We Met at the Concert

When a girl, Dylan wants desperately to go to a concert, the radio says that as soon as 5sos She Looks So Perfect comes on the first caller gets 1000 dollars and 5sos tickets and backstage passes. 1 hour passes and it still hasn't played ,but when it comes on she grabs her phone. She could barely make out the voice on the other line ,but it was none other than Luke Hemmings...


1. Meet My Life

"ℹ️ need 5SOS tickets so bad!"

You say to your mom. "We don't have enough money to spend nilly willy, Dylan," said Kati, Dylan's mom.

"Mom we aren't poor. Now tell me why!" You scream.

"No Dylan we have had this conversation before. Your father and I have the money, but do you know how expensive tickets are? No you don't. Anyhow the far seats are sold out. The cheapest tickets now are $350 a person! Your father, sister, you and I that would be hmmmm. $1400!!! We don't have that money." Dylan's mom said.

"BUT MOM!" "

No buts now go take a shower."


"Ugh why won't she get me dang tickets!" You stomp your foot

in the shower as Suave falls on your foot.

"Why can't I just earn the money? What's wrong with that all I need is 1400 that's it." You scream!

You hate the fact that you just want tickets, but no!


You step out of the cold shower to hear Amnesia.


This made my night you think.


You wake up at 8 and look at the T.V. Modern Family was on.

"IM GOING TO MISS THE BUS! AW CRAP!" You scream as you throw on your Florida shirt and old jeans.

You brush your hair and throw on your tennis shoes.

You run out the door as the bus starts to go past. "STOP!" you yell.

It comes to a shrieking halt.

You jump on and the last seat is next the Day Carp.

Great you think. I love him.🔹

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