Just Another Memory

I'm Emily styles, Harry Styles younger sister. I'm 19 and about 5'4 feet tall. I've always been shorter than everyone. I have dark brown, curly hair that flows down to the middle of my back. I have green eyes and basically a girl version of Harry most people say. We're moving today. It stinks, I have to leave my best friend but I never know what's ahead of me. Who will I meet? What will happen?


1. New Beginnings

Emily's POV

I stand in my almost empty room for the last time. I hated moving I, always have. It's like leaving memories behind, when you think of it you kinda are.

Sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Emily styles, Harry Styles younger sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and about 5'4 feet tall. I've always been shorter than everyone. I'm on my senior year of high school but have to change schools of course. I have dark brown, curly hair that flows down to the middle of my back. I have green eyes and basically a girl version of Harry most people say. So....back to the story.

I walk out of my house and over to my neighbor/best friend's house, Logan. He has dirty blonde hair and is about 5'8. He's 19 also, only one month older than me. We've been friends for as long as I can remember. I knock on the door and his mom, Jamie opens the door. She hugs me and calls Logan to the door. I sit on the edge of the front porch and he comes and sits next to me. We just sit there for at least 3 minutes. "You know I'm really going to miss you", Logan says breaking the silence. "Me too", I replied back. I can feel tears form at the brim of my eye. He hugs me and I cry into his chest. I wasn't ready to leave. After a couple minutes crying and hugging I got a text from my mom saying it was time to leave. I saw the message and walked me to the car. I hugged him one last time and sat in the passenger seat and my mom in the drivers. Jamie and Logan waves goodbye as we pulled out of the drive way. I was watching them until we turned a corner and I couldn't see them. I cried silently and fell asleep.

1 1/2 hours later

I woke up when I heard a ding come from my phone, Logan had texted me.

L(Logan) E(Emily)

L: hey Emily how's the drive been?

E: well I feel asleep like right when I got in the car, so short.

L: I already miss you, wow I sound like one of those boyfriends. Weird.

E: hahaha I miss you too. I didn't want to leave but my moms boss made her move for her job:(

L: well I have to go promise to text me when you get there

E: okay bye and I promise, we only have like 2 hours left.

*Skip boring car ride*

I walk into our new house, it's HUGE. I walk into my room and i have a king size bed with a tv on the wall in front of it. I have a walk in closet that is probably the size of my old room. The bathroom is connected to my room and it has two make-up shelfs and a long mirror with a sink under it and a full body mirror right beside it. I've fallen in love.

"Hey sweetie, how do you like the house", my mom said as she walked into my room. "I love it, well at least my room I haven't seen the rest of the house", I said while smiling and bouncing up and down on my bed like a 5 year old. "Well I think you should come look at this one room specially made for you", my mother said while walking out of my room. I followed her out into the backyard to see a giant barn. "A cheer room" my mom basically screamed as we walked inside. I was frozen. The whole thing was spring except for around the edges and a spot for a tumble track and mat. I ran into the spring floor and admired everything around me. I loved cheer, it was really the only thing that made me feel free and happy. I didn't think about until now. I turned to face my mom. "Where am I going to take cheer at", I said upset. "At a gym called Cheer Force UK, they are like the best around here I think they said", my mom said with a huge smile on her face. My jaw dropped, CFUK was like my dream team, they were amazing. "We are going later today so they can see what team to put you on this season". "What", I practically screamed. I ran to my room and put on hot shorts and a sports bra and a tank too and ran back to my cheer gym.

I was practicing all my tumbling and other things for my tryouts. I was so nervous. I was the best cheerleader at my old gym and I don't want to let myself down at the tryouts and be on a terrible team. I was working and my tumbling when someone opened the door in the middle of my tumbling pass. I was about to do a full but got distracted and fell on my face. "Oh no, Emily", a deep voice said. I was confused, that obviously wasn't my mom. I looked up and my eyes met with another pair of green eyes. I started to tear up, it was Harry. "I haven't seen you in forever", I said while hugging him. He lifted my up and set my in the edge of the tumble track. " I was going to surprise you but you were in here and I made you fall on your face", he giggled at the last part. I slapped his arm "That wasn't funny", I said while laughing myself. We walked back into the house and went into my room. He sat in a bean bag chair in the corner of my room while lay on my bed. "Why are you here?" I asked. "What do you not want me to be here", Harry said in a sarcastic way while giggling and looking fake offended. "No, I thought you where on tour" I said questioningly. "We have a couple week break" "oh".


I was headed to my tryout for cheer. I was now in the back of the car because Harry was coming with us, he had to where this terrible disguise thing and it's hilariously. He's wearing a fake mustache, sunglasses, a beanie, and a weird outfit so no one will know it's him, the famous pop star Harry Styles.


Hey guys this a new book so if you have any ideas let me know, so ya. Bye!


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