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1. 1 ~ Utterly and Hopelessly in Love

My breath is stolen from my lungs when he walks onto the stage. The sights and sounds of the world fade around him as I gaze into his dark grey eyes. His eyes met with mine for but a moment, but it was long enough for me to fall in love. Butterflies flutter in my stomach and I feel numb.

"Effie, darling, are you alright?" My mother asks, looking a little concerned. Father sits on the other side of her, his eyes fixed on the men on stage.

It takes me a moment to realize that I was twirling my long, golden hair. "Oh....yes, I'm fine mother." I disentangle my finger from my hair and straighten it back. I keep my eyes on the blond boy from District Twelve, Haymitch Abernathy.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see my mother giving me an odd look, I know she thinks I have a crush on him. But I don't have a crush on him. I am utterly and hopelessly in love with him. I listen intently as he talks and my heart nearly skips a beat when he says some of the Capitol girls are cute. He winks at me, I giggle sheepishly and feel a blush grow across my freckled cheeks. Throughout the interview he constantly looks directly at me and smiles in the cutest way.

Caesar announces that all the interviews are over and reminds us to watch the upcoming Games. I excuse myself from my family and go to the booths in the hallway. I buy a poster with Haymitch and examine it closely, he has a serious look in his eyes but a small smirk across his lips.

"Want it signed, sweetheart?" The voice startles me and I accidentally drop the poster as I turn to see who scared me ever so rudely. I let out a small gasp when I see him, Haymitch, staring at me with a small smirk on his face. He picks up the poster and raises. "Yes or no, Princess? I gotta leave soon."

My cheeks flush with embarrassment and I nod quickly. "Yes, please."

He chuckles and grabs a few pens from the booth, he lays the poster down and signs it. He hands it back to me and smiles. "See ya around, sweetheart." I watch him walk away and get swallowed by the crowd.

I look down at the poster to see what he wrote. "May the odds be ever in your favor. With love, Haymitch Abernathy." My heart flutters when it reads 'love' and skips a beat when I realize he wrote it in gold rather than the silver that the rest of it is in. I walk back to my mother and father, my father drives us home.

"We have been invited to have dinner with the tributes." Mother says when we step inside. This isn't surprising, my father is the Head Gamemaker and is often asked to come to dinner with the tributes. "We will be dining with the tributes of District Twelve."

This takes me by surprise, we've never been asked to dine with District Twelve before. "W-W-What?" I stammer with my mouth half open.

"Euphemia Trinket, stand up straight, speak clearly, close your mouth!" My mother chastises.

I quickly straighten my back and close my mouth. "I apologize..." I say quietly. I walk to my room with my poster tight in my hands. I sigh set down the poster, this is the only place I can really be myself. I plop down on my bed and lay my head against the wall.

I stare at he poster by my feet for a while until I realize that I have to change, he can't see me in the same outfit. I hop up and rush over to my closet, I throw the doors open and walk inside. I walk through my closet and scan every last bit of clothing that I have. I have nothing that I want to wear. I look through all my clothing for what seems to be about 10 minutes until I narrow it down to two dresses. The first is a blue silk gown that goes down to my ankles and has black lace around the bottom, neck, and sleeves. The second is a pink dress that falls a little past my knees and has decorative white flowers and a white sash. I stand in front of my mirror and hold each dress up to me before I decide on the pink dress, the blue one is a little too formal. I wouldn't want to look like I'm trying too hard to impress him. I change into the dress and head to my bathroom.

I run my fingers along many lipsticks until I find a light pink that won't be too noticeable, I find the matching eye shadow and false eyelashes. I apply the lipstick, lightly brush on the blush, and apply the eye shadow and glue on the false lashes. I glance at my nails and notice the paint is chipped off in some places, that certainly won't do. I take off all the nail polish and apply a white nail polish, I place my hands on the pole that's supposed to be used for drying you off after a shower, the polish dries instantly. I brush my hair and grab a rubber band, I put it up. What if he doesn't like it up? I take it down. He's never seen it up though, I put it back up. But it's a little chilly outside, I take it back down. But I do have those new earrings that I adore, I put it back up.

"Effie, get a hold of yourself, breathe, calm down. Put it down, leave it there." I say quietly to myself. I smile and take my hair down, I look at myself in the mirror and make sure I'm happy with my looks. I nod and walk back into my closet. I grab my white heels and slip them on. I pin my new poster on the wall and stare at it, taking in every last bit of him until there's a knock on my door. "Yes?" I say in my most formal voice.

