Ask an Assassin

An off-shoot of Kyle J Durrant's idea. I kind of wanted to make a juvenile version of it, but if you want serious answers you should check out his movella.


1. Introduction

So, I was inspired by Kyle's Assassin's Creed Q&A movella to do this. He's very thorough is dealing with serious AC questions and that, but, to be honest, it doesn't really appeal to the wider community of people who (so, so, so, so sadly) don't play or even know about Assassin's Creed very much.


So I did the natural thing and made a juvenile version of Q&A.


Feel free to ask any question to any Assassin you like. It can be a serious question, or a completely random one, like 'Do you like cookies?' or 'Would you win against a blood-thirsty werewolf?' (ironically, Ezio would against the latter XD).


The List of Assassin Protagonists:

I'll stick to the main protagonists, but if you want to query a specific side character, that would fine to (like Yusuf. Everyone loves Yusuf):

- Altair ibn La-Ahad: 11th century Assassin at the time of the Third Crusade. Born to a Christian mother and Muslim father, part of the Syrian Brotherhood, originally led by Al-Mualim.

- Ezio Auditore da Firenze: Assassin born in the time of the Italian Renaissance, during the Borgia-Medici rivalry. Fairly aristocratic and good friends with renowned EVERYTHING Leonardo da Vinci. He is CLEARLY Ubisoft's favourite Assassin - as he has three major titles to himself: two based in Italy and one in Turkey during Ottoman reign, right before the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent.

- Connor Kenway (Ratohnhake:ton): Yes, I did just spell that out by myself XD Born to a Native American mother and a British father, during British colonial rule of America and has a hand in sparking the American Revolution.

- Aveline de Grandpre: born to a freed slave and a French father, she manages a wealthy business and is the first playable female Assassin in the franchise. I'm just saying, but her game was the most confusing of the lot. Her time-line coincides with Connor's.

- Edward Kenway: Connor's grandfather. British father, Welsh mother - SWASHBUCKLING PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN of the 18th century, and friends with reknowned pirates, Ed Thatch/Blackbeard, Ben Hornigold/Traitor, Mary Read/Girl Pirate, Anne Bonny/Other Girl Pirate, Charles Vane/Psychopath, and Calico Jack Rackham/Loveable Drunkard. (Yeah, you can tell he's a favourite of mine XD)

- Adewale: Originally Edward Kenway's quarter-master, Adewale is a resourceful man who ran away from a plantation in his teenage years and found a life as a pirate. Soon, though, he decided he wanted to live for a more noble purpose and joined the Assassins - helping to light the road to freedom from racist slavery. He only has a playable DLC, but I personally loved it.  

- Desmond Miles: Modern-day Assassin, kidnapped by Abstergo after running away from his parents and turning into a bartender. Eventually relinquished by the Assassins and is able to access and use the infamous Pieces of Eden. Nobody really liked him until he sacrificed himself to-- Not spoiling it.

Side-Kick Assassins:

- Malik Al-Sayf: Altair's (figuratively speaking) right-hand man. Initially, Malik lost an arm at Altair's expense, but eventually allows bygones to be bygones as Altair changes through the course of his story.

- Maria nee Thorpe: Altair's wife, who actually used to be a Templar knight.

- Darim ibn LaAhad: Altair's older son. After the fall of Masyaf, little is known about his life.
- Leonardo da Vinci: If you haven't heard this man's name, you've been living under a HUGE rock. He's most known for his paintings, but was also a very skilled inventor, architect, biologist, botanist-- he was good at everything, basically. Technically, he's not an Assassin (history speculates that he actually might have been a Templar) but he closely associated with Ezio and helped him find a Piece of Eden and helped to reconstruct the Hidden Blades.

- Niccolo Machiavelli: One of my favourites. He was a very cunning politician, a little cynical about the nature of man and a close advisor to Ezio. He is largely associated with Cesare Borgia, on whom he based his book 'The Prince'.

- Bartolomeo di Alviano: He's a mercenary. He's awesome. Has a big ass sword he calls Bianca. Enough said.

