Secrets Push Friends

They're best friends. They've gone through everything together, but then two of them start to seem..... distant. They go through more than they can handle, and they keep it to themselves. They give in to silver and other things like it. Shit goes down and it's not pretty at all.


8. Talk

*Kenzie's P.O.V.*

*After School*


        After school, Lex and I walked out of last hour in a tense silence. Finally, she spoke up and said "You're going to call me tonight."


        She wasn't asking so I just said okay. What that really meant is I'm going to end up texting her instead and only giving her a little information. She does this a lot, and I've mastered keeping things from people, so it's actually pretty easy. It's way too easy to keep things from people I'm not close to, it's actually kinda sad how easy it is.... 

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