"It's time to go, Effie." My father says while opening my door. I follow him out to the car, alongside my mother.

We get into my father's car and fasten our seatbelts. We drive in silence, I think what I might say and how I might act. Should I be Miss Proper like my mother always expects me to be or laid back like Haymitch? What if doesn't like me? Oh, I'd go mad. What if he thinks I'm ugly? Oh, I'd have a few not so nice words to say. The sudden stop of the car pulls me from my thoughts.

"We're here." Mother announces.

My father quickly gets out and opens the car doors for myself and my mother, we step and he closes the doors behind us. Father wraps an arm around me and whispers. "Try not to drool all over his food, kiddo." I know he's talking about the food but my cheeks still flush with embarrassment.

We walk inside the tall building and get in the open elevator, I press the button labeled '12' before my father can. There's the small hum of the contraption as it lifts us to the top floor. My palms begin to sweat and my heart starts racing when the elevator doors open.

I can't help but smile when the tributes walk up to us and Haymitch takes my hand. "Hello, I'm Haymitch Abernathy and I'll be showing you to the dining room." He smiles and guides me to the large dining room table.

He pulls out a chair for me and I sit down with as much elegance as I possibly can. He sits down next to me as my mother and father are shown into the room. Maysilee comes in with my father and Whytt, the other male tribute, comes in with my mother. The last female tribute, whose name slips my mind at the moment, follows closely behind them. They all take a seat and begin talking about strategies for the Games, all but Haymitch and I. We sit quietly, eating and glancing at one other a few times. After we finish Haymitch takes me to the rooftop.

"I like to come up here to think." He says walking over to the railing and looking out at the dazzling lights. "And there's apples." He picks an apple from a nearby tree and tosses it to me.

I catch it and take a bite. The juicy fruit tingles my taste buds and tastes sweet. "They're delicious!" I say happily. I take another bite and stand next to him.

He laughs and links his arm with mine. "Y'know...I still don't know your name." He looks down at me and smiles.

"Effie, Effie Trinket." I say sounding almost too proper.

He nods and looks out over the ledge. "I'll have to remember that."

I set down the apple and lay my head on his muscular arm. The view is amazing, the twinkling lights of the city on the black background of the night sky. I don't want to leave, I don't want this to ever end. I close my eyes and feel his hand rest on top of mine. He twirls a few strands of my hair between his fingers and I can't help but thank the fact that I left it down. He stops playing with my hair and puts a finger under my chin and lifts my head so I'm looking up at him. He presses his lips against mine, everything goes black and I feel myself hit the ground.

I wake up in the car and sit up, I hear a small crinkling as I do so, like paper. I reach into the pocket of my dress and find a small note, I unfold it.

"I thought you should know I had a wonderful evening with you. I hope I get to see you again.

With love, H "

My temple starts throbbing, I rub my forehead only to find a small lump. Did I hit my head? My mother looks back at me and smiles.

"Look who's up. Are you all right, dear? Haymitch said you fainted." She says with a worried expression on her face.

"I-I'm fine, mother." I reassure her.

What happened? All I remember is standing on the rooftop with Haymitch and resting my head on his arm, then....I fainted I think. Wait, no, something happened before then, something that made me faint. The car stops and we all walk inside, I grab an ice pack and quickly go upstairs to my room. After I change into my pajamas I lay down on my bed and hold the ice pack to my head.

He kissed me. That's what he did, he kissed me and I fainted right in front of him! I quickly sit up. How could I do something so stupid? I FAINTED in front of the cutest boy in Panem! I try to contain my anger against myself and grab my diary.

"Hello again,

So we had dinner with the tributes, I sat next to Haymitch. All went well. We ate, we went to the rooftop, he gave me an apple, he played with my hair, and what was the last part? Um...oh yes, he kissed me! He kissed me! On the lips! Then I passed out and made an absolute fool of myself. There's no way I can face him again but I know I'll never forget him. I hope he never forgets me.

Ta for now."

I put my journal away and sit back down on my bed. The knock on my door makes me jump. I sigh and answer my door. My father walks in my room and sits on the edge of my bed, I sit next to him and hold the ice pack to my head.

"Eff honey, are you alright? You got up here pretty fast." He asks looking slightly concerned.

I rest my head against his shoulder. "I fainted in front of the cutest boy in Panem, it's terrible. I don't even know how long I was unconscious for. What happened, exactly?"

