The twin sister of niall horan

The twin sister of niall horan


1. chapter 1- meet me and Niall

Hi my name is Leah Victoria Horan, I have brown wavy hair that goes way past my bum, I have bright blue eyes, I'm 21, my favorite color is lime green, and I live with my mom, dad, and used to be Niall. Niall is my older brother who is 21 but he signed up for the X-factor and now he is in the biggest boyband in the world! Called One Direction.

Me and Niall are very very close there is nothing that I wouldn't tell him unless like you know lady problems:| I have never met Niall's band mates because we'll they don't know I exist. Ok let me explain I am Niall Horan's twin sister Leah Horan, we don't want me to get hate so Niall doesn't tell people I exists. Incase your wondering yes Niall is the oldest and yes we are identical like very very very identical.

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