you" mom said."mom stop you embarrass me in front of zayn" i said.then i see zayn is busy eating and enyojing the food.after we eat we go to the living room and seat in the is washing the dishes.


Zayn's POV

...lacey's house is so's like there's  a princess living here.well lacey is like a princess to me."so what do we gonna do?" i ask."do you have anything in your mind?" lacey ask too."what ab---?" i'm cut because lacey's phone is rung."excuse me zayn i need to answer it" lacey said.then lacey talking to someone while her reactions seem not right.maybe the person who called her is a friend or alexa.when lacey is back she was silent.then she stand up and talk."wait for me i change my clothes and talk somewhere private" lacey said."okay" i said.then she go upstairs.i wait for about 10 minutes and i see lacey going down."mom where going out" lacey shout at her mom."okay dear but be sure your here at dinner" lacey's mom said."bye mrs.paige the food is delicious" i said and wave at her.we get to my car and i start the engine and drive."so where we going?" i ask."i want to go to the beach" lacey answer."okay" i said.then lacey is silent the whole trip.i see her sleeping.she's so beautiful even in her sleeping.when i see the beach i park my car where i can see it and wake her up."hey sleeping beauty were here" i said."oh i'm sorry i fall asleep" lacey said."it's okay" i said.then she go down."it's beautiful" lacey said."lets go for a walk" lacey said."okay, wait i lock my car" i said.then we walk along the beach."zayn tell me the truth?" lacey start asking me."about what?" i ask too."are you only using me?" lacey ask."no i'm not, i am serious about you" i answer."first time i saw you i'm in love with you" i add."but the girl on the phone said your only using me" lacey said."no listen to me and please trust me i'm serious about you and i love you" i explain.i see her crying, i come close to her and hug her."my ex-boyfriend is using me that's why i break him" lacey said while crying."i can't do that you princess" i said."even do you don't love me i konw in time you will learn to love me" i said."thank you zayn for letting me know what you really feel about me" lacey said."i will do everything to love you but don't give up in me okay" lacey said."okay i promise i will wait for you" i said.then after we walk we decide to go home because it's getting dark.lacey promise to her mom that she be home before dinner.


......then zayn get lacey's home and said his goodbye.then he go home.he park his car and go down.he get inside his house and go straight to his room and lay down on his bed.he was thinking what happen on the beach.who is that mystery girl who called lacey.he was thinking but there's no one in his mind.he wish lacey will love her in no time.he will do everything to make her fall in love with him.he won't give up to lacey.he will hold on forever.


....while on lacey's house after dinner lacey go to her room and lay down on her bed.she was thankful because zayn love one love her the way zayn do.she can't believe zayn fell in love with him.but lacey is in love with niall.this crazy, zayn is in love with her while she's in love with niall and niall is in love with alexa and alexa is the same with niall.lacey fall asleep thinking about can she love zayn maybe let the faith make do his way.but lacey wish when the time that she ready to love zayn, zayn is still in love with her.


....that's it guys sorry it's too short.....thanks for all who read heart is you all...godbless us all....

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