Just Another Memory

I'm Emily styles, Harry Styles younger sister. I'm 19 and about 5'4 feet tall. I've always been shorter than everyone. I have dark brown, curly hair that flows down to the middle of my back. I have green eyes and basically a girl version of Harry most people say. We're moving today. It stinks, I have to leave my best friend but I never know what's ahead of me. Who will I meet? What will happen?


3. The Lads are Here

Emily's POV

I hear a knock on the door. Everyone's in their room so I grab my crutches and walk, well not really walk but oh well, I open the door and see 4 boys at the door. I'm really confused. They look familiar but I can't figure hot where I've seen them. "Is Harry here?" One with brown hair and blue eyes asks. " Ya he's in his room. Why are you here?" I asked confusingly. "Oh, Harry invited us over"one with blonde tips and blue eyes said. He was obviously Irish, I could tell because he had a very strong accent. He was kind of cute. I heard steps coming down from the stairs and Harry ran to the door. I looked at him confused. Harry motioned to for them to come in and they went into the living room. I looked Harry with a confused and angry look. "What they were in town and asked if they could come stay for a little" he said innocently. I rolled my eyes and went up to my room.

Niall's POV

A girl that looked kind of like Harry opened the door. She was really pretty.

Liam's POV

A beautiful girl opened the door. She was so pretty, I could see us being a couple, but who is she.

Louis' POV

A girl that looked like Harry opened the door. I couldn't tell if it was Emily or not so I didn't say anything. The last time I saw Emily is when we first started One Direction, which was like four years ago.

Emily's POV

I was sitting in my room trying to figure out who they were. DING LIGHTBULB. It was One Direction! I slid down the stairs on a blanket.(still a kid at heart) I walked over and came up and hugged Louis. "Hi Louis" I yelled. He looked at me and screamed EMILY. Everyone looked confused and Harry was laughing at us. I went and sat down on the ground next to Harry while he was sitting in a single chair and the rest of the boys were on the couch. We were all just sitting there, awkward. We finally decided to play 20 questions so they could get to know me.

*towards the end of the game*

"Favorite food" Niall asked.

"Tacos defiantly" I said as Harry gave me a thumbs up. I laughed.

"Are you single" Liam asked.

"Yes, I'm single" I said. Liam smiled when I said I was single. You could tell Harry was mad. He was giving Liam the death stare.

I got up and said that I was going to go rest in my room. I got in bed and instantly fell asleep, I guess I was really tired.

I woke up and walked downstairs. I looked at the clock, it was 6:30am, no wonder no one was up.

I want back to my room and got on my computer, I wanted to learn more about One Direction because I was mad at Harry for leaving so I never watched any of the videos or watched the x-factor. Every time he would come home I would ignore him, I really didn't like him at all. I went in youtube and typed in One Direction. I found a video with all their video diaries. I clicked on it and about half way through it I heard someone laugh behind me. Harry must've snuck in because he was watching them with me. "I remember that, it was so fun, I loved the X-factor" he said then frowned "except for when you ignored me forever" he got up and walked out, he was obviously mad or upset. I felt bad, I just sat there and finally got up and went to his room.

I walked into his room and he was looking up at the ceiling with puffy, red eyes. I walked over to him. "I regret ignoring you" I told him quietly sitting on the ground by his bed. "Why did you ignore me?" He asked, choking on the words, obviously crying. "Because you just left us, I was 13 and you left me." I quietly yelled while tearing up. He looked away from me, I got up and left. While I was walking I ran into to someone. "Sorry" I said quietly. Louis lifted my chin and noticed I was crying. I hugged him and cried even more. He asked me what was wrong but I just shook my head, not wanting to talk about it. I walked down stairs and out to the gym. I went and sat on the edge of the mat. Oh my gosh, I have cheer tomorrow which means I have school tomorrow, which mean I only have about a month until I get the boot off! But I have to start school:(

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