Why Me


1. her

Her skin was white as snow her skin always glows

I ran as fast as I could from him. He has been hurting me for 3 years now I am 13 years old and I have dark brown eyes and brown skin I'm am 5,00 in height. This time I think I might escape from him. I ran from him as fast as I could. Then I found a alley. I bet you are thinking why on earth are you going to a alley you could get hurt but I really don't care anyways I stayed there till it was dawn then I was looking behind me then in ran into Jacob Jacob Matthews ha he said I told you you could never out run me beautiful. I was so scared then he put a cloth on me then I past out.

I then woke up on a bed my bed finally you woke up he said what the heck do you want Jacob i spat at him

Jacob's POV

What do you want Jacob she spat at me first call me master. From her face I could tell she thought I was kidding but I wasn't

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