Til Death Do Us Part

R.I.P Bronty Mae Tomlinson born 12-11-1997 - 24-12-2015

Bronty Tomlinson is dying, she has been told that she has until Christmas Eve next year until the cancer eats away her brain cells. Her family aren't the same since they were told. She's trying to live a normal life, but her school bullies aren't helping her out


7. Chapter 6

January 3rd

Bronty's P.O.V

I watched out the small plane window as the plane started to land you could see Ireland Airport coming into view and all the housing commissions around that area. I went to tell Zayn to have a look but he was asleep with his headphones in, I sighed and slumped back into my uncomfortable seat.

"Please fasten your seat belts the plane is now landing"

I looked at the flashing red sign and buckled my seat belt, I then nudged Zayn awake and pulled out his headphones.

"Zayn, they've asked us to put our seat belts back on, were landing."

He sat straight in the seat and fastened the seat belt around his waist.

"Has your father texted you at all?"

I shrugged my shoulders and pulled out my phone. I switched it on and waited for it to load when a flight attendant walked past.

"Uh excuse me Miss, but please turn your phone off. We don't allow passengers to have their phones on when the plane is landing."

She smiled sweetly

"Oh right, sorry."

I held the on-off button down and watched it turn off.

I glanced around the plane and noticed most of the passengers that were on our plane were business class people, I've always wanted to have a job as a housing commission officer or a journalist, but my time on earth is drawing to a close every single day.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Bronty, you okay?"

I turned around and looked at Zayn

"Yeah I'm fine, honestly. I just don't want to die just yet. My life has just started to get real."

I felt tears starting to prickle, but I held them back 

"Hey it's okay. I know you can pull through this. Just don't let that slip your mind. Have a good time with Niall and just forget about your medical condition okays?"

I nodded and smiled.

"Thanks Zayn and I think we've landed, can we get off? My butt is numb."

He laughed and grabbed both of our carry on's then led the way down the terminal

"Thank you for flying with us. I hope you have a safe holiday."

I nodded and smiled.


We exited out of the terminal and was bombarded with a huge crowd cowering over someone.

"Omg it's Niall Horan!"

"I love you Niall, sign my shirt?" 

"Why are you at the Airport Niall, have another tour to go on?"

"Where are the rest of the lads Niall?"

"Can you take a photo with me?"

"Can you sign my boobs?"

I glanced up at Zayn and held back a laugh.


"I think I've found Niall." I pointed to the mass group of girls.

Zayn laughed and started walking over to the security guards near Niall.

"Hey man, can we get Niall and go?"

The security guard looked puzzled for a second before he reached into the crowd, grabbed Niall threw him over his shoulder and started briskly walking down the escalators to the luggage belt with me and Zayn trailing behind.


We approached the belt where we waited for my luggage to come through. 2 minutes later, my purple suitcase came through, I leaned over and grabbed it and checked the luggage tag.


I smiled and walked up to Zayn.

"I've got my luggage, where's Niall?"

Zayn nodded and pointed out to the BMW.

"He's waiting in there with Harry, I suggest you get a move on girl."

I laughed and hugged him.

"Thanks for your help Zayn, your such a great Uncle; please promise me you won't tell anyone where I am.?"

He hugged me back and muffled a response.

"I promise Bronty, now I have to go. Perrie is waiting for me back home..We have wedding plans to do."

We said our goodbyes and took off our separate directions.


I made it outside the Airport where I saw Niall's BMW parked on the curb.

I ran over and knocked on the window.

I waited as the window wound down and I saw Niall's face appear out the window.

"Ello Bronty, come in."

I laughed and climbed into the car saying hello to the security guy and buckled my seat belt. 

"You ready for a relaxing time with your favorite Uncles?"

I laughed at Harry's sass and hugged him.

"I missed you guys."

They both hugged back 

"We've missed ya too Bronty."

I smiled.

"Please promise me that no one knows where I am?"

They both smiled and nodded.

"We Promise!"

They both roused.

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