You're Impure... But That's Okay. (The Batter x Reader OFF)

It was most certainly your favourite game. Sitting in your bedroom, laptop at hand. You've played it countless times. This game you may ask, that you love so much? It was OFF, by Mortis Ghost. After a while of playing the game once more, it gets a bit... Odd. Not the whole premise of the game odd. But things are acting different, and suddenly--


1. The Puppet, and The Puppeteer

New game. Click. (E/C) eyes quickly darted across the screen. Soft, pink lips curved into a small grin. (Y/N) had just started another file of her favourite game. Yes, another. Nobody is totally sure of how many times she has played the damned game, but it was more than you could possibly count, and that all that mattered. The girl entered her name, the game starting up as it normally would, nothing out of the ordinary. Dropped into Zone 0. Meet The Judge. Although, things started to seem a bit... Weird after all of The Judge's dialogue.

The girl furrowed her brows slightly. Last time she checked, there were no bugs or anything. The game itself, was most certainly fine. Most likely to anyone else, everything would seem perfectly normal, but right off the bat, everything just seemed off. (Y/N) simply passed it as her imagination. Finally, she had reached The Nothingness. Suddenly, (Y/N) gasped, passing out. All went black.

Upon opening her eyes, (Y/N) was met with four red ones. Four? Red? A shadow was cast over them, by an old fashioned, black baseball cap. It seemed familiar. A soft 'Tch', reached her ears. Oh. (Y/N) suddenly felt a loss of heat. The four eyes that were once close to her face, backed. Oh. She propped herself up on her elbows, looking down at herself, before the man before her. She knew the old baseball uniform above her, all too well.

An unreadable expression was on his face. "You can talk, yes?" He asked, looking at her, ever so expectantly.  "U-Uh... Yes..." She said, trailing off. Was she really in the situation she thought she was in? "Good. It gets tiring talking for you every time you start a new game." She sat, dumbfounded. He had a nice voice. Without realizing, a small blush made it's way onto (Y/N)'s face.


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