Taking Every Breath Away

He grabbed my shoulders and smiled.

"Today you are mine."


1. Chapter One

Charlie's P.O.V

I closed my eyes, taking slow deep breaths until i could feel my heartbeat start to slow. When I opened them I was staring at a pair of hazel eyes that seemed to consist of twenty three different colors. My gaze shifted down and my eyes were on a pair of pink lips, soft to the touch. I wonder what it would feel like if they were on mine, moving together as one. They would be one. Even though there are four individual lips, two belonging to one person, two people together, making chemistry.

We were in school. That's where that damn equation came from. Biology to be exact.

I snapped out of my daze as soon as I heard the teacher's raspy voice. "Unfortunately, you cannot chose your own partners today." Ms Darwin said sarcastically, drumming her fingers on her wide teacher's desk. "Check the whiteboard for your partner. Find out who it is and get started." She said, sighing like she was bored and leaning back in her chair, her thick blue glasses on the brim of her nose. She pushed them to the top and pulled out a school copy of Romeo & Juliet. That would keep her busy for the rest of the class. Great. She wouldn't be watching us. Again. She's one of the older teachers at this school, not paying attention to her students. I wonder why she hasn't been fired yet. I guess the school board can't afford to hire new employees. I looked back at Ashton. "I hope we got paired together." I said hopefully. With a little too much hope. Ashton was sitting across from me, pulling up the sleeve of his jacket. He did that when the sleeves got to his wrist. It's weird, but I'm not the one to judge.

We are so close, yet he won't allow me, let alone anyone see what's beneath his sleeves. He smiled and nodded. "Hopefully. Last time I did all the work and Ryan got half of the credit." "Well then let's see." I stood up from my desk, holding my hand out to him. To my relief he accepted it, standing up from his seat. "Let's see..." I muttered as I walked with him to the front of the room where the whiteboard was. As we waited to see who our partners were I hummed quietly to myself. "What are you humming?" Ash asked curiously, tilting his head slightly to the side. When he does that his perfect brown locks go to that side. "Brain Stew." I told him, smiling. "I should've known." He said, laughing. "But Green Day, nice choice." I felt cold flesh on my hand and flinched, letting go of Ashton's hand. "What the-" I started, but then looked up.

"Hello, partner." Dylan said, smiling sweetly. "Hi." I said, shrugging my shoulders. "I guess I found my partner." I told Ashton and he nodded, frowning. He had a strange look on his face. It was almost hateful. Dylan. The quiet one no one knows nothing about. Good. At least I didn't get paired up with Ryan. He was always hitting on me, even though I'm nothing to look at. I have green and blue hair, go by a boy's name, and you can see my ribs. "Let's go sit down." Dylan said, walking to two open seats. He pulled one out for me and I sat down graciously. "Thank you." I said as he sat down next to me. "Just being a gentleman." Dylan said, fluttering his eyes cutely. I felt my face start to get red as I looked down from his gaze.

"Are you seriously friends with that dick Ashton Irwin?" He asked, which caused me to look up. His eyes were now full of hate and built up anger. "Why?" I snarled, my eyes the same, but the anger and hate was towards him. "He's so cocky. I swear he always wears something on his wrists. He wears jackets in 90° weather. I've hated that faggot ever since 5th grade." Dylan vented. Now, I've been taught to stand up for myself and others. Especially when all the things they say about me or the other person are false. I stood up from my desk, screaming at the top of my lungs. "Fuck you! Ashton is the best person I know. You will never even be half of the person he is today. Go fuck yourself and the horse you rode in on!" Ms Darwin looked up from her book, getting out the detention slips. Ashton also looked over at us, his mouth gaping open. Shit, the whole class was staring.

Ashton's hazel eyes where the last thing I saw before my fist connected with Dylan's jaw.


"When does the sheet say I can go back to school?" I asked Mom nervously, looking away from her frightening glare. "The suspension is up in two weeks. Charlotte why in hell would you punch that poor kid?" She spat, both of her hands on the car wheel. She was gripping it so hard her knuckles started to turn white. "He-he was making fun of... Ash." I said, looking out of the at window. Walmart. Lowe's. Car Wash. "I had to leave work to come pick you up over Ashton? Ashton Irwin?!" She asked me and i shook my head nervously. "I forbid you from seeing him." She screamed, which made me shake. I think the whole car shook, actually. "That's not fair. He didn't have anything to do with it!" I screamed back. You can mess with me, but don't mess with Ashton. "Doesn't matter. He's a bad influence." Mom replied. "Fuck you." I said, flipping her off. My Mom and I have a bad history together. If you couldn't tell already.


"Let me go!" I said, raising my voice as I struggled, trying to pull my arm away from my Dad's grasp. He only tightened his grip, making me whimper. "Why should I? You don't deserve it you slut." He said, letting go of me for a split second before pushing me against the kitchen wall. "Dad stop!" I said, now full on screaming. He took a knife from the sorting block on the counter beside me and held it up to my face. "I told you if you ever talked to Ashton again you'd regret it." He whispered, placing the knife against my cheek.


I sat on my bed, crying and holding a towel to my face. Did he really just cut my cheek. 'Of course he did. He's your father he can do whatever he wants.' My self conscious snarled at me. I needed to get out of this hell house, but I didn't know how.

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