"Well Haymitch came back downstairs carrying you, he said the two of you were talking and you passed out. He brought you to the car and watch you while the rest of us talked. After that he said he had a wonderful night and hopes you feel better soon. He said he'd appreciate a letter that notes your well being."

"Alright..." I say quietly as he leaves.

Haymitch is concerned about me? I need to see him again before he goes into the arena tomorrow. It's already 9pm, I'll have to catch him before he gets on the hovercraft tomorrow morning. Maybe I can sneak into the training center. I set my alarm for 6am and quickly turn out my lights. I hop into bed and try to stop my thoughts from keeping me awake.

Haymitch is in the arena, he's being chased my a career. I try running to him but I can't seem to get any closer. He's hurt but still continues to fight, he keeps running but isn't fast enough. The career catches up to him and plunges his knife into Haymitch's chest. I fall to my knees as the career flees the area. I look into his dark grey eyes as the cannon sounds.

-Next Morning-

I wake with tears streaming down my cheeks and I can't stop my body from trembling. My alarm starts beeping, signaling it's time for me to get up anyways. I have to face the facts, my nightmare could be true. Haymitch is going into the arena and he may not come back out alive, I have to see him one last time. I wipe the tears off my face and pull myself out of bed. I put on my light pink floral shirt and my green skirt that falls just above my knees. I go to my mirror and notice the bump on my forehead is nearly gone. I put my hair up in a bun and pin my bangs to the side with a green flower that matches my skirt.

I slowly sneak out of my room and downstairs, I do this quietly since my parents are still asleep. I rush to the sidewalk and catch a taxi. "To the training center, please."

He nods and pulls away from the sidewalk. I watch as we pass all the stores and people alone the way. I hadn't realized that the celebration for the Games is still taking place. We pull up the training center and I thank the taxi driver after handing him the money I owe. I get out of the taxi only to find hundreds of people swarmed in front of the building I hopes to catch a glimpse of the tributes before they board the hovercraft.

Isn't that what I'm here to do? See a tribute before he gets on the hovercraft? But I'm here for a different reason, all these people are just hoping to see a small glimpse of a tribute. I'm here to see him, all of him, I want to talk to him, the physically be standing in front of him. I quickly walk around the back of the building to where the hovercrafts are waiting, many Peacekeepers guard each one. District 2 is already being showed onto the hovercraft, I still have a little time, but not much. I sneak into the door just as District 3 is walking out, one of the boys is about to yell out to the Peacekeepers.

I put my hand over his mouth. "Don't say anything or I will purposely see you die." It's a little harsh but it shuts him up.

I into the building and down the narrow hall, the numbers on the doors go up from 1 to 12, one for each District. I open the door numbered 12 and go inside, there are four more doors, one for each tribute. All the doors have a tributes name on it, I go to Haymitch's door and knock quietly, there's no answer. I knock a little louder.

Haymitch throws open the door. "Go the hell away!" He screams at me.

I take a few steps back, in utter shock, I take in a shaky breath. "Well, I'm sorry I bothered you." I turn on my heels and start to walk away, but he grabs my arm and pulls me into the room.

"I'm sorry, don't leave." He closes the door behind him. "Don't ever leave."

I feel a blush spread across my cheeks as I nod and smile sheepishly. I sit on the couch and cross my legs. He sits in a large chair across from me and picks up a glass from the table beside him.

"So what brings you here, Miss Trinket?" He asks with a smug grin.

I sit up a little straighter. "Well," I start but he quickly cuts me off.

"Effs, it's just me, you can be a little less proper if you'd like, no one is going to judge you for it." He slouches in his chair to make a point.

I loosen up a little and nod. "Okay, well, I was just going to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to faint in front of you." I shake my head. "And um...thank you for the kiss and why did you kiss me?" I ask, talking quickly.

He chuckles. "It's no problem, I didn't think you fainting was anything of your fault. And you're welcome for the kiss." He smiles and takes a sip from a tall, thin stained glass. It's either a relaxer or liquor, probably both. It looks bubbly like a relaxer but he looks a little drunk. "And I don't exactly know why I kissed you...just felt right, I guess."

A loud knock on the door makes me jump in my seat, I cover my mouth to hold back a small scream. Haymitch smiles at me then looks towards the door.

"Abernathy, ten minutes!" A Peacekeeper shouts through the door.

