It just Happens

I'm Ashley Purdys younger sister by 1 year I'm Stacey Purdy just like my big brother Ashley I play the guitar just like him its the bass I'm in a band too the name of my band is Blood Veil brides we are Black Veil Brides sister band


3. so the packing starts

Stacey pov

after yelling at my dearest brother the girls and I go to the garage to get our suitcases and I spot mine and get it down then go to my room with it and open my pants draw and I see nothing but skinniy geans so I get all of them and I look at my tops and get all my band tee's and band jumpers and I get my other things like my hair straterner, make-up, brush, shampoo and conditioner and then I get my bandannas and some of my bands merch so for the next few days I'm wearing what the avridge person would wear sigh *sad face* and I grabe a few pairs of shoes and socks and sockett's then zip my suitcase relizing I grabed my KISS one yess  





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