Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


9. Job for me (Lacey)

Lacey POV's

...after i feed zayn i go down and put the dishes on the sink.relax lacey you can do it.then i hear someone knocks on the door."hey" harry said *smile*."hello there" i said *smile back*."is zayn awake already?" harry ask."yes, actually i just finish feeding him" i answer.i told to harry if he can go up to be with zayn."why?" harry ask."i'm going to cooked a nutritious dish for  zayn" i answer."oh did i heard food?" niall asked."yes you heard it right niall" i answer *laugh*."how come you're here already?" harry asked to niall."i need to see our mate" niall answer."okay you two go upstairs now" i said."yes mam" the two chorus.i laugh and go to the kitchen.but before i cooked i call my mom, dialing mom's number* it's ringing "hello lacey" mom said on the line."mom i will go home late later okay" i answer."okay baby but alexa is here" mom said."oh tell her i will call her after our conversation" i said."okay be careful baby" mom said."i will mom, bye and i love you"  i said and hung the phone.i will cooked first before i call alexa.i find some vegetables in zayn bachelor refrigerator decide to cooked mixed vegetables for him and soup too.zayn will recover fast if he eats nutritious foods.


Zayn POV's

.....i force my mate to go down.i missed lacey already knowing she's only in my house."mate lacey will be angry at us" harry said."i'm begging you want to see her" i beg."okay, okay" niall agree."but mate" harry disagree."can you resist him mate?" niall asked."okay you two win because i'm only one" harry answer."thanks mate" i said.then they helped me to stand up.niall hold my dextrose while my harry holding me."what the heck!" lacey shout."hey don't be mad i force them to bring me down" i said *sad face*."bring him here" lacey instructed.when i get to the couch lacey asked niall if he can get a cotton and band aid.i see niall's reaction "don't worry i know what i'm doing" lacey said."he didn't mean that way babe" i said."i know baby but it's seems e don't trust me" lacey said *winks*."i'm sorry lacey" niall apologize *sad face*."shh, i got this baby" lacey said *smile*.then i smile because i know lacey just messsing up with niall.while harry is shocked."mate are you okay?" i asked."are you two in a relationship?" harry asked."yes" lacey said."wow congrats mate" harry said *shake hand*.i look at lacey to get some explanation but she follow my mate (niall).


Niall POV's

...your so stupid niall to think that lacey will not do it."talking in yourself niall" lacey talked in my back."lacey i'm really sorry" i apologize."hey come here" lacey grab me and hug me."i'm just messing up with you" lacey add *laugh*."i thought your mad at me" i ask."i'm not" lacey said."did you find some cotton?" lacey ask."yes i find the first aid kit" i answer."good lets go back to zayn and harry" lacey said.we go back while lacey put her arm around my neck.i see zayn, i know he's jealous."look niall, zayn is jealous.just play with me okay" lacey whisper.i put my arm in lacey's waist."wtf! mate that's my girlfriend" zayn cursed."baby relax" lacey said and laugh."we got you there mate" i said and laugh too."i'm serious here no one will touch her unless it's me" zayn said *dead look*."hey relax it's your mate" lacey said."calm down okay" lacey add.then were shocked to what my mate do next.he kissed lacey in passionate way."you're mine only mine" zayn whisper.we see lacey's face it's blushing and she's in shocked too.lacey tap zayn shoulder."what's wrong?" lacey ask."your asking huh" lacey said *blushing*.then we all laugh.i hope that my mate (zayn) will be happy because lacey is here.i can see lacey is so caring, sweet, kind and loving girlfriend.i hope i find mine too soon.



sorry again guys for updating late.i'm so busy.thank you for reading my god be the glory.godbless us all

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