Secrets Push Friends

They're best friends. They've gone through everything together, but then two of them start to seem..... distant. They go through more than they can handle, and they keep it to themselves. They give in to silver and other things like it. Shit goes down and it's not pretty at all.


5. New Beginnings

*Kenzies P.O.V.*

          I gave up, I completely gave up. I felt like shit and I just couldn't take it anymore. I when I got home the fight just kept replaying in my head. What had I don't to them to deserve this? 


        I decided I would try to start over, and surround myself with people who would accept me, people who wouldn't hurt me, and people who would understand (at least to a certain extent). I decided to sit with my old friends. When I went up to Lex and explained what was going on, she was very kind and understanding. It made me feel better and I had hope, considering things were going to shit and I was sinking into a deeper hole or depression and darkness. They shined a light in my darkness and showed me that not all hope was lost and that I shouldn't give up quite yet.

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