It just Happens

I'm Ashley Purdys younger sister by 1 year I'm Stacey Purdy just like my big brother Ashley I play the guitar just like him its the bass I'm in a band too the name of my band is Blood Veil brides we are Black Veil Brides sister band


4. the fun starts

Stacey pov


its been a week since that call saying we get to go on warped and a week since the argument with Ashley and I'm still pissed at him I know he loves me and wants to protect me, but all this started since mum and dad got kill by some guy at random I was with them and at the time I was only 7 years old but that's in the past, the girls and i are now getting on the bus me running to the bunks and picking the best 1 were sharing with BVB tanks to my brother but when i get to the venue I'm looking for Vic's bus and moving in the PVT bus to get away from Ashley and the guys don't get me wrong I love them and all but they can be very annoying.


Vic's pov

so last night I told Stacey I'll be at warped all summer with her and shes moving in the bus with the guys and I and they cant wait it's been forever since they last saw her they love her but not as much as I love her she's my everything but her brother Ashley will probably have the talk that her father would of given me if he was still alive, the whole "you hurt her I hurt you whatever you do her I do to you" talk and since it's coming from all of BVB I'm shitting myself they are very scary and over protective but they are all good guys it's just that talk I'm shitting about


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