Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


5. Getting Attached (Lacey and Rebecca)

....rebecca has a good idea in mind.she will be friend with lacey and know what will zayn plans for their relationship.and rebecca will ruin it.she will be bestfriend with lacey.what a brain rebecca.rebecca wake up early for her plan to put on action.


Rebecca's POV
....i wear my jogging pants and run out side the park to see if lacey's is there.but in my disappointment no lacey in the park.maybe it's too early.i came pass by their house but it's still close.but then i see in the garde."good morning mam" i greet the woman in mid forties."hello may i help you?" she ask."it's lacey home?" i ask too."yeah but she's still asleep" she said."oh maybe i go back later" i said."okay wait what's your name?" she ask."it's rebecca" i said.then i go run again in the park until i get tired.why lacey stay in the bed late.i hope i see her in this afternoon.i go back in my house and drink some fresh juice.i dry my sweat and go to the bathroom.i go some bubble bath.i feel have no idea zayn what your up to.


Zayn's POV

....why lacey didn't answer her phone.i have something to say to her.oh i give up i do it later.then i go fix myself and be ready for my's more than two days before the tour.i want to invite lacey but our manager won't allow it.i want to tell it to lacey but she doesn't answer my call.then i go to my car and drove to our studio.when i get to our studio i go straight in our room where my other mates is there."hey you okay?" niall ask."yeah it's just that lacey didn't answer my call" i answer."maybe she still sleeping mate" niall said."yeah maybe" i said."lets go the other is waiting" niall said.then we go to another room where we rehearsing our songs."mate your here all we waiting is our mate (louis)" harry said."hes always late" liam said."yeah" i said then we all laugh.we wait for one hour to our mate (louis)."finally you here" i said."sorry mates" louis said."just come here nad we rehearse" liam said.then we sang one song.until the last one.i hear my phone rung."hello" i answer."i'm sorry zayn for not answering your call" lacey said."it's okay lacey can i invite you for tonight?" i ask."yes what time?" lacey ask too."how about sven>" i ask."okay see you around" lacey answer.then she hung up and i go back to my rehearsal."hey lads gonna go i catch with you tomorrow" i said."okay" liam said.then i rush to get in my car and drove in my house and make some quick shower and get dress.after that i go to lacey's house.i see lacey is not ready yet so i knock to their house."good evening mam is lacey's ready?" i ask her mom."almost, come in and take a seat"ms.paige saaid.then i see lacey is going down she's so beautiful in her dress.

                                             this lacey's wearing on her date to zayn


"i'm ready" lacey said."hey are you okay?" lacey ask."oh sorry yes" i said."i said i'm ready lets go" lacey said."oh yeah were going mrs.paige" i said."i will get lacey home as soon were done" i add."thank you zayn and take care of my daughter" mrs.paige said."i will mam" i said."bye mom see you later" lacey said and kiss her mom on the cheeks.


....then zayn and lacey go to the fancy restaurant.their seated at the center of the restaurant.zayn pull a chair for lacey.then he seat in front of lacey.then zayn call the waiter to order food.zayn can't take his eyes away from lacey.while rebecca is in the other corner of the restaurant looking to zayn and lacey.she said in her mind enjoy your happiness zayn while you can.rebecca want to hear all the conversation between zayn and she move a little closer to zayn and lacey.


Lacey's POV

..."zayn why it's so sudden?" i ask."because in two days i have to go on tour.i will be gone for one month" zayn answer.then i'm sad because zayn will be gone for one month."hey don't worry i will call you everyday or there an internet" zayn said."i know" i said.then our food is serve.we eat and after that we talk lots things about us.i'm laughing when zayn is telling me his life story."zayn just give more time okay" i said."i will lacey don't worry i won't give up on you" zayn said."do you want dessert?" zayn ask."no i want to go to the beach and walk their" i said."okay let me get our bill and go" zayn said.then zayn sign to the waiter and the waiter go and give the bill to zayn.then we go to zayn car and go to the beach."zayn i will miss you" i said.i see zayn reactions."oh it's that true?" zayn ask."of course" i said."just look at my picture" zayn said.i laugh when he said that.zayn laugh with me too."so zayn go on tour, this is a good timing rebecca" rebecca talikng to herself.then we go to the beach.when we reach our destination we walk along the beach.we hold each others hands."i wish this moment will never end lacey and stay like this forever" zayn said."but it can't be because you have a job to do" i said."yes i know but i promise i will call you everyday" zayn said.then we continue walking and zayn stop and face me with him.zayn kiss me in most passionate way.i kiss him back.i want this feeling when zayn kiss me.


....after the beach zayn get lacey's home.when they reach  lacey's house zayn smile to lacey and say i love you.lacey did not response because if she say i love you too to zayn is not fair because she love niall but for now.lacey didn't see zayn face when she didn't response to zayn i love you.zayn wave to lacey and drive home.lacey wish that in no time she learn to love zayn.zayn do everything to make love him.that the last day of zayn and lacey together because zayn is very busy on their tour.rebecca is always there in park to see if lacey is there but lacey is not always in the park.until that day rebecca see lacey alone.


Rebecca's POV

...i come to were lacey's is sitting."hi, remember me?" i ask."yes rebecca right" lacey said."i'm glad you remember my name" i said."i know we just met but can we be friends?" i ask."of course  don't see any wrong with that" lacey answer."oh thank you lacey" i said."welcome rebecca" lacey said."wait why are you sad?" i ask."i miss somebody" lacey answer."and may i know who it is?" i ask again."promise me you won't laugh?" lacey ask."promise" i answer."i miss zayn malik of one direction" lacey said."is he your boyfriend?" i ask."yes" lacey said."you can tell me anything okay" i said.look at me now zayn i'm close enough to you and with your girlfriend."i should go rebecca my mom is waiting for me" lacey said."okay can we go out sometime" i ask."yes just give me a text, here's my number" lacey said."okay thanks" i said.then lacey is walking and go home.i should go home now.good job i proceed to my next plan.until zayn didn't realize that he was wrong for leaving me and breaking my heart i will continue when i was started.


....what rebecca planning to do yo lacey and zayn relationships?what would zayn do if he knows all about it?check in  on my next chapter.


....thanks to all my readers i appreciate of what you you all....godbless us all 


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