True Embrace

Louis Tomlinson has spent his entire 3 years of high school admiring and loving the fearless and mysterious Harlow Winter from a distance, but for his last year Louis decides to man up and make the untameable Harlow his. So when she bursts into his life and his room at 9 in the night dressed in camouflage clothing summoning him for an unfathomable adventure, he couldn't refuse. So after much convincing and lying to his parents Louis and Harlow set out on their adventurous debut.


1. Prologue

∞ Louis ∞

The thing about life is that you never really can expect whats going to happen next. I mean I never expected Harlow Winter the girl who has stolen my heart for the past 6 years to just appear in my room at 9 in the night wearing camouflage clothing.

" Hey Lou " she said smiling at me, her hazel irises staring right into my blue ones.

" Hey...Harlow? " i said sounding more like i was asking a question. My eyebrows furrowed together.

She smiled " Whats up Lou? "

" Uhm not much? Might want to explain what your doing in my room at Nine Pm and why your dressed like that? "

I asked my eyes locking on her provocative attire.

" I wore it just for you Lou! You don't like it? " she whined her lips forming into a pout

" Uhm n-no it looks g-good on y-you and i-its v-very nice i g-guess " I stuttered feeling the heat rush to my cheeks at my words.

Suddenly her melodic laughter filled my ears as she bent forward laughing, She wiped imaginary tears from her eyes and got up.

" Lord Lou you should be an actor I know the outfit  doesn't look that good on me but the way you said it and the way you got red. Damn Lou go to hollywood your totally gonna make it!"

She exclaimed wrapping her arms around my waist a smile plastered on her face I could feel my heartbeat quickening and my heart pounding against my chest.

God please don't let her hear it i silently prayed

  " Thats why i need someone like you with me to make me laugh when i just want to break down " she whispered quietly under her breath.

" What did you say? " i asked turning my head away so she doesn't see the blush on my face at our closeness  " Oh nothing " she smiled but i could hear the loneliness and emptiness in her voice.

I sighed " You still didn't answer my question " i said looking down at her since she was quite short compared to me " Oh yea that well i came here at this late hour in my camo clothes to take you on an mysterious and beautiful adventure "  she said glancing up to meet my eyes.

" Adventure? At 9 pm on a school day? " I asked the shock evident in my voice. " Yes Louis an Adventure but not at 9 pm on a school day. Your so nerdy you know that? " she said the hint of duh laced in her voice making me roll my eyes

" Yea because i pay attention in class, get good grades and don't go to parties like your clique I'm nerdy. " i huffed running a hand through my hair sass laced in my voice. " You wouldn't be want to be part of us and boy don't sass me " she said slapping her hand on her hips playfully glaring at me.

I chuckled " Yea i wouldn't you guys are too irresponsible for me. Now we should stop getting side tracked before my mum comes in here wondering who the heck I'm talking to. " i said.

" Oh yea its an adventure a 2 week adventure... in another state.. " she whispered the phrase sounding barely audible. " 2 weeks!? Another State!? " i half yelled " SHHH!  not to loud. And yes 2 weeks and in Another State it won't be just us it will be 4 of my other friends too alright? " she said glaring at me for making so much noise.

" No way in hell. What do you want me to tell my parents?! Oh Harlow Winter and her irresponsible friends asked me if i want to go to another country for 2 weeks?! Harlow be realistic here. " I retorted the evidence of my disapproval etched in my voice.

" There not irresponsible you don't know them Lou! Stop judging because of what everyone else says! Get to know them first god to believe you are my childhood friend. " she yelled her glare worst than the one before.

" Childhood friend my ass your not supposed to leave your childhood friend on the first day of high school to fen for themselves Harlow and your not supposed to IGNORE them the entire 3 years of high school and just talked to them on the last year and think its going to make up for it ITS NOT. " I screamed right back in her face both of us glaring at each other. 

She took a few breaths in and out calming herself down as i did the same.

" Alright we both fucked up and I'm sorry i don't want to leave here without convincing you to come along and i don't want to leave on bad terms with you I know I shouldn't have done what I did but I needed to make a name for myself i couldn't be the same old quiet Harlow from 4th to 6th grade. Just please consider this Just 2 weeks and its going to be a road trip and we already have supplies and money and its all planned out please Lou I'm begging for once do something thats out of your comfort zone. " She begged as she grabbed my hands intertwining them staring me straight in the eye.

I could feel the blush creeping up to my cheeks as i sighed. " I don't want you to go and I'm instantly regretting this little fight and i don't want you to go and regret not coming along. And I understand you wanting to change yourself but it really hurt ,for the past 3 years your best friend ditched  you like that, it wasn't cool Harlow. Fine only 2 weeks nothing more ok Har? " i smiled as her nickname rolled of my tongue sounding so natural.

She pulled me into a hug a beaming smile imprinted on her face " Thank you so much Lou you just don't know how much this means to me. " she gushed. I patted her head gently " Yea yea so well talk tomorrow? " i said glancing down at her. She nodded her brunette hair rubbing against my abdomen.

Gently i pulled her off me and pointed to the window. " You should get going before your parents realize your not here. " She shrugged " Don't worry about it i told them i was at Stephanies house sleeping over plus i have other houses to visit. " she said pulling me back into a hug " You smell nice by the way. " she whispered against my skin, my cheeks heating up again for the third time this night. " r-really? T-thanks " i stuttered gently wrapping my arms around her waist pulling her closer. " Its been a while since we've actually hugged " i whispered " Yea it has " she said resting her head on my chest.

​And in that moment those 3 years that she had ignored me had vanished and the longing i had was fulfilled. If i had to be ignored all those years just to have the opportunity to hold her in my arms again like this i wouldn't change it for the world.


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