The Mist

A huge explosion in the city causes toxic to spread across the out skirts of the city. Can Sam, George and John find there way home and survive the mist?


1. Explosion

~~Bang! Part of the city blew up. Screams of terror presently heard. His friends George and John jumped after it exploded.  But Sam was not worried. Sam, George and John walked over to see the explosion. A huge fire burns out the city and animals and people flee for their lives. Out of nowhere, terror screams echoes across the city. Sam left John and George to see where the scream came from. Sirens scream filling the air with panic. Sam nervously flicked his blond hair out of his eyes and discovered a lifeless woman lying face up staring at him. John and George come running. “We should go home!” Sam said in terror.
“No we will miss all the action!” John yelled.
“I agree!” George exclaimed.
“Two votes to one Sam.” John pointed out.   
“Fine we will stay.” Sam gave up.
“Hey Sam we’re going home now.” John whispered.
Sam, John and George walked home.   Bodies dropped down and one body dropped down on John by people walking on the sidewalk dropped.
“Ew a body dropped on me!” John yelled
“Don’t be so immature John.” Sam growled.
Sam who was short was the slowest was trying to catch up to John and George who was the tallest.
“Wait! George and john!” Sam yelled
On the news when Sam, George and John got home, police had discovered toxic chemical in the particles and mist. “Close, seal your windows and doors. Stay indoors.” The news reporter warned.
“Oh no!” Sam panicked
Sam went to get some tape and plastic to seal up the house. During that George and John look out the window and see people panicking.
“John and George come and help me!” Sam yelled
“Why!” George whined.
“Well if you want to die go ahead.” Sam yelled.
“Fine I will help.” George yelled.
Sam, John and George sealed the house by using tape to all the windows, the front door and back door with plastic over it. While they were sealing the house the people were trying to break through the plastic. So Sam decides to lock the door so the plastic doesn’t get ripped open. After an hour of hard work they finish but after Sam checks if it is sealed properly. The plastic was properly sealed.
Sam, George and John were sitting at the television for the afternoon. Later Sam looks for something to eat and there was nothing there. Nothing. George and John come into the kitchen,

“I’m hungry, is there anything to eat?” John asked.
“There is nothing anywhere.” Sam replied
“How is there nothing when I bought some food yesterday” John asked
“You didn’t buy enough John.” Sam stated.
“We’re all going to die with no food!” John panicked
“We will die eventually.” Sam Replied.
“Then what are we going to have for dinner?” John asked.
“Nothing now.” Sam answered
John and Sam walked out of the kitchen starving.
“Sam, do we have any food?” George asked
“There is nothing anywhere” Sam answered
John, Sam and George continued to watch television. The three of them just laid there quietly until nightfall. Sam decided to go to bed early because he was tired from all the work. John and George stayed up late watch television. In the morning Sam woke up early and saw John and George sleeping still sleeping.
Sam went to watch television. When the two others got up they watched it for the day until they decided to go to bed. While they were sleeping the wind was strong and blew the particles out of the city while they were fast asleep. When they woke up Sam went to the window and say the particles were gone he flicked on the news channel. The reporter said it was safe to go outside. The three boys Sam, George and John were relieved from thinking that they were going to die.





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