In the Beginning • Calum Hood

I opened my eyes which I hadn’t realised I’d closed.

As they fluttered open, they met the shining ones of Calum, seriously what was with me and his eyes. To be perfectly honest, they were the colour of dog shit, but they were truly the most beautiful dog shit coloured eyes I’d ever seen. His answering smile was just as impassioned as I imagined mine.

“That was…wow...”

When Anni's long term best friend, Luke, starts a band without her, she is shattered. It was always their dream, and now he was doing it without her? But what she didn't bargain for was the problems that would come with it. Will she fall for a new member? Or will a piece of her past come back and force its way back into her heart? Will this band drive a wedge between friendships?

*Strong language and adult themes*

*Updates more frequent on Wattpad*


1. A/N

Author's Note: Hi, this is a joint fanfiction story, about Calum Hood, written by Annie and Morgan :) This is our first fanfic so don't judge us, if we sometimes don't make sense. We are from Australia so please don't judge the differences in spelling, over here some spelling rules are different and we may use words you don't understand (aussie slang). This is our story please don't plagairise it. Any advertising of your own story in the comments will be deleted, but we would appreciate the feedback and any suggestions. Also if you could vote this story it would be amazeballs!! The prologue is to be uploaded any minute!! Annie + Morgan
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