In the Beginning • Calum Hood

I opened my eyes which I hadn’t realised I’d closed.

As they fluttered open, they met the shining ones of Calum, seriously what was with me and his eyes. To be perfectly honest, they were the colour of dog shit, but they were truly the most beautiful dog shit coloured eyes I’d ever seen. His answering smile was just as impassioned as I imagined mine.

“That was…wow...”

When Anni's long term best friend, Luke, starts a band without her, she is shattered. It was always their dream, and now he was doing it without her? But what she didn't bargain for was the problems that would come with it. Will she fall for a new member? Or will a piece of her past come back and force its way back into her heart? Will this band drive a wedge between friendships?

*Strong language and adult themes*

*Updates more frequent on Wattpad*


3. Chapter One

Chapter 1
Annika POV

"Anni, I've started a band..."

Wait-what? A band? 
"How could you, Luke! This was our dream together, both of ours!"
"Look Anni, I'm sorry- I just-I-I-" I tell he was lost for words.

"You know what, Luke? This friendship is over!" I throw my phone across the room, it slamming into the far wall, and I begin to sob hysterically in my hands.

I don't understand how he could do this...Growing up it was always our dream to start up a band together, and now he has- without me.

I'm not saying I was musically gifted or anything, Luke was always the talented one of us both. He and I would muck around at home playing guitar, although now I think about it, he was a little bit more serious towards it than I was. And I guess it was always his dream, not mine. I was just tagging along for the ride..

Wiping the tears from my cheeks, I looked up into the mirror hanging on the opposite wall.

My sandy blonde hair was a mess- strands stuck to my face, and my once perfect braid now ruined. My mascara had run tear streaks down my face, and my light blue eyes, now red and bloodshot.

What the hell was I thinking, this was Luke's dream and he was now living it. I'm such an idiot, what have I done? I've got to fix this...


Luke POV

"Fuck!!" I let out a roar of frustration, I knew I shouldn't have told her over the phone! I began pacing across the room, my legs making the distance quickly.

Michael and Calum stared at me with confused and shocked expressions. Their guitars forgotten.

"Mate, what's going on?" Calum questioned hesitantly.
I let out another stream of swear words, that if my mother heard she would wash my mouth out with soap.
"Woah, dude, calm down, what the hell is going on?" Mikey's face was pulled into a slight pout.

I unclenched my hands, which had fisted in my hair. Letting out a final sigh, I plonked down into the couch which my family had put into the basement for band practice.
"You know that girl I told you about? Annika?"

"Yeah, the one you don't shut up about!" Calum piped in

"I forgot to ask, is she hot?" Mikey said, raising his eyebrows slightly.

"Don't even go there, Mikey. She's off limits- to both of you!" I warned, playing the older brother role.
It had always been this way, Anni the younger of the two; me playing overly protective sibling. Well someone had to? It's not like Anni's younger brother, Declan, could.

Mikey raised his hand in surrender, "Sorry, I won't go near her then!"

"Anyway- what happened?"

I couldn't help but let another sigh escape me. 
"Well, growing up it was always both of our dreams to be in a band, together. And now I am in a band without her, she is pissed at me. I don't want to lose her because she is my best friend and I can't possibly live without her an-and"
I felt myself beginning to ramble again. 
Calum came up to me and placed his hand on my shoulder comfortingly, and exclaimed

"You'll just need to talk to her dude, in sure once you explain to her that she'll forgive you!"

Mikey nodded his head in agreement. I shook my head. I'm pretty sure I just ruined my longest standing friendship with her...

"Let's get back to practice, boys" I muttered unenthusiastically.


Annika POV

"Luke, I know this means a lot- no that doesn't sound right. Luke, this I hard for me to say- no that sounds like I am breaking up with him... Argh, why is this so difficult!" I scream out in agitation, slamming my hands into the steering wheel of my car.

I was driving out to Luke's right now, unable to let myself stew over our fight overnight. Thank god he lived over 15 minutes away, giving me time to rehearse what I was going to say to him to apologise, but I couldn't get one to

"Fuck it, I'll just wing it." I muttered as I pulled into his driveway. All the lights were off, he must be asleep then...

I got out of my little Toyota Corolla and crunched my way up his gravel driveway, up the porch steps and towards the front door. Why did I feel like I was walking into a lions den?

Being such good family friends with the Hemmings, we had an emergency key to their house, this was definitely an emergency. Luke and I had never had a fight before.

I walked into the dark house, it was relatively quiet. And dark. God, I hated the dark, in the dark things could hide. Spiders, snakes, pedophiles. I let out a scared whine and raced towards the direction of the kitchen.

Half way down the hall I hit something, something hard, and warm. And it was breathing. Oh god, someone was in the house. My petrified scream pierced the silent air.

The thing in front of me also let out a deep yell. I scream out again.

The lights of the hallway blare, disorientated by the sudden light I looked for the person I ran into. I didn't look just straight forward for his face, I had to tilt my head up and up. Oh god, this guy was well over 6 foot. And had hard, olive toned skin. And was slightly muscled. Someone that could definitely overpower me.

When my eyes finally reached his face, I saw it was etched in confusion. I had seen his face before, the brown eyes and almost black hair seemed familiar but that didn't reduce my fear any less. I didn't hesitate to scream out the first name that came to my head,

A crash sounded and the sound of heavy footsteps came from below us and seconds later the door towards the end of hallway opened up, Luke and another guy I didn't recognise with massive fringe, ran out.

"Anni, oh my god, I thought someone was being murdered," Luke panted slightly, out of breath from running up the basement stairs.

"Wait- this is Annika?" Fringe boy asked, he too seemed familiar but I couldn't place a name to his face.

Luke ignored him, but I felt the guy behind me shift slightly, uncomfortable almost.

Luke looked at the guy behind me and raised an eyebrow,he turned back to me and said,

"Annika, what are you doing here?"



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