Secrets Push Friends

They're best friends. They've gone through everything together, but then two of them start to seem..... distant. They go through more than they can handle, and they keep it to themselves. They give in to silver and other things like it. Shit goes down and it's not pretty at all.


3. Shit Happens.. I Guess

*Kenzies P.O.V.*


       That Thursday, one week after, I wasn't able to go through with my plan of doing something "special". Someone had told the school counselor about me cutting and she was to tell my mom. It was the law. I was so upset I was crying and freaking out. I made accusations at my friends. I was frantic, sad, angry, everything. No one took the blame, which only made it worse. I still don't know who told to this day.


       When I got home, I had to text my mom, because she was at work. She made me say it to her, she made me tell her what I did. It was really hard for me. I didn't want to talk to her about it. She told me later that night after work that if I ever do that again she would strip me down and send me to a psychiatric hospital. Her threats only worked for so long....

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