- Mario Auditore: Another mercenary and Ezio's uncle.

- Claudia Auditore: Ezio's younger sister. She is eventually consecrated as an Assassin after she proves her capability in cunning and defending herself.

- Il Volpe: A master thief. He's one of the more mysterious characters in Ezio's life.

- Sofia Sartor:  A Venetian bookshop owner in Constantinople/Istanbul who helps Ezio find the Masyaf keys. She eventually marries Ezio and they have two children.

- Caterina Sforza: Countess of Forli. In the beginning she struck me as a crazy warrior mum, loud-mouthed and brash, but my opinions changed later on... She's evil for what she did to Ezio. I won't go into it too much (because I won't be able to stop).

- Yusuf Tazim: The most lovable character thus far. Everything you'd want in an annoying, resourceful side-kick - Yusuf had. I don't think there's a single fan out there that can honestly say they hated Yusuf.

- George Washington: I'm just going to be biased here. He led the American Revolution to an extent, but that's all I'm going to say about it. Oh and that Haytham was probably right.
(This is why I need co-authors. Kyle, Hawk - that's you guys).

- Kanen'tó:kon: Connor's childhood friend who gives Connor updates about his village while he resides in the Davenport Homestead.

- Ziio: Connor's mother (and I personally think was the luckiest girl in the world). Extremely strong female figure. Wins the award for most tragic death, I think.  

- Samuel Adams: I'm not even going to-- He annoyed me so much. I'm sorry. Somebody else fill this blank. And Paul Revere, if you want.

- Achilles Davenport: I loved Achilles. He was the crooked old man I'm always waiting for in a story. “GET THE HELL OFF OF MY LAND” - that's never going to get old. He's an Assassin mentor and one of the last remaining Assassins at the time. Templar hold on America strengthens because of this, until Connor comes and asks to be trained by him. Achilles reluctantly agrees.

- James Kidd/Mary Read: One of the two historically-recorded female pirates. She's the one that introduces Edward Kenway to the Assassin Order (which he claims is just a “daffy religion” at the time).

- Anne Bonny: The second recorded female pirate. She was eventually betrothed to Calico Jack, but after being imprisoned for piracy and then escaping - her life becomes a mystery. Ubisoft uses this to recruit her as Edward's second quarter-master. She decides not to join the Assassins at the end though.

- Edward Thatch (Blackbeard): The most awesome character in Black Flag. I don't need to elaborate on that fact. Not opinion, fact.

- Benjamin Hornigold: He used to be a close friend of Edward's. It's a shame how things turned out. I quite liked Ben, such that I didn't really know where to categorise him. But anyway, he built up the Pirate Republic of Nassau until it was recaptured by the British in two years' time.

- Charles Vane: A complete psychopath. He might have the looks, but that guy is cruel.

- Jack Rackham: Loveable drunk. Incompetent as a captain and a bit too carefree - he's still one of the most well-known amongst pirates. One, for his Jolly Roger flag and second because he had both aforementioned women pirates as part of his crew.

- Ah Tabai: The Assassin Mentor in the Caribbean, 18th Century. I honestly don't know what else to write here.

- William 'Bill' Miles: Desmond's father. He's my favourite modern Assassin, I think, and not just because at one point he punches Desmond.

- Shaun Hastings: A historian who's sometimes too smart for his own good. He can be cynical and pessimistic. And also mean, to Rebecca almost exclusively.

- Rebecca Crane: The tech geek. She's the complete opposite of Shaun, usually up-beat and optimistic. She also has a childish streak which makes her more likeable and is often patient with Shaun.

Notable Templars:

- Robert de Sable: ...I actually don't remember much about Robert de Sable, except that he was a Templar Grand-Master in the 11th century and was bald...

- Al Mualim: Mentor of the Assassin Order and the lord of all plot-twists.

- Rodrigo Borgia: Referred to as the Spaniard throughout most of Ezio's first game, he's wily and cunning. He eventually secures the papacy for himself, being re-christened as Pope Alexander (I'm not sure of the Roman numeral).

