Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


7. The Break Up

.....zayn really worried about lacey because her phone was unattended.zayn wants to hear lacey's voice.he wish lacey is fine.lacey on her phone when she get to her room.there are so many miscall and messages from zayn.lacey feel guilty but at the same time missing zayn.she has the good and best time in her life.


Zayn's POV

...i try to dial again lacey's number and it's ringing."hello where have you been?" i ask."i'm worried about you don't you know that" i said."i said don't go with that girl" i add.i talk so many and not let lacey talk or explain."wait a minute zayn were not real boyfriend and girlfriend right" lacey said."so why are you acting this way?" lacey ask too."all i remember you black mail me to be your girlfriend" lacey add."what are you saying lacey?" i ask."i don't want to continue this if you say it to niall i don't care" lacey answer."i'm sorry lacey don't do this to me" i said."i'm sorry too zayn but let me think about it" lacey said."i don't want a nagger boyfriend" lacey add."no lets talk it when i come back" i said."bye zayn" lacey said and hung up the phone.then the whole concert i'm not in the mates see that."mate you okay?" liam ask."yes i am" i answer."are you sure?" liam ask again."yeah mate thanks" i answer.after the last song we go to the backstage and rest for a while.i try to contact her but my finger doesn't move.i wish our concert will end soon.


Lacey's POV

....i didn't want to end like this.i'm shock to zayn's reaction earlier when he called me.i don't want a boy like that.i want to call him and said i'm sorry.maybe if he come back.but for meantime i focus on my self and think if i still continue to become his girlfriend.i find him here in my heart if he has a place.i feel awful about it."lacey dinner is ready" mom said."i'm not hungry mom" i answer."okay" mom's been 1 am in the morning but i'm still awake.thinking about zayn and our fight over the phone.oh lacey just go to sleep and tomorrow will be okay.finally i fall asleep.i wake up late because of last night."lacey it's 10am in the morning your still there in your bed" mom said while knocking on my door."okay i get up" i said.i go to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth.i wear my jogging pants and my favorite t-shirt and go for a run in the park."mom i go for a run" i said."but the sun is too hot lacey" mom said."it's okay mom just give me 30 minutes" i said."okay" mom said."bye mom" i said.i put my headset on my ear and put some music.i run to all my content.until i get to the park.when i feel a little tiredness i rest for a while.i seat to the bench and drink some water.i thought i see becca here.i want to share my problem with her and get her bestfriend is not here she's busy with niall.alexa never tell me about her lovelife and between niall and her.she's different's look like i never know her at all.i decide to go back at our house.i go to the table and see what for lunch.i eat when i see the food.when i'm finish i got to my room and and make a quick shower.after that i lay down on my zayn doing right now?he is okay?i want to call him but i'm shy.until i fall asleep.


....lacey still asleep.her mom calling her but she didn't hear it because of a loud music in her ears.then lacey's mom decide to go to her room and check her.her mom shock when she lacey is sleeping again.maybe lacey is tired from running outside mrs.paige tell her mind.i let her sleep and rest.'s been one week since the break up of lacey and's zayn at all.lacey is worried because zayn not calling him or text him.what happen to him?lacey try to call zayn but hes phone is dead.lacey wish zayn is okay and doing fine.this all lacey fault if anything happen to zayn said lacey on the back of her mind.

....guys find out what happen to zayn?why he didn't contact lacey?love you all.i'm sorry if it is short my mind is occupied.thanks a lot.godbless us all

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