We Met at the Concert

When a girl, Dylan wants desperately to go to a concert, the radio says that as soon as 5sos She Looks So Perfect comes on the first caller gets 1000 dollars and 5sos tickets and backstage passes. 1 hour passes and it still hasn't played ,but when it comes on she grabs her phone. She could barely make out the voice on the other line ,but it was none other than Luke Hemmings...


4. Who's That?!


"What?!? Who is that?" You here in return.


"Why is he coming here and who is he?"

"Fi...Fi...Five SOS!"


"I won a contest for tickets! It was on the radio! When I called in it was Luke. He said come pick up tickets. I told him it would be an hour or two. Then he said that he would bring them to me!" You say all excited!

"Okay that's awesome Dylan. How long again?"

"1 hour"

"Okay I'll clean and stuff. You do your hair and stuff. I know you will want to okay? Okay let's do this!"


Honestly you didn't care what you looked like at all. All you cared about was your hair. You put on make-up ,but you didn't wanna cake up you face. No lipgloss at all you thought. Jeans, a shirt, and cute boots. That would be okay.

You get done your beautiful red hair had never looked so pretty. You had these glasses you hated ,but you were blind without them. You were not a stick skinny cheerleader. That's what Luke would want you think. You were pretty ,but still not the skinniest person. You were ready all you needed was your phone.



"Mom he's here!"

"Okay will you get it?"

"Yes stay out of this though."

You shakily open the door.

"Why hello I don't believe we have met. I'm Luke this is Calum. Ashton's coming and Michael... Well who knows what the crap he is doing," says Luke.

"Yeah you may come in."

"It's kay. We are..." Luke cut Calum off.

"Sure we have nothing to do today. We have to leave by 6 though. Thanks for inviting us inside," said Luke.

"I'm here guys why hello and your name is?" says Ash.

"Oh yeah I didn't tell you did I?" you laugh. "I'm Dylan."

"Pretty name," says Luke.

"Aww your to sweet! Your the nicest!"

"No way that's you, Dylan! You so freaking Beaut..." Calum cuts him off.

"Well I'm really cold. Can we go inside? Sorry that's kinda rude."

Luke mutters, "Kinda? Yeah a lot so."

Yeah I'm so sorry I guess I'm just so nervous.

"Don't be we are just normal guys." Michael says.

"Where the heck have you been?" Luke says.

"Eating," Michael says in defense.

"Of course you have! You have missed out on meeting Dylan." Luke says.

"I wanna go inside!" Calum says.

You lead them inside to your living room where you turn on the TV and ask what they like to watch.

"Well um I don't know you chose."

You turn the TV on to the music channel. Kiss Me Kiss Me is on.

Luke whispers to Calum, "This is the song I'm going to be singing before we leave."

"I knew you liked her," he whispered back.

"Huh? Did I do something?" you say.

"No it's just lover softy over here," Calum laughs.

Luke blushes so bad.

"So, do you have a bathroom here?" Luke asks.


Luke looks at you really funny.

"I'm kidding. It's around the corner."

"Okay haha I thought you were."

"So lover boy finally left," Ashton dies laughing.

"It's about time I can finally talk," Michael says.

"Do you think we should say something to Luke?"

"About what?" you say.

"You will find out later."

"Okay." you respond.

This is all happening so fast you think. Also LUKE HEMMINGS MAY LIKE YOU WOW!!! This is amazayn! As you would say.

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