- Cesare Borgia: Rodrigo's son, also known as the Black Prince. He fought and led a lot of papal wars during the Renaissance. I think he was the first hot Templar that Ubisoft introduced... Anyway.

- Lucrezia Borgia: Not a fan. Cesare's sister had to be the most annoying Templar thus far, although she did eventually help Ezio to get back at her brother. My Last Duchess by Robert Browning is apparently based on her. Not surprised.

- Ahmet: Son of Sultan Bayezid, brother of Sultan Selim and uncle of Sultan Suleiman. It's a little sad that Ahmet never got to be a sultan himself. He was an heir to the Ottoman sultanate, but he lacked the leadership to move the royal guards (or Janisaries). I think he was one of the Templar leaders that I started agreeing with, prior to Haytham who I agreed with almost completely.

- Haytham Kenway: Connor's father, Edward's son - and undeniably the most interesting Assassin's Creed protagonist thus far XD. DIBS, by the way.

- Charles Lee: He was kind of annoying, but he has a manner that you have to get used to. He got a bit big-headed after he entered the Templar fold. Haytham taught him well in some respects, but modesty and humility must have been the lessons he never attended.

- Thomas Hickey: Had to include him. Another loveable drunk and has a Cockney accent that sounds good on him (which by the way is quite a feat). Up until Thomas, I was under the impression that Templars were exclusively elitist. Anyway, Thomas attempts on George Washington's life and gets done for circulating bad bills or counterfeit money.

- Governor Torres: Absolutely despised him. I have nothing more to say on the matter.

- Captain/Governor Wooded Rogers: Typical upper-class British guy. He was a privateer (in other words, a legalised pirate) before he decided to hunt pirates on behalf of the Crown.

- Captain Julien du Casse: French Captain who doubles as an arms dealer or smuggler. He reminds me vividly of Puss in Boots.

- Dr Warren Vidic: Head of the Animus Project. Up until Assassin's Creed 3, he was the main modern-day villain. He has a grim sense of humour and a measure of cynicism. He tries to explain Templar doctrine to Desmond, but more for the sake of it than to actually try to convert him. Despite his behaviour towards Desmond, it's clear he acts far more cordially with his Templar associates, like Lucy Stillman and Daniel Cross.

- Laetitia England: I barely know anything about her, but I've already decided I don't like her. She runs the Abstergo/Templar compound in Philadelphia.

- Lucy Stillman: She can only be described as a triple agent. Al Mualim might be the lord of all plot-twists, but Lucy is the lady of all plot-twists. Which is tragic, since she and Desmond actually seemed to connect. It was sad.

- Daniel Cross: Also known as Subject 4. Most interesting modern-day character ever. It will be difficult to try and beat Daniel in that level of intrigue. It's too bad that he dies, but it kind of had to happen. Desmond being THE Assassin and Daniel being THE Templar.


- Clay Kaczmarek: I hope I spelt his name right... Also known as Subject 16, we meet him as a, a consciousness imprinted into the Black Room of the Animus. Super-interesting, because Desmond was talking to him a few years after his real-self committed suicide. And at the end of Revelations... After Clay asked Desmond whether he could 'come with him'... Just so sad.

- Juno: She is the boss. Good God, she has everyone wrapped around her finger. Anyway, she was part of the First Civilisation, a precursor race that existed before humans who apparently created us as their machines. She wants to revert us back to that state of slavery and the Assassins fight against that. She's currently on the loose, though, after December 21, 2012.

- Minerva: Another 1st Civ. being. She warns Desmond across the ages about the end of the world and about Juno.

- Aita/John/Bartholomew Roberts/The Sage: I can't go without mentioning him (mainly because I don't know how to stop now that I've started). He's a... different character as far as Assassin's Creed characters go. Um... He originally was part of the 1st Civ. (Juno's husband) but he participated in one of her experiments that changed him into a human. Ever since, he reincarnates as a human with all his past memories. Though his apparel changes, his facial structure and features remain the same. He's really mean, but in a way you would find funny if he wasn't being mean to you.

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