The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh

Something ancient and evil is awakening under the sands of Egypt


5. Chapter 4

The Doctor crashed into Professor Havensworth and they both tripped over a chair. The Doctor was flung away from the professor. He spared a split second to cast a quick, anxious glance in Donna's direction. She was sprawled out, motionless, on top of Ahmed. He wasn't moving, either.

"Donna?" The Doctor called out to her. "Donna, can you hear me? Are you alright?"

There was no answer. The Doctor's hearts raced with fear. He couldn't tell from where he lay on the floor, whether she was breathing or not.

Meanwhile, the professor had regained his feet. And, he'd managed to recover his fallen gun. The Doctor started to get up, as well. He found that Havensworth was standing over him. He was pointing his revolver on the Doctor's head. The Doctor cautiously stayed where he was. Yet, his eyes never left Donna's prone figure.

"Don't move, Doctor. I like you and I don't want to shoot you. However, I will do just that. If you leave me no choice." A pale faced professor said. His finger was pressed against the trigger, his hand trembling slightly.

"Professor, let me see to Donna. She may be hurt. She's innocent. She has nothing to do with this, and you know it." The Doctor said tightly, in the low, calm voice he always used when dealing with mad men.

"I'm sorry, but I must ask you to remain where you are. It is a sad fact of these troubled times, I'm afraid. Sometimes innocents have to die, in order to preserve the British Empire and our homeland. I've a terrible premonition, Doctor. I believe that the day is soon approaching when our nation shall be in dire need of Re's amulet. Oh yes, I believe it does indeed exist. It can keep us free from Fascist tyranny, and save us from yet another terrible war. And if that means ending a few inconsequential lives, then so be it."

"Oh yeah? And who died and left you in charge of the world, professor dolally?" Piped up an indignant Donna, all of the sudden. "'Inconsequential' my ar-"

"...are you going to get off of me now, miss?" Ahmed politely asked her.

"Oh. Sorry."

Donna rolled herself off of Ahmed, and they slowly got up from the floor. Both were warily eyeing Havensworth and his pistol.

"There ya' go! Now that's the Donna I know—am really very fond of." Beamed the Doctor, hugely relieved that she was apparently unharmed. "Are you alright?" He asked kindly.

"Yeah, thanks. What's a few bruises between friends? Eh, Ahmed?" She smiled at the Doctor, then at the young man, before turning a flinty gaze on Havensworth. "As for you. I've a good mind to take that gun away from you and shove it right up your..."

"Professor, please! Ahmed suddenly pleaded. "Do not hurt the lady and gentleman because of me."

"Then step aside so I can shoot you properly, you wretched cur." The professor snarled, extending his gun arm out towards Ahmed. "I've spent half my life searching for Pharaoh's tomb. Over twenty year's work went into that dig, you idiot. And in one afternoon, you've nearly ruined everything. Tell me why I shouldn't shoot you right now?"

"Because you'll have to shoot me, first." Donna defiantly stepped in front of Ahmed. "Tell you what?" She added sarcastically, "I'll even make it easier for you. I'll turn my back."

"If you think I won't shoot you too, Miss Noble..."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." The Doctor said. As he spoke, a coffee cup suddenly flew through the air.

The small cup smashed hard into the back of the professor's gun hand, the porcelain instantly breaking into shards as it landed on the floor. The professor cried out in surprise. He automatically clutched his sore hand, dropping the gun. A quick thinking Donna swiftly scooped it up, flinging the pistol over the edge of the roof.

The Doctor swiftly got up from the floor and strode over to her, clearly upset with the close call she almost had.

"You know Donna, sometimes think I like you better as a nag, than a martyr." A cross Doctor told her. "Nine hundred and six, and not a single gray hair. But if you keep doing things like that, I'm gonna' look like a grandfather again." Then, he grinned down at Donna proudly. Winking at her, his hand gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. "You did good, though."

"Learned from the best, didn't I?." She said, smiling back at him and giving him a friendly nudge with her elbow. Abruptly, she frowned. "A nag?"

"Well..." The Doctor left it hanging there. He gave a shrug, rubbing his face with his hand and wondering why he couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut, sometimes.

"Ahmed." The Doctor said. "Is there somewhere we can go and talk?"

"My mother's home is just down the street, sir." He said. "You and your lady friend will be most welcome there." Ahmed turned to Donna. He bowed to her. "I cannot thank you enough, miss. You are very brave. You've saved my life twice in one night. If there is anything I might do for you, you only have to ask."

"Just you be careful." Donna said. "Maybe you should stay away from professor dingbat from now on, yeah?"

"Donna, go with Ahmed. Find out what you can about this amulet thing."

"What are you gonna' do, Doctor?" Donna asked. Though she reckoned she already knew the answer.

"I think I should take a closer look at that tomb. What do you say, professor? I know it's late, but what about a little field trip? I'll even spring for the packed lunch."

There was no answer. The three of them turned around, only to find that Professor Havensworth had gone.

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