We Met at the Concert

When a girl, Dylan wants desperately to go to a concert, the radio says that as soon as 5sos She Looks So Perfect comes on the first caller gets 1000 dollars and 5sos tickets and backstage passes. 1 hour passes and it still hasn't played ,but when it comes on she grabs her phone. She could barely make out the voice on the other line ,but it was none other than Luke Hemmings...


2. School Day yes

Day Carp.

He was the last person you wanted to talk to.

You sit down.

"So, why were you late? Huh huh huh? Were you to busy obsessing over that band of yours that you will meet and marry one day?" Day says sarcastically.

"No my alarm didn't go off. Wait! What did you say about 5SOS?!?" You say aggravated.

"Oh nothing just that that band of yours yeah they suck."

The bus driver then hits the brake and your face slams against the seat.

Day then laughs really


Daisy was your best friend she completely understood


From 5SOS to Day Carter she got it.

There was hardly anything she didn't understand.

"He likes you that's why he annoys you!" Daisy was telling you.

"No he's just a butthole. He's so mean!" You say in defense.



The bell for lunch just rang.


This has been the longest day of my life!

"Daisy! Hey how was your day?" You say to Daisy.

"Okay I guess. I failed my Physics test though. I get to retake it tomorrow, but still..." She looked at you upset.

"What are we having for lunch?"

"I don't know. Pizza maybe?"

"Yeah probably."

This is the most awkward lunch you think.

You sat in silence all lunch at a table for 4.

You weren't quite sure what was wrong ,but you figured it was just the test she failed.


Before you knew it RING RING!

School was out.

You seen Daisy ,but she didn't talk.

You got on bus 7S and looked for an empty seat.

There was one left.

You slid into the seat as Day come up and sat down right next to you.

"What's it like being a loser?"

"Pretty cool," You answer slyly in return.

"Okay I'll leave you alone today. You don't seem the happiest."

"Thanks," You answer quietly.

"Oh 5SOL yeah they suck."

"Its 5SOS."

The bus stops and you get off.

As your walking you hear Day shout, "The L stands for loser!"

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