Til Death Do Us Part

R.I.P Bronty Mae Tomlinson born 12-11-1997 - 24-12-2015

Bronty Tomlinson is dying, she has been told that she has until Christmas Eve next year until the cancer eats away her brain cells. Her family aren't the same since they were told. She's trying to live a normal life, but her school bullies aren't helping her out


3. Chapter 2

January 2nd 2014

Bronty's P.O.V

I awoke to someone shaking my shoulder. I shifted from my left side and rolled over until I was sitting up.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and opened my eyes, I sighed and noticed it was Mum.

I adjusted my eyes whilst looking at mum

"Yeah, what is it?"

I watched as mum sat next to me on my bed and pulled me into a hug.

"Honey, I asked the doctor that is observing your brain and its functions, that if you ever would be able to leave the hospital. He nodded but warned me; that if you ever feel queezy, dizzy, stressed or if your eyes go fuzzy to come straight back to the hospital."

I smiled at the thought.

"So does that mean I can leave right now? I'm so bored here."

She nodded and placed my bag on the bed.

"Here is some good clothes. I'm taking you out for lunch along with your father and your uncles. I'll be back in a minute, have to fill out the release forms."

I nodded and unhooked the drip from my hand and briskly walked into the bathroom.

I stripped down out of the hospital clothes and turned the shower on, done my business and hopped out. I grabbed my towel and dried myself down. 

I looked over at the mirror on the wall and noticed that my once hazelnut brown hair, was now all dull and glum, I looked so much like my mother more than my father that it's weird. I love them both and all, but I want to be that unique kind of person, if you get what I mean.


I looked away from the mirror and looked into the bag that my mother had bought in for me, I smiled and slipped on my undergarments. I grabbed my blue and black dress and slipped it on and then I slipped on bright blue vans. 

I grabbed my handbag that was inside my bag and took it out. I opened it and saw there was a note folded inside it.

I grabbed it and sat on the bench, unfolded it and started reading it.


Dear Bronty Mae Tomlinson,

I'm so sorry to hear about what your going through at the moment, I wish that I could be there to support you 100% of the way. I'll hopefully stop by after I finish tour with the guys. I miss seeing your beautiful face light up, I love and miss you so much. Don't stop fighting babygirl because soon you will be in my arms again.

I love you.

Austin xx



I smiled, me and Austin have been dating for 3 years. He is on tour with 5SOS I find it so cool, but i miss him so much.

I gloated and couldn't stop smiling. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the bathroom to see all the boys, mum and dad standing around my bed. I stopped in my tracks and looked around the room.

"Mum? Why is everyone here?"

She tore her concentration away from the boys and looked over at me.

"Well don't you look gorgeous. And they're here to come with us for lunch, they even have a surprise planned for you."

I nodded and walked over to my bed and looked up.

"So are we ready to go now?"

They all nodded and smiled.

"Lets go!!"

I laughed at dad and followed them out the door.


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