Secrets Push Friends

They're best friends. They've gone through everything together, but then two of them start to seem..... distant. They go through more than they can handle, and they keep it to themselves. They give in to silver and other things like it. Shit goes down and it's not pretty at all.


4. "The Sickness is Rising" (Disturbed(band))

*Kenzies P.O.V.*


        After a while, I started self harming again. I figured I hate myself, I hate my mom, and I hate my life, so it couldn't be that bad anyways, right? Maybe it'd actually be good for me to go, not that I wanted to though. I also had to start going to therapy once my mom had found out. Therapy didn't help at all. We just talked about my life.. what I liked, what events were coming up, how they made me feel, etc.. She basically just got to know me as any other regular person would. She never asked anything worth my time. 


        My depression started getting worse and worse, it went from cutting once every two weeks-ish to cutting a few times a week. My friends were getting worried about me, but that's not why. Sadly, they thought I was becoming a satanist. I went from listening to Pop to pop punk and alternative music. Eventually it went to all rock, mostly punk rock and thrash metal. I started listening to bands like Linkin Park, Ghost Town, and Back Veil Brides.They noticed I was loosing interest for a band that I had loved for three years. They started making up rumors and creating drama. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. 

I hated them all.

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