"Fifteen!" He shouts back.

"Haymitch." The man groans.

"Would you like to take my place and die? No, didn't think so." He says smirking to himself.

"Fifteen, but that's it!"

"Yes sir, Mr. Smiley." Haymitch says in a mocking tone. He gets up and refills his drink before sitting next to me.

" have to fight. Keep yourself alive, you have to win, no matter what. I-If not for you, then for me, your family, someone. Please, I have a plan, I can get you a lot of sponsors. have to trust me. Okay?" I nod quickly.

He looks at me worriedly. "Okay." He leans toward me and kisses my lips softly. I have to force myself not to pass out on him. He pulls back. "Just in case." He whispers in my ear before pulling me into a tight embrace.

"H-Haym-mitch." I manage to say before bursting into tears. Sobs choke me and leap from my throat.

"Shhh hey now, don't cry sweetheart." He says sweetly. My heart melts at the pet name. He wipes the tears off of my cheeks and kisses me softly. He nuzzles his head under my chin and kisses my neck lightly, I giggle quietly. "It'll be okay, sweetheart."

I nod slowly. "Just promise you'll come home." I whisper, blinking back tears.

He holds me in his arms. "Of course."

When the fifteen minutes comes to an end a large man barges in and grabs Haymitch by the forearm. He yanks his arm free and kisses me one last time. "I'll be back." I desperately want to believe him but his face and tone of his voice tell me I'm wrong.

"C'mon Abernathy, move it." The Peacekeeper growls as he grabs Haymitch's arm again. He pulls Haymitch out the door, down the hall, and into a crowd of flashing lights and screaming people.

I follow him out and get swallowed by the crowd. I push past people to get to the front of the people. I fight my way to follow Haymitch as best as I can. He forced onto the hovercraft and into one of the seats. I run to the side where there's a large, circular window. He looks out the window and spots me, he doesn't blow a kiss, wave, or even smile.

A Peacekeeper grabs me by the arm and pulls me towards the street. "You weren't authorized to privately visit Mr. Abernathy."

My heart skips a beat and try to keep up with his fast pace. "I was just saying goodbye..."

He hails me a taxi and opens the door for me, I step in and drop my head low. "Take her home." He says to the taxi driver. He closes the door and sends me on my way. After a short ride in the taxi I arrive back at my house, I pay the driver and step out. I climb the short tree outside of my house, onto the roof, and slip inside through the window. I slide the window shut.

"Have fun with Haymitch?" Father asks softly yet it scares the daylights out of me.

I talk quickly. "What? No, no....I mean, yes but that's not-" He gives me a certain look that I know means I should stop talking.

"I read your diary."

"You WHAT?!" I shout.

"I know you were just going to help him out." He smiles slightly.

I nod quickly. "That's all I wanted to do. He doesn't deserve to die, not like this, not while I'm alive."

Father kisses my forehead. "Okay, Princess." He smiles and walks out of my room and in the direction of his room.

I close my door behind him, lean back against it, and sink down to the ground. Haymitch will be in the arena soon. He'll be in there with 47 other tributes, all wanting to win. I can't seem to decide whether to watch the Games and cheer him on or wait it out and see who wins in the end. Maybe I can go to my older sister, Livia's house to take my mind off of all of this. Maybe her husband, Ryan, will be home from his business trip. Maybe I can watch my little 5-year-old niece for them. No, Haymitch is my friend, I need to help him in any way possible. I sit and wait until it's time to watch the countdown to the Games. I slowly walk downstairs and slump down into my father's arms.

The tributes are lifted from the floor below. Haymitch's eyes ease once he's used to the light, he quickly looks around at his surroundings and his face falls back into his usual scowl.

"Welcome to the Fiftieth Annual Hunger Games. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor." Claudius Templesmiths' voice booms throughout the arena. Ten.... Nine.... Eight.... Seven.... Six.... Five.... Four.... Three.... Two.... One...." The gong sounds and the tributes all run towards the cornucopia. The careers each grab a weapon and stand back to back, fighting off anyone that gets to close. Haymitch grabs a backpack and sword before disappearing into the jungle. He got away without a single scratch. I decide that I should wait until tomorrow to watch, knowing he'll be alright.


*Next Day*

I shake wildly. The camera pushes into Haymitch's face as he rummages through the backpack he got yesterday at the Cornucopia, in it he finds a handful of apples and a medium sized knife. He packs everything away and walks around the outskirts of the arena in search for water.

