Dauntless Born

Briella Jones is the last of her kind, the last of the original Dauntless, her ancestors created it, with her father dead it makes her worth 10 x more than the average person, but when two guys vow to fight for her affection and danger on the way, can she discover who she is before she is truly lost? (I do not own Divergent, or any of the characters except for Briella, Veronica Roth owns the series therefore this is just a fan fiction)


1. THE Dauntless

I was Dauntless born, my ancestors created Dauntless and I was the last one of my bloodline, I looked in the mirror, ready for today. My brown eyes stare at me, as I look at the girl in the reflection, my hair is let out in loose curls today and I wear my usual Dauntless outfit.

My tattoo of a dragon stands out on my shoulder as it starts from there and ends at the end of my back, I breath and turn outside my apartment door and walk out towards the Dauntless Headquarters as I call it.

I look around as I walk in, I was only 17, I was slim and often drew a bit too much attention but amongst that like my Father before he died, I am a leader not just any leader but a leader of Dauntless.

Stepping into the pit all eyes become on me and I brush it off, putting my hair into the usual ponytail I walk towards Four, who is talking briefly to Eric, another Dauntless leader and a close friend of mine once they notice me, Four gives me a smile but Eric gives me a grin and elopes me into a hug.

“Hello beautiful.” Eric whispered in my ear, only so I can hear, but the feeling in my gut tells me to look at Four, and when I do, something tells me he heard as well, a pained expression is showing on his face and I pull away from Eric and hug Four.

“Don’t look so grim.” I whisper to him so only he could hear, and I know that because I’m the better person at whispering.

At that I can just feel his smile brighten and just by that my heart races a million miles per second, I return the smile in a brief but friendly manner and feel Eric’s eyes bore into us. “Come on guys don’t be so upset we have initiates to train!” I say cheerily.

Tori walks out from the tattoo area and smiles when she sees me. “Excited?” She asks, without a question I was excited, I was Dauntless born, not just a Dauntless born, THE Dauntless born, I feel everyone’s gaze on me and I roll my eyes.

“Okay guys stop staring you all have jobs to do.” I say, without them questioning me they walk away and I stop one of them before they can leave, I have to talk to them.

“Tobias!” I call, making Four turn around and meet my gaze, the exact gaze that makes me swallow the lump in my throat, those brown eyes that manage to make me speechless even when he came in last year. The transfer from Abnegation that turns my life around.

“Yeah?” He questions, eyebrow raised making my smile only widen.

“I want you to train them.” I let a smile form on my face, as if any wider and my face would crack but it doesn’t and I’m grateful.

“How am I supposed to train them?” He asks me a little bit of shock clear in his beautiful brown eyes, my eyes wander to his Adam apple, than to his lips, from the top of the stairs towards where I’m supposed to be meeting up with the other Dauntless leaders I hear Eric clear his throat from up the top and I laugh at that as I walk towards the stairs I walk up a few and stop on the second top looking at Four with such sincere, I whisper two simple words to him and only him.

“Surprise me.” I grin and walk up towards Eric grabbing his hand I look at Four one last time before Eric and I walk into the small meeting room.

“This is outrageous!” One of the other Dauntless leaders, Max yells slamming his fists into the table, I stare at him, my lips pressed into a firm line.

“You can’t just go around killing Divergent.” I defend, getting up as well, my chest rising and falling in anger at their plan, they want to kill Divergent.

“Are you Divergent?” Max asks me raising an eyebrow making me scoff in disbelief and move my hair from my face, I look him dead set in the eyes.

“I am not Divergent, I am Briella Jones, I am not just any Dauntless I am THE Dauntless.” I hiss, sure enough venom is in my voice with each word. “I am a leader and I have as much of a say in this as you lot do if you want to go around killing them wait two damn years! In two years I will consider but until than you follow my rules not the ‘other’ way around, got it?”

Max nods and backs away making me flip the table and storm out, my combat boots hit hard against the ground instead of taking the stairs, I jump and land gracefully on the ground, I brush myself off and look up, meeting the new initiates gazes, a smile forms on my face. “Hello.”

I hear them whisper and stand up straight walking over to Four, I smile at all of them. “Initiates, my name is Briella, I am one of the Dauntless leaders, I will be your trainer as well as Four, Dauntless-Born are with me, Transfers, you are with Four.” I say as the Dauntless-Born step my way.

