Talk back and your dead

Zayn is a type of person that can't control his temper.he is the most handsome in his gang.he is the heartthrob type.he has love secret but he doesn't know how to say it and handle it.everytime he see that girl in other boy he want to hit someone.hes in love with Lacey but Lacey is in love with his friend Niall.


6. Bonding Time ( Lacey and Rebecca )

....rebecca text lacey to invite her to go on picnic with her and all others friends of rebecca.lacey text back and reply that she text her boyfriend and if her boyfriend said yes she's coming.rebecca waiting patiently to lacey's answer.


Rebecca's POV

....i'm ready to go and my plan is ready too.i hope said yes i'm praying for that.suddenly my phone beep.i feel nervous because lacey's name is on my screen.i open her message and this is her text " i'm on rebecca" lacey's text.yes, i reoly to her text that i'm gona pick her up."okay wait for me there i'm gonna pick you up" i text back.then i prepare all my things and food that i'm gonna bring.i go to my car and drive at lacey's house.i got there in less than 10 minutes."hey your so fast" lacey said."i'm just few blocks away in your house" i said."oh i don't know that" lacey said."now you know can we spent some nore time together?" i ask."of course rebecca" lacey answer."lets go my others friends are waiting" i said."yeah lets go" lacey answer.then i drove where our picnic is going on.then we reach our destination."rebecca your finally here" liana greeted me."and she is?" briana ask "oh yeah meet my new friend lacey paige" i said."nice meeting you lacey" liana said."same here" lacey answer."come on lacey don't be shy?" charlotte said."wait i need to my boyfriend" lacey said."okay we wait you there" i said."thanks" lacey said.then lacey going away from us to call of course zayn her boyfriend.i hear them talking and at the same time lacey is explaining to lacey's voice i know zayn is mad.i think zayn said no but lacey wants to go with me do she decide to go with me.then i see lacey is coming into our way.lacey seat in briana's side.


Lacey's POV

....i see lacey is sad.i coe to her and seat next to her."you okay?" rebecca ask."yeah i will" i answer."what's that suppose to be?" i ask."it's zayn he don't want me to go with you" i answer."oh just forget your boyfriend now just now and have fun" rebecca said."you know your right" i said.then i turn off my phone and join rebecca's friends.we sing and we dance all day and even at night.when it's getting late i said to rebecca that i should go."why?" rebecca ask."my mom maybe she's worried aboiut me" i answer."okay i get you into your house" rebecca said."no i'm okay i ride a taxi" i said."no i won't allow you" rebecca said" "i forgot what i'm planning to do with lacey because she's a kind,honest ans sweet person i can't o that to her" rebecca said in her back of her mind."are you it sis okay with them?' i ask."yes lacey it's okay" charlotte said."thanks guys i had a wonderful night with you all" i said."until next time" i add."yes bye nice meeting you again" briana said."it's a privilege to know you all" i said.then i wave my goodbyes to them.i get to the car and rebecca drove me home."did you enjoy are picnic?" rebecca ask."of course i do,i wish this is not the last" i said."oh no i promise you that" rebecca said."thanks becca" i said."becca?" rebecca ask."that's what should i call you" i said."you like it or not?' i ask."i like it's better than rebecca" rebecca answer. "so i call you becca from now okay" i said."yes, see you tomorrow on the park?" rebecca ask."sure and thanks for dropping me by" i said.then becca drive home.i wish i'm with my bestfriend but i think she's busy with niall.why i'm still hurt?.don't you happy to your bestfriend?.ask of my other side of my brain.just get your feeling to zayn.zayn love you very much and hes willing to do everything to prove it you.i go to my room and lay down on bed.i fall asleep and didn't bother to change my clothes because of over thinking about niall and alexa. can lacey fall for zayn if she's still thinking about niall?.can she really fall in love with zayn?.when she did realize that zayn is the one for her?just check it on my next chapter.


......thanks for thos who read my story.i do really appreciate it you all....godbless us all....

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