After about half an hour he finds a small lake, he sits by the edge of the water and sticks his hands in. He cups some water in his hands and brings it up to his lips. He looks up and sees a small deer drinking from the lake, it falls over. Dead. His eyes grow wide and he spews the water from his mouth. The camera pans from him and back to the Careers.

After a long while the cameras focus on in Haymitch, he seems to be carving things into the nearby trees. "Now what do you think Haymitch meant by that?" Caesar asks as Haymitch steps away from the tree. It has a heart etched into the rough bark, in the middle the letters spell out 'sweet.'

A heart with the word 'sweet' in the middle. I think for a long time about what it means. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks and I suddenly feel like a complete idiot. It's too obvious. Sweet in a heart. Sweetheart. If you look closely enough there's a small 'E + H' carved under the heart. My heart melts and I slowly make my way upstairs to my room in a blissful daze.

I fall asleep peacefully knowing Haymitch is safe and sound.


I wake up and quickly get ready, I rush downstairs and turn on the television. The cameras pan out to a view of all the trees. Caesar and Claudius identify who is left and what they're doing.

"Let's move on to District 12." Claudius states as it zooms in and focuses in on Haymitch. "And what is all this supposed to mean?" He pauses the screen and gestures to all the trees.

"And who is it meant for? His girl back home? A secret mistress? A little darling in the Capitol?" Caesar asks, not expecting an answer from Claudius. I feel a blush spread across my cheeks as I look at the trees.

There are hearts carved into random trees, others have 'E + H' carved into them. On some trees there are small phrases like 'miss you', 'stay safe', or 'be right back'.


A few days of horror filled dreams and close calls with the Careers later Haymitch makes an alliance. Miss Maysilee Donner. I've seen her shooting those darts of her's. She's very clever. She covers the tips of the darts in poison, which is everything that doesn't come from the sponsors in the Capitol or the cornucopia. She shoots her targets and takes their weapons. I wouldn't ever be that clever in the arena.

I'm happy he's finally found an alliance until night falls. He offers to take first watch, she accepts his offer with a small nod. The camera switches to the battle going on near the cornucopia, the two tributes are half asleep and continuously miss each other when they build up the strength to swing. They both end up passing out and laying half on the other one.

Haymitch is very popular today. My heart skips a beat when I see Maysilee sleeping comfortably in Haymitch's strong arms and it drops when he kisses her forehead and pulls her closer to him.

"Aww look at that. Even in through the hardships Haymitch is being careful to help Maysilee," Caesar says with a smile and a small laugh. "How adorable."

I angrily click off the television and run to my room. How could he do that to me? How could he act like he loved me then go and be all over Maysilee like I didn't even exist? Did they have something together before the Games? He's such a jerk! And I'm such an idiot! How could I ever fall for him? I curl up in my blankets and quietly cry myself to sleep.


That night several people died, leaving the final four tributes. Haymitch, luckily, is one of those four people....and then there's Maysilee. I'm surprised he didn't kill her in her sleep. But then again how can you kill someone you love? I scowl to myself and get ready for the day.

Haymitch and Maysilee just continue to walk. Where are they going? What are they hoping to find? It has to end at some point, right? The cannon sounds, another fallen tribute. It's down to the final three. Haymitch and Maysilee glance at each other, both with a sad expression on their face. They both know what's going to happen. They'll either have to kill each other or watch one another die. They both look back at the ground and continue walking. They soon come to the edge of a large cliff, the end of the arena.

"We better split up....I don't want it to come down to us..." A few tears slip down Maysilee's cheeks as she hugs Haymitch. "Thank you for keeping me safe. Goodbye Haymitch..." She kisses his cheek before walking away.

Haymitch quietly watches her walk away. Once she's out of sight Haymitch snaps back to reality with a shake of his head. He picks up a small rock and tosses it over the side of the cliff. You hear a small zap and it soon bounces back. He grins and picks up a bigger rock and does the same thing with the same results. His grin disappears when a blood curdling scream comes from the distance.

"MAYSILEE!" Haymitch screams and dashes towards the direction of the scream.

A flock of candy pink birds flies off as Haymitch arrives at Maysilee's side. The hole in her neck must mean the birds weren't as friendly as they look. He kneels down next to her and holds one of her hands.