“What’s the matter? Can’t handle us?” A Candor girl asks as I was ready to turn, I turn back around and walk up closer to the girl.

“If I wanted a smartass I would have joined Candor, you are in Dauntless now, not your old faction, you’re in my faction now and you do as I say, I won’t put up with you.” I hiss clenching my hands into fists. “You wanted to join Dauntless, if you don’t like it than show yourself to the door.” I turn back to my group of Dauntless-Born. “Dauntless-Born, let’s go.”

“What’s with her?” I hear the girl whisper and then I hear the one thing that made me stiffen up; one thing that made me want to turn around and kill anyone but instead I kept walking.

“You would too if you saw your family butchered right in front of you.”

“Stop!” I shout, as I look at one of the Dauntless-Born girls, Chris, who is hesitating in punching her twin sister, I hate being mean but in cases like this, I have to be the bad guy, to ensure they get through to Dauntless. “If you want to be Dauntless, its defeat or be defeated!” I stop, and stand still looking at the group their eyes follow me. “If you want to become fully us, you need to act like it.” I don’t back down, never have I backed down, I cross my arms over my chest and look at the two twins in the ring. “Now you two both fight until one of you concede, it’s faction before blood!”

The girl that was hesitating before swings at the other and I walk over to Eric who leans against the wall, casually with his arms crossed a smirk on his face as I join beside him. “Erin can take over.” I say casually.

“Twins getting on your nerves?” He raises an eyebrow mockingly, as if answering his question I huff like the stubborn girl I am. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He smiles as if his taunting me and without hesitation, I curl my hand up and punch him hard in the arm, making him wince and rub the spot where I hit him.

“That’ll teach you.” I mumble as I smirk at him in triumph, proud of myself I turn back to watch the Dauntless-Born starting to pick up their game, they really wanted in, but I wasn’t going to make this easy for them. “What happened the last time you messed with me?”

“You broke my nose.” He says as he remembers last year, when I first met him he got on my nerves, one day he decided to try and sneak up on me, and I turned around and swung at him, the crack his nose had made had pretty much said everything when we found out his nose was broken, he made up some excuse the next day because he didn’t want to admit a girl kicked his arse. “But-“ He spoke up smiling he moves himself so his arm is on the wall and his just inches from me. “You were hot.”

“Were?” I scoff looking him in the eyes. “Are you calling me ugly now?” I raise an eyebrow a smirk forming on the corner of my lips until I smile a full smile, a smile I haven’t done in ages.

“You’re not hot.” He says as he watches me with full intensity. “You’re steaming hot.” He smiles and  this time I bring my knee up into his crotch and watch with amusement as he falls on his knees in pain this time I’m the one smirking and I kneel slightly so I’m looking at him.

“Now I guess you could say-“ I briefly run my tongue over my dark lips, before bringing a finger up to trace his jawline. “Your falling for me.” With that I stand up and walk away, up the stairs and into the room I first made with Tobias and Eric, with a smile I look around and notice something, no not something but someone standing there.

“I should go.” I frown and before I can leave a hand grabs my wrist gently stopping me.

“Why, you just got here.” Four whispers looking at me gently, making my heart race.

“Because…” I rack through my mind for some type of lie, some excuse that I’m usually good at but it’s the way Four has his hand on my wrist that makes me thoughtless. “Yeah I got nothing.”

His fingers run over my wrist, his eyes focusing on it as if his life depends on it, I brutally move my hand away from him and sigh running a hand through my hair. “Don’t.” I whisper, feeling the tears hot at the corner of my eyes, I don’t like crying in front of anyone but I was so caught up in my feelings I may just cry, I shrug it off and decide that I need to be tough, I can’t and won’t cry in front of Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton. “Stay out of my way and leave me alone.” I hiss pushing him away from me.

“Why? Why are you pushing me away?” He asks me his eyes searching my face for any sign of hidden emotion, his intense stare gives me Goosebumps and I’m sure he can tell as well, like he can feel me shiver under his touch.

Under self-instinct I bring my knee up into his crutch and watch him fall to the ground, I seem to be doing that a lot lately especially with Eric and Four. “Because,” By now my jaw is clenched and I can feel my temper rising, my jawline is tight with the anger escaping from within me like the beast inside me. “I have better jobs to do than sit around and baby sit you lot.”

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