We Met at the Concert

When a girl, Dylan wants desperately to go to a concert, the radio says that as soon as 5sos She Looks So Perfect comes on the first caller gets 1000 dollars and 5sos tickets and backstage passes. 1 hour passes and it still hasn't played ,but when it comes on she grabs her phone. She could barely make out the voice on the other line ,but it was none other than Luke Hemmings...


3. It's Who?!

"How was your day, Sweetie?"

"It was good. Lots of homework bye."

"But I wanna talk to you, Sweetie..."

"Lots of homework."

Truthfully you had no homework.

Your day was awful and you didn't wanna talk about it.

It would just end in a fight about 5SOS.

They where the worst thing, yet you loved them so much.

You laid down on your bed and stared at the fan.

How can I tickets?

You keep repeating in your head.


"Wanna win tickets to see 5 Seconds of Summer?"


"Stay tuned for 10 minutes to find out"

You literally say there for 10 minutes in silence.

You couldn't wait to find out how!

You were shakily listening to the radio.

You heard the guy's booming voice on the radio.

"You heard me say early to stay tuned to win 5SOS tickets. Well, when 5SOS's "You Look So Perfect" come on the 1st caller gets tickets"


You had the phone dialed waiting for that guitar riff!



You called in before they finished the line of hey.

You were shaking as you hit call.


As you start to give up hope you hear someone who sounds awfully familiar...

"Hello? Hey I just wanted to let you know you were the first

caller. YOU GET TO MEET 5SOS!"

"OMG YAY! How do I get the tickets?"

"You drive to the studio in the Capitol of Maryland right now."

"It's going to be a while."

"Okay. PS this Luke Hemmings give me your address and we will deliver them to you!"

You swallow and while your crying tell him your address.

"Be there in an hour!"

It was Luke Hemmings.

He was coming to your house.

Your life was like a roller coaster.

Only this time it was finally going up.

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