Secrets Push Friends

They're best friends. They've gone through everything together, but then two of them start to seem..... distant. They go through more than they can handle, and they keep it to themselves. They give in to silver and other things like it. Shit goes down and it's not pretty at all.


7. After Class

(Shit) *Kenzies P.O.V.*


        Class was extremely long seeming and boring. After class, I usually waited for Lex, but not today. I just got up and started walking to my next class. As I was walking, I thought, a lot.... As I was walking, Amanda came up to me and told me I had my famous "I hate and want to kill everyone" face on. I told her that I was just thinking and stressed so I was expressionless, she accepted it. When Lex finially caught up, we were pretty much at her next class, so she just told me in my ear that we were going to talk later,



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