"Maysilee..." He says in a quiet, shaky tone. With his other hand he pushes a few strands of golden blonde hair from her face as she takes her last breath. "No.... I lov-"

The screen cuts to the other tribute as the cannon sounds. He loves her...that's what he was saying... Any fool could have saw the words forming on his lips. The last two tributes, the girl from District 1 and the boy from District 12. The girl grins as she breaks into a run to find Haymitch, and she looks determined to win. She finds Haymitch just as the hovercraft appears to take away Maysilee's body. He picks up his knife, ready to defend himself. She lunges at him and slashes his stomach open as he jabs his weapon into her eye. She knocks the knife away and he's now left weaponless.

He practically holds his intestines as he runs towards the edge of the arena. He falls to his knees. This is it, this is how it ends. She throws her axe just moments after he faints, falling forwards. Her axe flies off the side of the cliff. Again, there's a small zap and her weapon returns, promptly hitting her in the head. She collapses backwards and the cannon sounds.

I can't help but smile as Haymitch Abernathy is announced the Victor of the 50th Annual Hunger Games.


Instead of my heart fluttering when he walks onto the stage it nearly stops. He wears a dashing blue suit and white tie. No sign of any bruises or scars. He's perfect, absolutely perfect. I sit on the edge of my seat just waiting for him to glance my way, but he never does. Maybe he didn't see me. He takes his seat next to Caesar and smiles to the audience.

"So, Haymitch, Congratulations." Caesar greets him with a warm, hearty smile.

"Thank you, Caesar."

"Haymitch, were all those secret letters were for a special girl back home? A lovely girl in the Capitol?" Caesar questions. I feel my cheeks begin to blush.

"Yeah, I guess..."

"Ohhh, not to invade but...who?" Caesar urges.

Haymitch finally spots me in the audience and gives me a weak smile before turning back to Caesar. "My girl back home."

"What?!" It's now that I realize that I'm standing, my fists clenched, my body shaking with anger. All the people sitting down give me odd looks and stare me down. "I'm sorry..." I storm out into the hallway.

"Effie! Eff wait!" Haymitch calls out from behind me.

I spin on my heels to face him. "Why? So you can apologize for breaking my heart?" I imitate his voice. "I'm sorry Effie, you were just my backup because I was feeling lonely." I huff angrily. "Well it's okay, Haymitch. Now go!" I rush out of the building and try to hail a taxi. All the ones that pass by are all occupied so I decide to walk home.

I finally get back to my house, I want to storm inside and be angry but I don't have the strength to and I don't want to wake my parents at this time of night. I quietly push the door open and trudge up to my room, where I'm greeted by my poster of Haymitch. I fight back tears as I tear it off the wall and throw it in my trash bin.

"Don't do that, sweetheart, that's a good picture."

I jump at the voice. I quickly turn around to see Haymitch in my doorway.

I want to shout at him. To scream and throw things. But that would be childish and again, I don't want to wake my parents. "Just go away." I go to push him away but we grabs my wrists.

He pulls me close and looks into my eyes. "Are you sure about that?"

I let out a small sob. "Yes....You've lost my trust, without trust there is no love.... I-I can't forgive you for what you did..." He kisses away the tears that stream down my cheeks.

"I'm not asking for your forgiveness..." He removes his hands off my wrists and puts them around my waist, pulling me even closer. He looks me in the eyes. "I'm asking you to love me like I love you."

For the first time I saw a tear fall from Haymitch's intense gaze, the look in his eyes shows the pain I know he's feeling. Without thinking I quickly give him a small, soft kiss before looking away sheepishly. He leans forward and kisses me, the butterflies in my stomach tell me this is right, but my head tells me this is wrong. He pulls back before holding me in his warm embrace.

"I'm so sorry." He whispers softly into my neck, his warm breath sending chills down my spine.



"No!" I push him away and close my door, hoping it'll drown out my voice. "I fell in love with you! I was in love with you from the moment I saw you! I still loved you even though you were with Maysilee!"

"Maysilee meant nothing to me." He says in a soothing tone.

"What about the girl from 12?!" I imitate his voice yet again. "She was only the love of my life until I was picked for the Games!" I grab fistfuls of my hair. "I was just your backup incase you weren't coming back alive!"

"Don't think of it like that!"

I take my hands out of my hair and put a hand up to my forehead. "Just... go home to her. I'm sure she's thrilled that you're still alive."

"Goodbye, sweetheart....I love you." He leaves without word.

I plop down onto my bed. I hate him. I will always hate him. It's a promise that I'm making with myself.

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