Just Another Memory

I'm Emily styles, Harry Styles younger sister. I'm 19 and about 5'4 feet tall. I've always been shorter than everyone. I have dark brown, curly hair that flows down to the middle of my back. I have green eyes and basically a girl version of Harry most people say. We're moving today. It stinks, I have to leave my best friend but I never know what's ahead of me. Who will I meet? What will happen?


2. At The Hospital.....already

Emily's POV

Yay, I'm so excited! I got on the elite small COED cheer team.(that's the highest level there) I'm a flyer and they said I have amazing tumbling skills, I can't wait to start next week.

We get home and I'm so tired I fall asleep almost instantly when I lay on the couch. I guess I wasn't all the way asleep because I felt someone carry me up the stairs to my room, tuck me in, and kiss my forehead. Then I fall asleep again.


I hear a loud thud then Harry comes running down to the basement where I'm tied up. "Don't move or I'll shoot her" I felt a gun against my head and I was balling my eyes out. Harry didn't move for a while. Then he ran and a gun shot went off.


I screamed while I woke up crying. Harry came running into my room with a frying pan in his hand. He saw me and set the pan down and asked me what was wrong. I told him my dream and he hugged me and rubbed my back to help me relax. "I'm going to go back to bed now, okay", he said as he started to get up and walk away. I grabbed his wrist and he turned around. "Stay with me please, I'm scared", I asked/said. I scooted over and he got in next to me. He was playing with my hair as everything went black, I fell asleep.


I woke up to the smell of bacon. I ran down stairs and grabbed a peace of bacon and sat down to watch tv. Harry came and sat down next to me. "Did you sleep well besides the dream" he asked. I nodded my head and continued eating my bacon. A couple minutes later I got up and changed into cheer clothes(hot shorts, sports bra, loose tank) I was about to go to my cheer gym in the back when Harry asked me what I was doing. I told him I was going to condition and practice and he told me to stay there. He came down in athletic shorts and a loose short and we went to the gym. We were conditioning together when I told him that I was going to work on tumbling and that I was done conditioning so he could leave if he wanted. Instead of leaving like I thought he would, he sat down and the bench. He called at things for me to do and work on. "Standing back tuck" he yelled "I can't warm up with that, do something simple like a cartwheel or dive rolls", I yelled and laughed.

*1 hour later*

"Round-off back handspring back tuck back handspring full", he yelled. I looked at him and laughed I was doing fine until the full, I went to push of the ground and I twisted my ankle and heard a loud pop. I was crying uncontrollably and Harry came and ran me inside and got mom. My ankle was swelling up so fast. They drove me to the hospital and I got my foot x-rated and checked out.

"You have a minor fracture and a slight tear", the doctor said. "How long will it take to heal so I can start cheer", I asked nervously. "About a month or two. My jaw dropped I was starting on a new team and I won't be there for the first practice. What if they kick me of the team! I started crying.

We drove home about an hour later. I have to wear a boot and use crutches. Ugh, I hate my life right now. Harry was on his phone texting someone and mom was sitting next to me watching tv. Harry pulled mom into the kitchen and they came out a minute or two later, what was going on.

Harry's POV

I was texting the lads or one direction and they were in London and were wondering if they could come stay with us. I pulled mom into the kitchen and asked her if it would be ok. "I don't know she just hurt her foot and she needs to rest, plus she starts school soon we don't need 4 more crazy boys running around the house". My mom complained "your making them sound like their five, I'll keep them quiet and not as hyper please, please, please" I begged her "fine but... "YES" I interrupted her and texted them back. There gonna be here soon.

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